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I'm working on a fic request that I have to have done by Friday at the latest, earlier if possible and it's totally not going the way that I want it too!!!!! Niou is being a brat and not doing what he's supposed to do. Then again, it is Niou and he's going to do what he wants, but to end up with the wrong person in the middle of the story???
I don't know if this is going to work or not.
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I think I need to stop taking them to work with me. All I'm getting of late are non-con, death, doom, distruction, angst ideas. I'm not kidding. I think that's why I'm stalled on TDC, and even that is getting pretty dark. I don't even really like angst stories. Sheesh.

Saw the new Miami today - Ro is recording them for me because I have to work Sunday nights - and just want to go to Miami and put up signs everywhere that say "don't piss off the red head." Doesn't anyone learn???? No episode tag ideas though.

I'm playing a PoT DS game that's in Japanese so I have no idea about 96% of what they're saying, or what I'm saying to them, but this was too cute not to share. I'm playing for Momoshiro's heart so I'm in with Seigaku and can talk to anyone on the team plus Kin-chan from Shitenhoji. I go to talk to Eiji and I don't know what I said to him, but he frowned and said (roughly) : NYA! - rapid Japanese - NYA! - rapid Japanese - NYA! and his heart level went down massively. I have no idea what I did, but he totally told me off! It was so cute. I think I've almost got Momo's heart though. Then I'm going for Sanada. I already tried him once, but he kept frowning and saying tarundoru all the time, so I ended up with Yagyuu. Niou - of course - was the first one I got. *snickers* At least, I think it's Niou. It might have been Yagyuu, so maybe I just got Niou when I got Yagyuu.

Confused yet?

Off to read the latest chapter of the New PoT manga. GO TEZUKA!!!!! (don't really like captain yamamoto)

novel news

Jun. 30th, 2010 03:55 am
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I finally broke the two month long writer's block I had going on the second novel. *does happy dance* And it lets me bring in my vampire character and some more of his backstory and lore, which I really wasn't planning to do until the third novel, but I guess I can always expand on what's in here or just create more.

And I spoke to one of the two directors at writing camp. She's willing to read the first novel and critique it for me, plus she has two friends who are fantasy readers/writers she thinks will be willing to help me out and I've got about fifteen other writers coming to camp who I can ask. There are two I really like and am hoping will be willing to help out. They're both high school teachers, a brother and sister, who I've known for three and seven years and really respect as writers and people. Bill is one of the few people I gave a manga to and he opened it correctly the first time around. And Christy is fascinated by fan fiction and now has some of her students writing it in class. I just never mention the slash part of it or read any of my pieces at camp because no one gets them. I learned that lesson the hard way. *sighs*

Finished watching Takumi-kun III. Really great, but the ending gave me bunnies. Original slash bunnies. *headdesk*
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Miami: So my dad thinks I'm nuts (N-V-T-S nuts) Mel Brooks humor. When the last scene came up tonight in Miami - and I'm avoiding spoilers here - I jumped out of my chair and went YES! And he just stared at me. So I was really happy about it and am hoping to still be happy next week. And, as always, I wonder what Stetler does to piss off wardrobe. Seeing his clothes are usually the only good thing about him being around.

Work: no one should have their two worst dealers on the same shift on a Monday. Seriously. I felt like crying when I saw them both on the tables. My manager has said that there will be consequences starting up for people who get bad evals, but, as Ro said "she'll see it when she believes it." (Ro-ism)

Fic: Tonight's episode along with the preview for next week gave me wicked plot bunny ideas. I'm on my other computer (this is my evil twin typing here) writing furiously to get everything down. So keep an eye out for a, as yet untitled piece, by morning. I think I'll have it done before I go to bed. It depends on how I feel. Please, no killing me on this one. I'm being evil. But, as Niou says, "puri."

EDIT: The title is Mole Hunting.
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1) Eric finds out that Horatio is in a relationship with Jesse and is jealous because he's wanted the red head for years. (this one could be long)

2) Fuma no Kirikaze discovers chocolate. Please don't ask if you don't understand. But, trust me, it's cute.


Sep. 28th, 2009 11:13 pm
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I do not need more bunnies. I swear I have more than I can handle right now and I just got jumped by a rather rabid little Horatio/Jesse bunny. *headdesk* Okay, so its a really hot image, but I really don't need it right now. I'm working on updating TDC and a really nice epic Death Note crossover AU piece that I think it turning out really cool. Any DN fans on my f-list???
Then Finding Father has poked its little fuzzy head up along with a couple of other random pieces. I'm never going to get the novel finished at this rate, or the slash novella I'm trying to work on as well. Too many ideas. *runs away and hides*

Hands up

Sep. 21st, 2009 11:04 pm
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How many of you started crying during Horatio's talk with Eric tonight during the season premire?? I totally did. *grins*

No spoilers, just an awesome episode, just what you'd expect from Miami.
And the bunnies have started moving again. When I can get back on the computer long term - still not there - I think I'll have some stuff for everyone.
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I managed to really bruise a co-workers ego today. I'm not sure how old Ryan is, but he's younger than me, I'm thinking about my kid brother's age. He, for some reason, decided to strip in the casino to change into his uniform rather than go to the bathroom to do it. I was watching the drop be counted and had no idea he'd done this until I called out to tell him to put his nametag on. He asked if I saw him stripping and I said I'd been watching count. He said that I really missed a treat.
My reply - "In your opinion."
The look on his face - and the pit boss' too - was priceless.

And I blame Ro. Its her. *points* Her, her, her. Totally her fault.
I had a plot bunny drive by today. And it is the single most improbable crossover possible.
Yes, I will write it eventually.
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I got them knives to fight with the novel bunnies and they won today, so I'll have updates for TDC here in a week or so. Sounds strange to say, doesn't it?? *headdesk*
However, I'm going to end Meeting II where it is and tell the rest of the story I had planned out there in flashback mode. It's the only way I could get the bunnies working again.

We got six inches of snow overnight and its still cold and rainy out there. Add in a pancreatits attack yesterday and I'm ready to take to bed and never move again. *sigh* Now I know why Ro went to the hospital like she did. That hurts.
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At times like these I like to quote Muppet Treasure Island.
"I hate my life" - Jim
"I hate your life too" - Gonzo
"If I had a life I'd hate it" - Rizzo

It snowed last night. Like blizzard force winds and blinding snow. I have frost nip and its almost April!!!! Not to mention I found out I don't work with any gentlemen, not to mention decent human beings. Yeah, its back to barely able to stand up, let alone sit or walk and they all left me in the parking lot struggling with horizontal snow and winds to scrape off my damn car. Makes me want to beat them all senseless with my cane.

So, obviously, everything is on hold. If you're awaiting an email (or beta, Jess) I will get to it as soon as I possibly can. It just hurts to sit right now. Or think.

But I did find out why the fan fic bunnies have all run away and hidden. The novel bunnies are out with guns demanding that I finish the story and start the sequel now. *sigh* On the plus side, it does mean it'll go to New York that much faster.

My folks are starting to talk about moving south for all of our health. I told them to find me a place where the weather isn't crazy like it is here, no hotter than about 85F in the summer and a good doctor who believes in and will treat fibromyalgia and I'll go. They're thinking the highlands of Arizona in a couple of years when Mum retires. Maybe sooner if I keep getting so sick.

I think that's it. Oh, wait, nope its not. I had a really good Naruto joke the other night - even if Ro didn't think it was funny. We've started watching Shippuden and I had her roommate's kitten asleep on my tummy. I came up with the idea for the kitten - Callie - to be a ninja kitty and fight with the gentle paw. So I told Ro "eight tri-grams, sixty-four paws!" Yeah, she wasn't amused. Neji probably wouldn't be either.
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The problem is...... )
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Does anyone know or could find out which episode it is where Frank calls Ryan his dust monkey, or dust bunny. I don't remember the animal, but I think its the first. I have a plot bunny that just will NOT die so I'm going to try and write it. But I need the episode.

Tonight's Miami. Horatio in a lab coat = mind dead. *fans self*
Pissed off Horatio = evil plot bunnies. Keep your eyes open for High Stakes updates here soonly. I think its time Alan made more of an appearance. *evil snicker*
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Not really spoilers, but I'll put it behind a cut, just in case.

CPR rant kinda )

And a new icon too. Ro has me hooked on Naruto - go ahead and laugh, Ro, I know you want to. Trust me, she's been giggling like Dr. Frankenstein on drugs the past few days. But its really Kakashi that I like. I'm thinking crossover style fic where Danny sees an episode and gets the mask to tease Mac with it. A silk mask on bare skin, hmmmm, the possiblities. *evil snicker*
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And remarkably enough, this isn't a rant. Amazing, I know. *snicker*
I'm the one that lied and I'm very sorry about it, it makes me a horrible person, but I bring you House smut as a present to try and make up for everything. I said I would try and update all my WIPs before leaving for vacation. I sat down to work on TDC and this huge House bunny jumped me off of House's suggestion that Wilson take a romantic weekend in the Poconos. That one is 25 pages hand written and still in one chapter. *blinks* Not to mention the AU backstory I just created for House. If I can convince my cat that my left arm isn't her head rest, I'll type and post that one here on WWOMB only as soon as possible.

Then another big House bunny jumped me. It was a suicide bunny, but I couldn't just leave it at that, so I decided to bring in vampires - because zombies are kinda hard to pull off, you know all the skin hanging off and discontent at their lot in death - and its looking to become fairly large as well. So that one will be crossed with CSI: Miami (big surprise, huh?) and will be posted on WWOMB and Forensics. ***EDIT** I AM CRYING WRITING THIS ONE GUYS. MASSIVE HANKY WARNING.

Here's the deal. I don't mind folks asking me to update fics. I love it because it lets me know which ones are being read and which ones need to go to the front of the line for updates. But nagging kills bunnies. I can't help the fact that I have ideas for new stories without finishing off other ones and I learned the hard way to have a lot of WIPs hanging about than to try and ignore bunnies. I lost a lot of good stories that way. I make no apologies for the way I am. *grin* Okay, maybe a minor rant, but that's been weighing on my mind for a while now.

I guess just keep an eye here for update announcements. :) And I'll bring at least pictures of the beach and ocean home with me.
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The plot bunnies are still multiplying. I swear someone - or many someones - are feeding them on the sly. I need them to hold off until Thursday because Wednesday night is my last midterm for the semester.

I saw this pic on the DC message board. It is a spoiler pic for an upcoming episode, but it inspired a dragon plot bunny. Plus its just hot.

I've started watching House as well. I'm starting to get bugged by House plot bunnies too. *headdesk* Keep your eyes open. He might show up in TDC. No promises though.
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*taps foot*
*looks around*
I want to know who has been feeding the Criminal Minds plot bunnies.

I was just on the phone with Ro talking about tonight's episode and Reid's new hair cut. I asked her if she knew who I was talking about because she doesn't watch the show. She said yes, he's the one who wanted the fork.
Plot bunny.
*headdesk* repeatedly.

I wanted to go to bed early tonight. Its 34F outside, going to get colder, and I don't have the heat on yet.
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Should I be worried I have a vampire Sherlock Holmes/Horatio Caine bunny in my head/office????
I mean, really. Seriously. Should I be worried?
I am writing it, slowly, but I am writing it.
I just don't know. I think my plot bunnies are on drugs.
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Oh Merlin did I get bit by a plot bunny last night as I was going to sleep. Our cabins at camp are divided into two room by really nothing more than pieces of plywood. Then there are three bunk beds per room. My bunkmates and I had our lights out and were settling in for the night while the gals next door were still up and talking. As you can imagine, we can hear pretty much every word as clear as if they were in the room with us. When they turn out the light, one of them said "there, I think I'm in my bed" and boom, plot bunny attack. I swear to god, I was lying face down on my bed with my face buried in my pillow trying not to laugh out loud and wake everyone up. It's gonna be a CM fic and I'll put it up on WWOMB when its done, along with a couple of other things I'm working on in the CM universe.

Like I don't have enough going on. *rolls eyes and glares at snickering bunnies*

Now for the second thing. Can I ask your help?? I need some British characters I can make into dragons. I have one but I'd like to put him in the novel first and then bring him in here. But I'm so excited by the idea that I was literally bouncing when I told my dad about it.
So I was thinking TV or movies or books or something that I can have some overseas communities. I watched a little of "The Bill" when I was in London so I might be able to use a couple of characters there.
And, honestly, I suppose if you'd like to see dragons in your country as well, let me know. Might as well keep expanding the universe while I'm at it. I don't promise as much about them as I have for the current dragons, but they'll be in there. *Grin*
That reminds me, what do you (those who have them) think of freeweb's service? I've been debating a page there for a while now.

Thanks for your help in advance everyone. *hugs*
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Jeffrey and Jeremy attacked me this morning on my way to school. So I've put down "Bound" for a moment and am working on another huge update for TDC. *sigh* It really is going to be one of those days.
We have an old family friend in town and my folks kinda expect me to sit and visit with them. It gets boring when they talk politics though as I totally ignore anything remotely political. But its rude to have the notebook in front of me. Besides, I don't really want my folks finding out exactly what I write as I don't think they'd be too understanding about it.
So my computer time is limited to what I can get here on campus and also when I'm doing "homework" right now. It sucks because I really want to be able to write but have the family obligations.

At least they all go to bed early. I don't have to worry about fighting to watch CSI:Miami tonight and tomorrow. I so can't wait to see what's going to happen. It sounds like they're trying to get the whole season into two nights. And this week rocks.
Miami - Monday
Miami - Tuesday
New York - Wednesday
Vegas - Thursday

I'm going to have so many new bunnies by the weekend. *grin*
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Carol is back online and had a chance to make a friend for Jeffrey. And she also came up with the perfect name. Meet JEREMY.

And, finally, I GOT A 94% ON MY TEST TODAY. *does happy dance*

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