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finally got a chance to watch the 10th anniversary movie. hoo boy. crack. lots and lots of crack. but they gave us two textless endings with some really nice pictures. :)

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Aug. 22nd, 2011 08:23 pm
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these are some random caps i took while looking for something specific, which i didn't find.

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i did this one during lunch.

The seigaku dorks channel the meganes.

and who had the bright idea to give them pom-poms, a whistle and a slipper? I'm still giggling. and goo. Hiro has that effect one me.
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i'm doing one of my massive, will have to be downloaded as a zip screencap sessions. i just started at the beginning and, when i come to the end, i'll cry. *grins* Nah, i'm kidding. i'll do festa 09 and 100 song as well. i'll also make a list of who is in what folder as i'm going so after you download it - if you download it anyway - you won't have to go hunting through hundreds upon hundreds of caps to find your favorite guys.

this will take me months, but just thought i'd comment on it now. meh. still in the dumps. need SDs. with pompoms and whistles and a blue shoe. okay, just the thought made me grin.
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from the backstage of fiesta 09  perky,  i apologize for the pink shirted thing running around. i couldn't get them without him in.

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Finally got them uploaded. Lots of Masa!!! No surprise, ne?

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Thank heavens for work internet. When it works. *grins*
I've uploaded a ton of pics from the Rikkai first supporters DVD. I have a clip of Massu from the second that I have yet to cap and will hopefully get to soon. But that's as may be.



I've also uploaded some more Masa and Masa band pics. I figured the band needs loves too. Especially Yoshi. Kawaii!!!!! I'm working on Tokyo Ghost Trip now, but can only cap 7-13 for some reason. I think I need to update the player. Capping is something easy to do while I'm in bed resting.
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Anyone else hate Tuesdays???? *looks around* I've actually started a club for people who do. There are four of us at work so far. The only requirement to join is you have to hate Tuesdays with a passion.

I'm too brain dead to do any writing. I can't upload video files until a download finishes, so I've been capping PatiPati Night 3. The pics aren't uploaded yet, but will be within a half hour, at least the backstage ones. Then I'll cap the concerts for singers I love, like and can stand (in that order). *grins* I'll let you figure out who is who. ;)

I thought capping Masa was hard. Naoya and Kazuya (ON/OFF) just took the title of most difficult away from him.
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I'm watching DL7 while working on Dancing Follow Me's first chapter and had paused it to fast forward because I wanted to get past the rivals to Shiraishi and Masa and stopped on this.

Is it just me, or is Tezuka totally checking out Yukimura's ass?????
Better hope Sanada never finds out about it.
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Phew, finally done. :) I've got the entire DL7 musical capped and uploaded to my photobucket page.

Also, as a request from a PoT community I belong to, I zipped the files and uploaded them as well. http://www.mediafire.com/?0cn6e0aqipzbo

In the Rikkai folder and Shitenhoji folder there are pics that I didn't upload to photobucket. *grins*

Next project is Dream Live 6th.
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I've uploaded the first half of the rivals from DL7 and am working on the second half now. I'm hoping to finish them and the first gen cast today before I go to work. Then that just leaves the group from the whole musical and I'll be done.

Then I'm thinking I'll finish DL6 and then work on Final Match Rikkai second. I haven't watched that one yet and am curious about a couple of the songs in it. Then it's kinda up in the air which musical I'll take on after that. I have to download some clean versions of the earlier ones, so maybe I'll just start at the beginning and work through them all.

***I finished both the rivals and first gen/guest screencaps that I could. I'm sure I'll be updating all albums when I cap the whole musical next week.

(First time listening to Kimeru. He's good)
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These are the shitenhoji A-cast pics from the first third of DL7. Also the Prince of Yakiniku and B-cast footage from DL6. I'm still working on it fairly faithfully and will, hopefully, have all the current musicals done one of these days. We won't even talk about the second season yet. *Grins*

Or any of the other projects I have going at the moment.
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Well, the fifth generation anyway. I'm going to put the first gen. in a separate folder and cap them on another day. So this is the results of Seigaku. I really need to go look up how old the 5th gen. Ryoma is so I know how much of a pervert to feel calling him cute. *Grins*

The caps will be up in about half an hour or so on my photobucket page. I still have to cap F.G.K.S. and On My Way, plus the special ending. Enjoy!!!

Oh yeah, I've also capped but haven't uploaded DL6 B-cast special and the Prince of Yakiniku.

I am calm

Sep. 18th, 2010 07:32 pm
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Okay, not really, but I'm not the stressed out mess I was when I got home from work yesterday. Let's just say I went right for the ice cream (soy based, sugar free chocolate flavored frozen dessert because Sam says that it's NOT ice cream) when I got home and watched DL7 until I could laugh again. Hide-chan is so cute in the behind the scenes bit they have in the middle of the musical.

I'm going to go and cap Seigaku from DL7 now before I have to go back to hell, I mean, work. At least I'll be working with Chris, Jeremy and Jason so I'll have a good base support crew with me. But I might kill one of the dealers if he's on shift tonight. Or I could let Jason do it. Might put him in a better mood. *Grins*

I'm going to find a good picture of Gollum from Lord of the Rings where he has his eyes tight shut and photoshop/paint edit so the caption says, "the stupid, it burns us, precious" and hang it up in the surveillance room. I'd put it in the casino, but I'd get in trouble.


Sep. 16th, 2010 12:33 am
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Upset tummys are the worst. :( I'll be better in a few days, but didn't feel like doing a dang thing today. But I did screencap Rikkai from Dream Live 7th and post them up on photobucket.
If nothing else it's worth it to see Niou (Masa) in the Seigaku uniform jacket at the end of the live. He's such a goof.
I also went ahead and uploaded the screencaps I did for Masa's second live, Cheers! and they're in the Masa folder.

For some reason I can't get the DL7 backstage to play in my screencap player, but I'll get the teams up over the next few days. I think Seigaku is going to be next, if only because I can't stand the third team that's there. So much so that I don't even know it's name, just the nickname "the gayest club in the prince of tennis."

Back to bed. :)
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I'll be using cuts to help make this shorter than it would be otherwise. And I'll break it into section too. I know what Ryoma would say right now. "Mada mada dane."

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work rant and TDC oddly enough )

In working on another project last night - trying to get the Illusion trio - I screencapped a little of DL7. I won't take this one on as a serious project for a while yet, probably a couple of weeks, but there's so much Rikkai love that I had to share a couple of them. Especially Niou. I think I spent more time capping him than anyone else. *looks around* He's just sooooo kawaii. Wish he would die his hair back though.

Prince of Tennis )

So I had to break down and put up an album for these. Maybe I'll put off the Masa project and work on this instead over the next week. It's a three hour musical plus all the bonus features I found - including a first generation talk section. I'm guessing that's going to be about fifteen or twenty hours of work total because I'll go through and cap each school separately. I'll keep my PoT friends updated on it. Should be fun.
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42. (the meaning of life)
I'm in a weird mood today. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm getting ready to go and work almost two weeks straight with no day off so the other two officers in my department can have holidays. They're going to pay me back in a few months when I take my parents to Seattle (going to shop at Uwajimya - so excited. Saving already.) and then when I go with my parents to Mexico, but the thought of 13 days straight in the surveillance room depresses me. Maybe posters are the answer. Something to liven up the room a little.

Jeffrey, one of the two characters from my Titanic novella is starting to talk to me and I think I might be able to write a sequel from his POV as the one I'm getting ready to send off is from Sam's POV. I think it would be fun, if somewhat challenging, as Jeffrey is the spirit on the Titanic. I'd have to watch my phrasing. :)

Uploading a bunch of Masa screencaps to photobucket. He is so hard to cap because he just doesn't hold still. *grumbles* I've still got a ways to go (mada mada dane) with this project. One more concert, his mens' DVD, and Celebrity Boys eps 1 and 2. Plus the others if I can find and download them in good quality. But do check them out if you have a moment and like Masa.

And now some fun. (almost put pun. Must be thinking about Dabide.) I found the first two Pair Puri episodes for PoT and downloaded them. Vampire Niou cracks me up. Okay, fine, Niou cracks me up, but this was just extra cute.


Aug. 28th, 2010 09:07 pm
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Not, unfortunately, the Masa concert ones, but some more Prince of Tennis caps. Three albums.
1) Absolute King Rikkai First
2) Absolute King Rikkai Second
3) Final Match first Rikkai

I'm a rather unabashed Rikkai fan. *grins*


I think I'm going to like going to work at eleven on Saturdays. I can get things done. :)


Aug. 20th, 2010 05:22 pm
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I finally got the external hard drive for my PC. Now, after I figure out how to make it work, I can go back to making screencaps for the shows I have downloaded. *iz happy* I'll finish PoT and the other Japanese dramas I have and then, if I can figure it out, I'll go onto the CSIs and others I use for TDC.

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