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I'm not planning to update anything today. I might, but I'm in the process of rereading TDC for the final time just because I fear leaving one tiny thread unaccounted for in the whole story arc and want to make sure I have everything done. If you've noticed one please let me know. I'm not to Meeting in Miami, yet, so I'm getting through it at a reasonable rate. I should be back with updates starting tomorrow depending on how I feel.
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My dad went to the regular doctor yesterday. Yeah, he has that many doctors right now, still hard to believe. Anyway, the cardiac arrythmia is gone. They said it just resolved itself and it happens in roughly 30% of cases, which is actually a lot all things considered. So his heart is okay again. *does happy dance* His blood saline is still kinda low so they changed one of his meds and will check him again in a couple of months. I'm taking him to see the neurosurgeon in a week so we'll be finding out how he's doing there.
Mum's knee is healing really well this time around. She still can't drive or do a lot, so more chores are falling onto me when I'm home, but it's only short-term so that's not too bad. I think I mentioned that my father has quit driving all together. He took my kid brother out to eat one night and I have no clue why Remington wasn't the one driving, but Rem said that Bubba had a near miss and it was enough to scare him out of driving completely. We still haven't worked out a schedule for me to take him out to run errands, Mum is just asking me to get up a little earlier and run what needs to be done before I go to work, which cuts into my sleeping time, but again, is only until she can drive again. So I'm a little zombie-ish, but not for too long.

Overall, things are looking up with my folks. If my dad can just stay healthy then that'll be a major plus.


Nov. 16th, 2009 11:30 pm
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Ro made me promise not to write a novel on here tonight because then she'd have to read it all. *grins* Honestly, I doubt she cares, but just to be safe....I'm kidding, Ro.

My dad is doing okay. He's monitoring his fluid intake really closely and his BP and taking his meds. He'll see the neurologist on Thursday and the internist on Friday and then we'll know more. Right now though it looks like things are all working out okay and maybe the nightmare month and ten days (but who is counting?) will be over and done with.

So, new icon. It refers to work. My day shift surveillance officer quit with no notice and while my night shift guy was on a week's holiday. The managers had transfered a sick dealer back to surveillance while James was on holiday and, fortunately, I get to keep him (his name is Brad, goes by Sauce) until he's better and/or we hire someone to replace him. That was the first thing that happened this weekend. The second is that Chris (of Chris and Cody slash fame *snickers*) and a couple of dealers and I all think we had a money launderer in the casino this weekend. Even if he wasn't doing anything illegal, it's still really suspicious to have a ton of chips in front of you/in your pocket and keep buying in with bills. I started all the paperwork and have been watching tape for the past two days to make sure that I can track this guy - and the guy we suspect was his partner - from table to table and the money trail. And I have the headache to prove it too. :)
I sent an email to Ro asking her to tell the Sunday day floor about the guy in case he came back in. She printed it out and took it into Paula, who took it seriously. This is where the fun begins. The night floor - Josh - used to be the manager until he screwed everything up so bad that they demoted and transfered him. Then, after he'd screwed up another casino more or less just as badly, they demoted him from there and he came back to deal with us. His wife was fired for some reason or another and, when the managers were desperate, rehired. So they both think that they still run the casino *rolls eyes* and they know everything regardless if they are around or not. I love Josh to death, but there are days when I just want to Gibbs' smack him. When they came in and Paula showed them the email, they both more or less called me a liar, which Bri (the wife) kept up today. What really gets me is that she wasn't there during the time that Chris and I were watching these guys, so she doesn't know what she's talking about to begin with, but that's neither here nor there, and certainly won't make her keep quiet.
Next, because I was doing tape reviews, I wasn't watching live play and so I was taken by surprise when Megan called in a fill. The reason she did it is because the security guard doesn't like phones. I guess, anyway, he never goes near one when he's at work. I told her that I had a funny story to tell her. I came in early for Sauce on Saturday and Denise - one of the cashiers - cornered Sauce and more or less demanded to know why she wasn't warned that I was coming on early. I asked Megan if I was that hard to work with, meaning it as a joke, and security said yes. Megan turns around and says something along the lines of, "you're too serious about your job so everyone is scared to work with you. They hate working with you."
I was in tears the rest of the day.
And that's on top of all the crap I was dealing with all weekend, plus my father.
I quit. I don't know how to be normal, so I just won't talk to anyone any more. Then they'll really get to see how serious about my job I can be.
When did it get bad to want to make sure people follow the rules???
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Okay, now the next chapter. I swear this whole month has been totally unreal. I'm so frazzled and stressed out right now that it seems like I can hardly think.

They got his saline levels up to a place they can live with and had the doctor in for the final check-up before releasing him and the doctor noticed an arrhythmia in his heart. I honestly don't remember what kind it was - my mom is about as frazzled as I am - but she said that one part of the heart is beating slower than the other part. This was enough to worry them so they're going to keep him another night and try some medicine to see if that helps. I would imagine, although no one has said anything, that if the meds don't help then he'll probably get a pace-maker put in.

My mom has canceled her knee-replacement surgery, which takes a TON of stress for me out of the equation. We might also be cancelling our Christmas trip to Mexico as we really don't want to take him out of the country when he keeps getting sick. However, I might just force my mom to go so she can have a break from all the stress and the cold. She's from Mississippi and tends to get a little crazy in the winter up here. I guess my break would come in May when Ro and I go to Boise for the anime convention. *sighs* That's a llloooonnnggg way away.

Thanks again, everyone. You're the best. *huge hugs*
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My father is back in the hospital. :(
I came home from work and neither of my parents were home. Not long after I got home my mother came home and told me that my dad was back in the ICU. It's the local ICU this time rather than the one where he had his surgery, so that's something. The good news this time around is that the hematoma is shrinking, but now they're worried about his heart. Apparently his saline in blood is down and they're going to spend the night trying to up it and, if he does good they'll let him come home, but mom didn't say what would happen if things go bad.
He turns 83 on Thursday. I'm really hoping that his age isn't playing into this.

Mom thinks that she's going to postpone her knee replacement surgery. I agree with her opinion. :)
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So, in this case, no news has been fairly good news. The steroids they have him on to control/reduce the hematoma seem to be working. It's been at least four days since his last episode of numbness/slurred speech/dizziness and the like. So things are looking up. I don't know if the meds will be for the rest of his life or if they're only a temp. stop-gap until they can take another look at him, but if he continues like this it'll be really good.

The cats have been making things interesting too. Our tom cat, Mr. Jinx, had surgery to remove a lump from his stomach and we're still not sure if its cancer or not, it was too small for a proper biopsy, so we're just watching him for now. He seems to have his up days and his down days, but he did have some pretty major surgery so I can't blame him. And my cat, La Nina just had her teeth cleaned and one pulled. I'm just praying her antibiotic isn't that expensive as I end up wearing more of it than I can get down her throat. *sighs* And she still has a week to go. This is going to be interesting. I wish she'd eat tinned food or tuna fish because then I could just put her meds on it and be done with it, but she hates them. And I don't think she'd eat Cheerios with medicine on them. Yeah, she loves Cheerios. Without milk, btw.

*huge hugs*
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So no more major episodes and he saw the doctor today. The hematoma is still there and putting pressure on the brain, but not as severely as before so they're comfortable waiting for ten days to see what happens next. However, the orders still stand that if he gets worse to bring him back immediately. If the fluid hasn't been reabsorbed in ten days, or there's more they're talking about putting in a shunt to relieve the pressure. So it's still a waiting game right now. He can't have blood thinners because there's still space between the brain and skull and the thinned blood would just fill it up and cause more problems than we have now.

He had a good day today, no episodes of numbness that mum told me about - I had to work - and was eating both when I got home and after CSI Miami. Horatio is one of the things keeping me going right now. And Bubba (my dad) is determined to get through his Robert Jordan collection in the next two weeks because the next book is out in the series and he really wants to read it.

*huge hugs*
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I actually managed to sleep today - although I still feel like the walking dead - so mum had to bring me up to speed on the day. She said that there were only two episodes of numbness and slurred speech today, which is good because we want them to go down. The doctor gave my dad some steroids to try and reduce the fluid/swelling until Monday and mum thinks that those are working. He felt good enough to shower and was up for most of the day, so that's all good news. I'm still worried that this is only temporary, but I have to try and be happy about it. As long as he doesn't have another episode before bedtime tonight or more tomorrow, the doctor appointment might be all good news.
Thanks again for all the support. You guys are the best.
*huge hugs*
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My mum called and woke me up this morning to ask me to take my dad back down to the ER for another cat scan. Then she decided to do it herself. She's still working on the letting me help bit here. *grins* The scan showed that fluid is building back up in the area where the hematoma was and he's having attacks where his left arm/hand go numb and the left side of his face goes limp and he has trouble speaking. They said that we needed to watch him over the weekend and, if they get worse or more frequent to take him back to the ER in Lewiston imediately. He had three today, each lasting about half an hour, so if he has four tomorrow or Sunday I think they're going to operate on him again.
It's possible that he's had a small stroke during all of this and we just didn't notice it, but the symptoms come and go rather than stay all the time, so mum and I both think that its just pressure from the fluid is recompressing his brain and they need to relieve it again. I suppose its all up to the doctors at this point. So more things to worry about. He's really being good about letting mum and me help him out, even though we know he's frustrated and embarassed by all of this.
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So my dad had another episode where he couldn't move or use his left hand. Not too surprising because the blood clot was on the right side of his head, but it still scares us a little. I'm probably going to know more than I ever wanted to about the human brain before this is all over and done with. And he almost gave me a heart attack today. My bedroom, as I'm sure I've mentioned, is right over the family/TV room. Both my parents have lazy boy recliners there and my dad let his slam down today when he got up. I was asleep - but on call if anything happens - and I went bolt upright thinking he'd fallen down. So he has promised to try not to do that any more. *grins*
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He's home!!!! *does happy dance*
He's still not out of the woods yet, has to stay with his heart above his feet for a while and no going outside unescorted, but those are things we can totally work out. And he looks good too.
I feel like I can breathe again.

*huge hugs*
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I didn't get a chance to go and see him yesterday - I had night shift - but my Mum says that my dad got up and walked around the ICU nurses' desk with the aid of a walker and has been eating whatever they bring him. My dad is a child of the Great Depression and will eat anything he's given. Including some stuff that makes me cringe - like hospital food. *grins* The doctor said if he keeps doing as well as he is, they'll move him from ICU to Progressive Care later on today and I think he'll start working with the PT. It sounds like he might be home on Wednesday.
He's got all sensation back on the left side of his body and Mum says he already seems more aware than he has for a while. His eyes are clear and he is thinking more clearly. The fluid was still flowing out of the drain they left in his head. That's incase the fluid builds up again they can just use a needle to drain it - same as ten years ago. Gross, but better than surgery. So he's got IVs going to keep his fluid levels up, but its all good news. Now if we can just keep his lungs clear. We run a humidifier from September thru May and they didn't have one in the ICU the first night he was there, so he's got some congestion going on, but Mum said it wasn't anything to worry about.

Hugs to everyone.

Oh yeah, and it is currently 13F outside.

Dad update

Oct. 8th, 2009 10:50 am
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My dad had his surgery at 0800 this morning. It was a little nerve-racking because the last time this happened he was in and out in like half an hour. But this time around it was well over an hour. However, the surgery went really well and the doctor said my dad's brain *should* bounce back within a couple of days and things should be better. Given my dad's age, I know that things won't be the same, but if he's still alive and able to function at close onto the same level, them Mum and I are happy.
I'll keep you guys updated.
Thanks again for all the kind words.
*huge hugs*
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Hey everyone, my dad has been taken back down to the hospital for brain surgery. I'm not sure when its going to start, but I'm heading down to join my mother to wait it out. I don't know what's going to happen, how things might change around here, but I'm going to extend my break. I'll write and post when I can but, for now, my mind is just too stormy to even really think clearly.
Hugs to everyone

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