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weird, huh? yeah, i know, i rarely do these. but i don't think anyone else in my friends' group will, so i'm gonna do it.

happy birthday!! )
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These aren't the best in the world because a) it's dark out and b) I used my cell phone. But it shows how much snow we have on the ground and in the trees. I'm guessing about two feet total, with a foot or so of new snow today alone.

And yes, it is still falling and likely will be all night. This must be our revenge for getting no snow for most of the winter. And it's supposed to start raining on us in a couple of days. Can anyone say flooding??
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why so cute, Hide-chan? OMHG. I am totally dead right now.
From his blog.

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I finished the small wall, not totally happy with the two fill-in pics I had to use, but at the same time, I kinda ran out of Rikkai pics to use there. *grins* I needed one more actor set.
Before I added in the fill-in pictures.

The larger wall is coming along, mainly with pics of Masa and Massu. Hey, I'm not biased at all. But I think more Rikkai and some of my other favorite actors will find their way in there as well. Like Ba-chon and Hide-chan. The anime Rikkai is my pillow not a picture.

My mother hasn't seen it yet. I kinda want to be here to see the look on her face when she actually does. She keeps accusing me of acting like I'm sixteen. *shrugs* My older sister finds that absolutely hilarious. I wish I did. ;) My sis is a LOTR fan girl (especially Sean Bean). But she was able to make a career out of it too.
More pics as I get closer to finishing this up. So much fun.
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Here's the two walls I'm working on as of last night. I have the rest of the Rikkai pics to put up on the smaller of the two walls and then I'll be working on the big one.

And you can barely see my Rikkai pillow in the corner of my bed in the first one. I'm going to do some more work tonight and will be posting pics until it's done. Talk about being surrounded by PoT love every night. *Grins*
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It's been an hour since our last hand was dealt out. All the tables are capped and the dealers, pit, security, cashier and myself (of course) are all sitting around with nothing to do. Well, nothing they pay us for, anyway. I'm going through Masa's blog and taking pictures. He's so cute. Our soon to be ex-manager just walked in with her husband and just had a look on her face, like what the hell are you all doing? So now she and her husband are going to play a couple of hands. *sighs* I think the snow, wind and low temps are keeping players away. And it's not even snowing *that* hard, just horizontal. ;)

And Ro is at Uwajimaya. *iz jealous* She made it a point to call and tell me where she was too. :) Baka. Oh well, I'll be at the Seattle store in nine days and then it'll be her turn to be jealous. *snickers* I'm so excited for that trip to Seattle with my parents for the Andre Rieu concert. Another one of those shows that happen once in a lifetime. That's how I felt when I got to see Victor Borge live. I couldn't talk for two days after that show because I had laughed so hard.

Neko-tachi. Poor Mr. Jinx was just lying in the chair minding his own business when Zeri decided to use him as a bed. I think my dad must have been at bridge because it's his chair and he's never out of it when he's home.

Hey look, players. That makes four. Sad.

I win

Aug. 5th, 2010 04:57 am
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At work tonight Chris was playing trivia on one of the bar machines with a couple of other dealers when I walked past to go to the bathrooms. He called for me to come back and help. I'm horrible with trivia and just stood there listening to the answers and then left again. I really did have to go to the bathroom and I was still on the clock. The last thing Chris said to me was, "Alex, you suck!" I yelled back that I knew and just kept walking.
On my next venture out of the surveillance room, he and Mike were playing an electronic golf game that's just outside the casino. I came up behind him and hit him on the head and told him it was for telling me that I suck. He was pretty wasted at the time and started to argue the point with me. Then I watched him hit a shot into the "trees" and the "water" and commented that he shouldn't be talking about me sucking when he hits a ball like that.
He chased me halfway back to the surveillance room.
lol. I win.

Picks from last Friday morning of the sky. I really do love it here this time of year, other than the heat. The sky is always so pretty.

I'm a bed

Aug. 3rd, 2010 01:53 am
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I was watching Takumi-kun 3 again, still wanting to kick Gii where it would hurt him the most (the knee), when La Nina decided to prove that she's the boss around this house and use me as a bed. It wouldn't be so bad if she just sat on my lap, but you can see where she ended up. This is by her choice, mind, and I'm only holding her up because she'd fall off me if I didn't.

She's over in one of her nests at the moment, the oversized clothes I have on one of my writing bins so I can actually type an update. It's amazing how much of a princess she can be at times and then a mommy's girl the rest of the time. That's a cat for you. :)

work rant

Aug. 1st, 2010 12:10 am
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What I find it so hard to understand is why my managers do not seem to understand that we need to spend money to keep the casino running. I swear trying to talk to them about my 15 year old second hand system is like pulling teeth. I've got a ghost in the system messing with one of my cameras - the only moving camera that is even close to working correctly - and they refuse to even listen to me. My greatest fear is that the system is just going to crash beyond anything I can do to jury-rig it and we'll be shut down for weeks and lose more money than they would have to spend to upgrade the surveillance system.

I'm not sure what else I can do, though. We've hung on longer than I thought we were going to, which is frankly a miracle in and of itself. Especially considering that this system also went through the construction of the new casino without ever being turned off so there's still dust and likely sawdust and other grime from that screwing with things. And the system was second hand to begin with, the owner was too cheap to buy a new system for this casino. And still is, now that I think about it. I have no idea what Monday is going to bring, but it's my only day shift this week because James is going on holiday and my day shift officer isn't rained to work nights yet. He will be in a couple of months, but he's also a college student and I can't imagine he'll want to work nights and then wake up for classes. And I really don't mind working nights too much. It keeps me away from the managers.

Another random picture of the sky. This is a couple months ago. I've got upload the newer pics I've been taking.

This was taken while driving home from work. That's Moscow Mountain in the background.
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And I'm fairly certain this is related to my Titanic novella as, while I was at camp, I had a couple of nightmares that I woke up from and told Jeffrey (the ghost on the Titanic) to just knock it off and didn't dream again that night. This was on the day I finished the handwritten revision and was waiting to start typing it up. This was a dream about different ways I could die and most of them were actually pretty funny. The only one I really remember was being thrown out of a third story wall, not window but wall, by invisible spirits while watching a zombie movie. Then there was something about Masa being the devil and I was in a hotel room with him in London along with Ba-chan learning to dance because we were taking a trip to hell or something and there would be dancing. I don't even want to speculate on what sort of dancing there would be in hell. None of these were really scary, not even the pillow morphing under me (but I think that was a reaction to the pain killers more than a nightmare) and I'm more amused than anything else.

The only thing Ro said when I told her about this was, "why didn't you find Yuuta for me?" I think she missed the point, somehow.

Rocky and Monty sleeping together in the laundry room/mud room. I thought it was so cute that Monty (the black one) is using Rocky for a pillow.

And yes, Rocky is under a blanket. He gets cold at night and he's more than a little spoiled.
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Okay, not happening in this lifetime, but I did have to wonder today. I had my jpop playlist on shuffle while I was at work and revising the Titanic novella. I've got two chapters left and I'll be able to send it out to my writing group from camp for review. *grins* One of my Niou/Yagyuu anime character songs came on and I stopped writing for a minute to work out who was singing. Then I said, and this is pretty close, "Yagyuu's voice actor has an amazing voice. And so does Masa's." Then I stopped and put my head down on the desk and started laughing. I meant to say Niou not Masa. Even though Masa plays Niou in Tenimyu. And then I called Ro to tell her about it. She called me a baka.

Then when I got home I decided to watch Takumi-kun three again. I swear to Merlin that I thought that I wanted to go hug Eiji, kick Tezuka where it hurts the most (the knee), slap the younger Tezuka for being such a jerk and tell Oishi to stop worrying so much. And this was while watching Takumi-kun not Prince of Tennis.

Here's a random picture of Nina in the kitchen. She found a sunny spot to nap.

I don't have any new PoT pics to share. *winks*

silly pic

Jul. 26th, 2010 12:19 am
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I did nothing but hide in the air conditioned bedroom today and type on the novella. I hate the heat with a passion. Mainly because it makes me sick and sluggish, but that's as may be. The worse part of it is that I can't find any shorts so I have to wear a jean dress to work tomorrow. *sighs*

This is from the remodel. Josh was working on binding up wires and it was a one person job, so I started messing around with the screws he had sitting on the file cabinet.

They actually stacked remarkably well. I told Josh I was just screwing around at work. *looks around for Bane-san*

just life

Jul. 23rd, 2010 01:10 am
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I'm so happy. Ro not only found me the third Takumi-kun movie but it's subbed!!!! YAY. And yes, I've already watched it. I still want to just punch Gii and get the biggest kick out of the two Tezuka actors talking to each other in this movie. So many PoT actors. I love it.

My mom is in the process of trying to buy a new car. I say trying because she wants to test drive a bunch of different models/brands and have me go along as well because I'll be driving it when I have to take my dad to his various appointments and things. So far I have to say I really like the Ford best, which is strange because my own car is a Subaru and I thought I'd stay with them forever, but the Ford is the only one that hasn't caused headaches. Toyota was today and we didn't even go five miles before my shoulder was killing me and I had a headache. Which is still with me. *grumbles* I don't think going to Ro's house to watch PoT anime was the best idea, but I can live with the pain. We saw almost all filler arcs tonight and I'm just amazed at how cute this anime is when it is so silly and almost crackish at the same time. We still have about one hundred and twenty episodes to go though.

The pics for today come my mum's backyard garden. This is Nigel.

I don't know if anyone watched the show Square One and Mathnet (a math spoof of Dragnet) that aired in the mid to late 1980s, but there was an episode where the detectives are talking with an English band that's pretty high. One of them just comments randomly that he has a dog named Nigel and a Nigel named dog. He later interrupts the conversation with an air guitar rift that was really good and when asked how he did it, said "bloody well I thought. I wrote that piece. Nigel didn't like it and neither did Dog."
That's where Nigel got his name. Remington and I have always loved that bit, even if I can't find it anywhere.
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I came out of work the other day, before camp, and was amazed at the sky. It was about six in the morning and I just had to take the pics because it was so pretty.

Today was just a blah day. I spent it at work writing. That alone should tell you how slow the casino was. The good news is that I'm more than halfway done with the re-write and should have it done by next week or early the week after that. Huh, right around my b-day, now that I think about it. Not a bad present to myself. :)

And then I'll get back to updating fan fiction pieces. Once I have the ghost and his lover out of my head. ;)

RL and fun

Jun. 15th, 2010 12:42 am
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I got my biopsy results back today. It was the same as the others, moderate atypical developmental keep an eye on it but otherwise you're going to be fine. Truthfully I just don't remember all the long words they threw at me, but the doctor got the root of the mole when he did the biopsy, so as long as no pigment shows back up in the developing scar tissue then I don't have anything to worry about. I'm just looking forward to it healing up.

Here's the pics for the day.

Can anyone see Inui Sadaharu in the first one??
Our mainframe has been making strange noises - like it's going to explode or die - so we have to keep the AC on as much as possible. The room does get cold, even with the equipment in there, so that's the reason for the note on the board. I'm not sure what quote I had up on my weekly quote section. This week is Young Frankenstein.
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I found out today that it doesn't matter how obsessed Ro is with something/one, she will still get all fidgety when she has to sit through anything over about fifteen minutes. We went back to see Johnny Yong Bosch today - he did a second pannel - and halfway through I looked over and saw that Ro was texting. *sighs* I tried to take the phone away from her, but she wouldn't give it up. But the pannel, and his concert, were the only two things on our list of events for the day. I wouldn't say that things are winding down, but they seem to be. I kinda like the smaller size of this convention compared to the one we went to in Portland last fall, but at the same time, there are fewer events which leads to more time in the hotel room.
Now, granted, I am working on an Fuji-Niou-Yagyuu-Yukimura fic at the moment so the writing time would be great if I could actually focus long enough to do anything with it. I've spent most of my free time downloading actor photobooks (kawaii) and yaoi movies. Those I have to make sure my Mum never sees. My dad I'm not so worried about because he's not up to date with computers and I think he'd be puzzled by a media player in the first place.

Okay, so, pics. This is Johnny and Maurice at the concert. It was pretty cool because he invited everyone to come down onto the floor and sit rather than being up in the bleachers/stands so we were like a body length and a half away from them. And he did mainly improv songs, which were just too funny.

Of course Ro, with the camera, was closer than I was to the stage.

This is one of the coolest costumes at the convention. Evil Rukia from one of the Bleach movies.

And this one made us both laugh, not because of the costume, but because I was trying to stay out of it. Look in the back behind Gaara.

We've talked about it a bit and have decided to become firm PoT cosplayers. Mainly because the show is awesome and the characters rock, but also because the costumes are easy and there don't seem to be as many wild stalkers around for the characters. *grins* She just can't decide on a team. I'm going to be Niou or maybe Yagyuu as Niou - I haven't decided yet. Puri. And we're talking about doing a skit next year too. We'll have to see how that goes.
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So I meant to write about this yesterday and totally forgot until today when Ro and I were in the elevator going down to the autograph session and dealers' room. There was this guy in the elevator yesterday who was just riding up and down watching everyone who was traveling up and down. We thought that it was possible to see more people in costume just by sitting in the lobby rather than freaking everyone out by constantly being in the elevator, but whatever. It was just really strange, but then again, most of my coworkers think that I'm really strange for coming to the anime con in the first place. I guess I am, but then again, I like who I am. :)

Ro sent me the pic of her and Johnny just after I turned off my computer yesterday. So here it is.

She said not to show this to anyone, but I think that as long as you don't tell her, we'll be fine. ;)

Today's story so far. Ro is a total fan girl and I really hope that she's not freaking Johnny out by her behavior. We went down to the autograph session and I really like how they have it set up here. If the guests have time to go down and sit for a while they do for the hour or so that's scheduled. And that gives them so much more time to hang out and talk with everyone.

All pictures will be up on my photobucket page as well.

This is what Ro had autographed.

this is what I had autographed.

and here's the pic of the day that's just making Ro squee like a mindless fan girl everytime she thinks about it.

We're going to his concert at a local pub tonight for our other thing for the day. There wasn't much on the schedule for the day that really caught our interest. Tomorrow is another Johnny concert and final shopping and packing up bulk stuff to take down to the car. And we leave on Sunday. This has been so cool, just being away from home and work for a couple of days. I think I really did need a break from all of my responsibilities because I feel so much more relaxed now than I have since my dad got sick back in October. It's so hard to think that I've been on a run since then when so many people have it so much harder than I do, but it is hard to watch your father age and start to have all these problems. And I'll have to do the same thing with my mother here in the next ten to fifteen years.

Okay, one last picture from the day. GO RIKKAI DAI!!!!

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It seems to me that when you have the word ceremony in an event that it would be logical to at least reherse before people actually show up. They totally didn't do that for the opening ceremony here. It was almost embarassing for me to sit through it. But they did have a really cool cosplay demo near the end that was totally worth staying for. They into'd the various guests for the convention and Ro about had a heart attack when Johnny Yong Bosch http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Yong_Bosch came out onto the stage. Now she's driving me nuts because we went down onto the floor after everything was over to talk to him for a second. I made her give me the camera so she could have a picture of herself with him. Since then she's been squeeing like mad and bouncing around the room (and down the hall, in the elevator, in the lobby, on the street and in the restaurant) since. I'm waiting for her to send me the picture from her computer over on the next bed so I can post it up here.
So, here's me at the Capital Building


Me in my Ukitake costume.

I'm going to make a photo album on my photobucket page for the rest of them so you guys don't get innundated with them. http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh41/woodlandpugs/Boise%20Anime%20Oasis%202010/

And I've obtained a stalker. *sighs* There's a young girl here that is totally in love with Ukitake and Kyoraku, but mainly Ukitake. She not only glomped me, she tried to take me home. It almost makes me want to go out in my Rikkai costume tomorrow so I can have a day off.

Ro is refusing to send me the picture. So I'll get it in with the rest of the pics from today and post it tomorrow. She's still touchy about her weight.
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Firstly, thanks everyone for putting up with the rants the past couple of days. I'm feeling much better today, mainly because I've been in my own world for most of it. RL doesn't get to invade there.
I finally downloaded and sifted through about 100 pictures from Cabo. Here are the highlights.

Pictures behind the cut )
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Which sounds really, really strange when I come to think of it. *grin*
On the second night at the open mike/free read I performed Wallace McRae's poem Reincarnation.

Here are the pictures.


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