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Finally up for pre-order

Slept for 14 hours. Feeling much better. Off to work now.
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I do tend not to swear a lot, but I was always under the impression that if a package has a specific address on it, that's the address it needs to be delivered to, not a place where you know someone can take it to the other address because you're too damn lazy to drive your truck to the actual address.
This is the second time UPS has done this to me. The driver drops packages for me off at my mother's office rather than actually delivering them here where they are addressed. I'm really getting sick of this. My Kindle is in that package and, while I know Mum will keep it safe until I can get there, I'm pretty pissy because I wanted to charge it before I went to work today, not have to take it with me and charge it there and at Ro's house. Tonight is movie night. *grumbles about UPS* I asked Mum to ask him not to do it anymore, but apparently he can't be bothered to do his damn job.
Where's the shuttle to Rikkai?? I'm leaving the states. At least Yukimura makes people do what he wants, I mean, follow the rules. *glances around* Hope he didn't just hear that.

Oh yeah, just saw this on a Hide-chan community I'm on.
So ordering when it comes out. *grins* Those two are just everywhere together right now. Almost too much cute for my poor eyes.


Aug. 30th, 2010 06:27 pm
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You shouldn't have to wear a scarf in August. You just shouldn't. :( I think this means winter is going to get her earlier than normal this year. I've already started getting weather sick. It sucks. But happiness is the new Furukawa Yuuta CD. It'll be fun to listen to at work tonight.
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I'm ahead of myself, I know, but as I needed to do this part of it in Japanese, I had to do it early on. *grins* This is more an experiment than anything else to see if it works.

FOR: 古川雄大

This is what I wanted to say: Furukawa Yuuta, Thank you so much. Your music was an inspiration while writing this piece. I greatly enjoyed your Full Color Variation DVD during the initial writing time. Please continue to create such wonderful music.

A co-worker who was raised in Japan did the translation and typing for me. I still haven't worked out how to type kana and kanji on my computer, but she said there's a download I can get and put it on the computer. I'm going to add a couple of more things on, but like I said, this needed to be done.

I'm doing a little better, but at the same time, I've got a split shift tomorrow and I'll probably end up sick again after a day or so. At least I'm not falling asleep in my chair like I was a couple of days ago. That's a good thing.
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I just capped half of his "Full Color Variation One Man Live" concert DVD. I'll do the other half tomorrow or the next day once I have a chance to clear some stuff off of my hard drive and drefrag it. I really need to get screen cap software on my Mac. *sighs*

Sooo, for all Furukawa Yuuta fans....


I do wish he'd do something different with his hair though. ;)
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I made several references to my new novella in the camp posts. But it needs to be fleshed out and checked on a couple of things, one of which is homosexuality in England in the early 1900s. Do you think I can find anything helpful online???? I think pigs are going to fly first.
I was lucky enough to find a book that looks at the subject on amazon pretty cheep so I ordered it and it'll be here next week. I don't think the topic comes up until chapter three and I'm only just starting the rewrites tonight. That's if Jeffrey and Sam (the characters) will let me. I might have to listen to nothing but Yuuta tonight to be able to write. They both seem to like him. I don't blame them a bit, but I don't know when I'll be able to watch his live DVD again. I think I saw it about ten times while at camp and I was writing.

I'll post a little of the novella tomorrow to let you see what I'm working on. Fan fiction will be spotty until I get this project out of the way, but I'll see what I can do. I hate to leave stories unfinished.


Feb. 24th, 2010 10:57 pm
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To all my writing friends - have you ever had a character refuse to let you write a damn thing until you do things his or her way??? While my first novel is in peer editing - nerve-wracking, btw - I decided it would be a good idea to at least get a rough draft of the second novel going. For my main character, Leigh, I had picked another lab tech named Chad to be her future boyfriend. He's kinda surfer boy, maybe a little like Greggo in looks, but not personality. I couldn't get a damn thing to work out.
So I offered her Charlie's older twin brother, Brandon, for her boyfriend/husband, because she's going to have to be married here soon or her father is going to have a heart attack. *Grins* Something about spending eternity alone and all that stuff.
This is how I picture Brandon. Kind of a mix between these two guys, with most of the focus on the first.

Shindo Gaku

Furukawa Yuuta

I now have writer's cramp and about 25 pages written with ideas coming like there's no tomorrow. I guess she really likes this guy. Who am I to argue???

Never, ever let it be said characters are not alive. They totally are.

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