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My little boy turns nine today. I asked him if he knew what that was in human years. He just looked at me. There are days when I think he wonders how smart I am.

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Masa news

Jun. 3rd, 2012 11:43 pm
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He's doing a new show. :)


There's going to be epic dancing in this. I saw TETSU-san's name mentioned. :) (he's the janitor in the first Tumbling musical)

公演期間  2012年7月12日(木)~29日(日)
劇場名    CBGKシブゲキ!!
総合演出  TETSU(Bugs Under Groove)
堤 幸彦 池田鉄洋 近藤良平 奥 秀太郎 石田 明(NON STYLE)
出演     中河内雅貴
主催    ネルケプランニング/カオス・パフォーマーズオフィス

That's the rest of the info directly from Masa's blog. I'll have to keep my eye on this one. It looks interesting. :)
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everything is from here. http://boku-road.com/italia/index.html

i just put it in one easy place for everyone. :) i'm keeping my eyes open for ordering information. it looks like July will be the month everything releases, if i'm reading it correctly. and there is no guarantee about that one. *sighs*

Masa news

Feb. 15th, 2012 11:13 pm
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been a while since i've had any Masa news to share. *Grins* according to his gree account, he's doing a new boku road DVD this year.

事務所からのお知らせです。 中河内雅貴×馬場 徹 「僕たちの地球ロード」INイタリア ふたりで行くイタリア横断の旅! 感動ドキュメンタリーがDVDで登場!! 2012年DVD発売予定 〜完成披露トークイベント開催決定〜 詳しくはこちら http://boku-road.com/

so i went to the official page and found this

i'll admit i didn't recognize the kanji of his traveling companion. so i goggled it. it's gonna be *drum roll please* Ba-chon.

there's no release date yet, just the 2012 DVD. i'll keep an eye on it and am totally buying these DVDs when they come out. it's not a new CD or a concert, but between Samurai 7 being recast and now this, i iz a happy masa fan.
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cara found this and messaged me about it. i've seen both versions that have been staged thus far, and own the disc that is minus Masa (the second staging), but they're going to redo it in April.
Hiro, Masa, Ba-chon.
Does it get any better than that?
Well, yeah, it could have Kenjiro in it too, right, perky? gefufufuuu.
I am so keeping an eye on my shopping pages to see if they release this version on DVD.
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and i want to listen to it, but check out the time he gave.



TOKYO FM(80.0MHZ)の番組


OA日は 7/9(土) 26:00~26:30!! 

番組HPはこちら http://www.tfm.co.jp/mhk/index.php

that's from his blog. i'm all for it, but can someone please tell me what time 26:00 is?
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watching Hi Jump while chatting and had to pause it for a phone call. This was too good not to cap.

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I know there are for winter. Work was so bland I thought I was going to scream before it was over with. And I start a (probably limited time) workout program tomorrow that both my doc and PT want me to follow. I'll do it, but I hate having to wake up early to do it. Still, James was sweet enough to lend me his Wii fit plus and balance board for me to try out before I got my own. The balance exercises alone are hard, but fun. Maybe it won't be too bad. We'll see how it goes.

And I hate everything I'm writing right now. Seriously. Nothing looks good. I'll see about finishing something tomorrow - if I don't spend all my free time screencapping, and post it. Huh, work on something that I don't like or watch Masa. That's a tough choice. *snickers*

New screencap. It's the one my newest icon is from.

This is after AYUMU says "Masa-kun suki desu ka?" (do you like/love Masa?)
"Masa-kun suki desu ka?" (do you like/love Masa?"
"Maa-kun suki desu ka?" (do you like/love Maa-kun?"

I remember reading somewhere that that last one is what Masa's kindergarten teacher called him. It's just so cute. I kinda got the feeling Masa couldn't believe AYUMU asked that last one. ;)
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These are from the backstage. I'll start the concert tonight, but have to try and get some sleep. And yes, my next few posts will likely be Masa related too. *Grins*
Pick your favorite. Mine is the last one. ;)

masa hair here. )

As far as I could tell, it was a different hair style for each concert. My favorite outfit, I don't know if it's on here or not, was a shiny black and white tank top. Loved that one. The red wrap is cool too, but looks awkward. I don't like having my arms restricted. The coat/tank outfit he wears for part of the concert DVD is awesome too. But yeah, that tank top is my favorite.


Apr. 7th, 2011 05:53 pm
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The first of about four packages (mostly pre-orders) came today. Cheers! plus DVD - I got it just for the DVD - plus a stage play with Masa in it. The weird thing is, I can't rip the DVD of the PV/MVs to screencap. *pouts* I haven't watched the DVD stage play yet. I want to write first and then it'll be a treat for me. Also in the package were Local Boys, three Ouji DVDs for Ro, and Massu's new photobook. No man should be that cute in cat ears. Talk about wanting to take home and glomp - or is that glomp and take home?????? Maa ii, whichever works for me.

Now I'm waiting on High Jump live and Samurai 7 to get here. They're both somewhere in the system. Then I have another Masa DVD play ordered and I'm trying to get the Takumi-kun live theater play, but it's backordered so I might not get it. Oh, and I'm trying for KiraKira Masa and (I think) KenKen.

If not for wanting to write, I wouldn't know where to start. *BG*
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I've watched this video way too many times (not that it's a bad thing) when I see it and my first thought is that something's not right.

Anyone? I figured it out in like two seconds. puri. It's pretty obvious, but I have no idea how they managed it.

oh yeah, anyone else get people bumps/shivers when Masa says ecstasy??
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Slowly working my way through the second DVD. The rain got here today which means I'm doing better, but still kinda down so I'm heading to bed. I will say that the history involved is amazing. Makes me want to go and learn the lore in Hawaii. I was sad when one of the sensei's they worked with said that they were having to work extra hard to teach the native Hawaiian kids their own language because it was dying out. Shows what the white human (I would say man, but am trying to be modern) has done to the world, doesn't it? *sighs*

And a pic for the day. I couldn't catch exactly what this instrument was called, and would probably butcher the spelling if I was able to. But it's beautiful when the sensei plays it. He's amazing.

Masa was just too cute not to grab there. I haven't ripped these yet, but will as soon as I can and cap them too. :) This is when they both managed to get a sound from the instrument. It's a pipe or flute of some sort, at least based off the sound. Anyone know what it is??
Actually, let me try something.......
Found it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nose_flute

I tried to write a cute fluff piece at the U-17 camp today, Yuki/Niou pairing, and it went angsty on me. So I'll keep it, but want to try the fluff piece again. Hate it when that happens. And in the one I did today you can tell how pissed I am at Yagyuu still.

second DVD

Feb. 11th, 2011 11:56 pm
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I think this one is going to be my favorite of the two for Hawaii. Masa is just so cute. I think he has the giggles trying to learn how to blow the conch shell because he's having a lot of trouble with it. I'm going to have to watch the rest of it tomorrow. There's a weather system coming in causing headache/dizzy spells/fatigue so I'm going to bed. This also means no updates for however long this system hangs around.
Honestly I can live with everything but the dizzy spells. It's very upsetting to be sitting perfectly still and have the room tilt around you.

Doesn't this look like the giggles to you???
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*screams like a fan girl* I just pre-ordered this...

Can you pick out Masa??? I can't wait to see this. It doesn't release until April though, so I have to wait. Probably impatiently, knowing me with movies.

We landed at 0130 this morning, roughly, and I'm still half asleep. I think I might go and nap here in a bit, I have to work tonight, but I wanted to put up a post about the trip with some pics of where I was staying. I don't think I've done that before. Maybe.

Remarkably enough I only got a really bad headache from this trip, rather than my full-blown sickness that usually descends on me when I travel. It was so weird being able to eat on the airplane. That more or less never happens. Let's see, I did absolutely nothing but read, write a little, and play my DS, oh yeah, and watch Tumbling and PoT on my iPod while I was gone. I'm not allowed to go to the beach for long periods of time and it was actually cold enough that I was only in shorts like twice and had my hoodie on a lot of the time as well. But it was just so nice to be able to get away for a week and not have the stress of work or anything else pressing on me. :) I did miss being able to get online to post/play on here and watch my movies, but it was bearable. ;)
So, pics.sunny pics here )
I have to write to the airline and the TSA because I'm not real thrilled with either of them. I bought a hand-carved dragon walking stick in Cabo and was using it to get home - my knee. The ticket agent told me that I had to check it because it wouldn't be allowed on the plane. I just looked at him and said that I needed it to walk. He said he'd get me a wheelchair, but the cane had to be checked. I told him a flat no and he didn't look happy, but let it go. Yeah, no problems with security, the flight attendants, TSA or other passengers. So I'm going to point out to Alaska that it's against the law to try and separate someone from a medical walking aid. Just because I know the rules doesn't mean others will and they might believe him. So not letting that happen.
Then, in Seattle, my Mum found a bag just stuck back by the trash with no one around. She had me come look at it because she knows about my training with the TSA and I said that yes, it needed to be reported. So she told the cleaning lady, who more or less ignored her. I told mum to go to the TSA and, when she did, they said it wasn't their responsibility and to tell the venders. She did and the venders said that they couldn't leave their stands. I'm just glad there wasn't a bomb in the damn thing. We would have all been in pieces before someone actually listened to her. When they got back, it was gone, so we don't know what was going on, but it really freaked me out.
When we get home, we find that our poor cats had been abandoned by the girl Mum asked to come check on them, so none of them had water and their sand boxes hadn't been cleaned since I left. We are not happy about that one, but they're all fine if a little freaked out because they were alone for a week with no humans around. My poor kitties.

PoT. I got my PairPuir 8 disc and watched the cartoon drama. I about died when Sanada tried to kiss Ryoma. And Yuki is soooooo sadistic. But the best part, Jackal as the horse. I feel so bad for him. I'm ripping everything right now and will have it up soon for download. :)
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The photobook pics were taken with my cell phone. I don't have a scanner, so I do apologize for the glare in a couple of them. Masa is so cute.


I only watched about the first ten minutes of the musical and just sat there going "sugoi" over and over again. It's amazing. Hell, it's beyond amazing. I'm having issues with the rip though. When I put the disc into my mac to watch it - that's my region 2 player - it said skipping damaged area, so I might not be able to rip for a while. I'm working on it though and won't give up.

Thought I'd share a couple of pics I took of the most recent snow fall. We're starting to warm up a little, thank heavens. 3F is just too cold.

snowy pics here )

And there's supposed to be more coming in the next week. Makes me very glad I'm heading south for a break. :)

I finished one of my Christmas challenge fics and pissed Ro off at the same time. I'll get it typed up slowly and post it in the next couple of hours. One handed typing sucks yeggs. *Grins* Still, have to get back into it sometime.
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Whenever I have a bad day at work, I think Masa knows it and puts up something that will make me smile.
His outfit in the third picture down is just so.....so.....Masa. *grins* And a pic of him with Ba-chon!!!! Kawaii. Now I really hope this is the concert that will become a DVD next year. *crosses fingers*

Ro and I are into the Junior Invitational arc in the PoT anime and I had an idea for a short fic when Akaya falls down the stairs. It involves a lot of kissing and tarundorus. You can probably guess the pairing. I do wish they had some of my other favorites there. I felt so bad for Dabide when he was making puns in the meeting and no one would hit him. That's another fic idea. He calls Bane-san in tears because no one is paying attention to his puns. *snorts* I need to start a list of ideas/pairings.

At work today, Sauce said something that annoyed me. I don't remember what it was, but I told him to watch it or I would smite him with lightning bolts. (the nickname for surveillance is God because we see everything). He said he was made of stone and lightning wouldn't hurt him. I said I'd just get Thor's hammer then. He asked me how because Thor was still using it. I told him I had connections and he let me have that one. :)
And then I had to wonder, after watching a particularly stupid yet difficult thing to explain in writing, what Donna would do if I turned in an evaluation on a dealer that simply said, "don't do that." Now I'm tempted.
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I really needed something to smile about today. Masa totally gave it to me.
I haven't had a chance to web translate his blog(s) but the other pics are of him with his band on the beach, so I'm guessing they're in Hiroshima for their next couple of live shows.
I can't wait to see what he does next with his hair.


Sep. 16th, 2010 12:33 am
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Upset tummys are the worst. :( I'll be better in a few days, but didn't feel like doing a dang thing today. But I did screencap Rikkai from Dream Live 7th and post them up on photobucket.
If nothing else it's worth it to see Niou (Masa) in the Seigaku uniform jacket at the end of the live. He's such a goof.
I also went ahead and uploaded the screencaps I did for Masa's second live, Cheers! and they're in the Masa folder.

For some reason I can't get the DL7 backstage to play in my screencap player, but I'll get the teams up over the next few days. I think Seigaku is going to be next, if only because I can't stand the third team that's there. So much so that I don't even know it's name, just the nickname "the gayest club in the prince of tennis."

Back to bed. :)
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Four more days and I technically have a day off. I say technically because Mum is dragging me shopping with her, in spite of my complaints that I've been working for 13 days straight and need a day to sleep. So my first full day off with no anything will be the 22. I don't even want to think about it. Makes me sleepy. So, yeah, not really happy right now. Not really able to think, either.

But happiness is finding Tenimyu Dream Live 7th for download. *happy dance* I really just want to see Masa sing Illusion again. Love the song. Still trying to find the soundtrack for download. I might end up buying it, but don't want to spend that much for what more or less equals one song right now. :)

There's a Tumbling musical being staged in Japan right now and Masa is in it. But, Masa is also, suddenly, blond. *blinks* http://blog.oricon.co.jp/windbreeze/upload/detail/image/2010-09-11T21:18:54-1.jpg.html
It just doesn't look right. Makes me want the musical now though. December. I already have it pre-ordered. I can't wait to find out the rest of the cast, there were only four guys listed, which isn't even all of the team. So excited.

Going to practice my screencapping on one of the more difficult songs in Final Match Rikkai. As I've said, I love Masa, but he just won't hold still. Neither does his band after watching Cheers! They are so cute though.

Then just have to stay awake for four more days. Four long days. *sighs* Maybe a nap before work.

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