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At long last Devilish Consequences is available on amazon. Holmes was a bit of a pill for this one, but I managed to battle him into allowing Watson to tell the whole story.

"The year is 1881 and a young doctor has just met a young detective looking to share rooms in London. Doctor Watson does not realize there is more to Mr. Sherlock Holmes than first appears. When he learns the true nature of his companion, not to mention the strange nature of the man that appears suddenly in their rooms at Baker Street, what will Watson think? Does he believe in dragons? A story spanning nineteen years, a case interwoven into the texture of the friendship between Sherlock Holmes and his ever-faithful companion Dr. Watson. Told by Watson, this is truly a stranger tale than any could have imagined."

This is the paperback link

This is the kindle link   http://www.amazon.com/Devilish-Consequences-DATA-Unit-Files-ebook/dp/B00LK8JXJK/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1404638087&sr=1-1&keywords=Lexxie+Scott
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Thanks everyone for being so patient while I finished up a novel and got it into the editing stage. I'm waiting for my proof to arrive, so I'll update fan fiction today. I'm not going to take a guess on how long it'll be before the novel is available, but I'm hoping mid to end of August for this one. The sort of creepy part is that this novel has a major terrorist attack in it and I've been watching the news. Major travel warnings and official buildings closed because of a terrorist threat attack. Just goes to show the events in the book aren't all crazy and out there.

Okay, so, updates I'll try for today. I'm running a fever and there's chemicals being used in the building. Not a good combination when I'm trying to think. Anyway.

Least Expect 6

Leap of Faith


Dust Monkey


We'll See

2 + 1 = Love

Spirits Save us

I'll see what I can get to. I already feel a headache starting up from the paint being used out in the casino. Days like this make me wish my room was sealed off from the rest of the building with just the fan and air conditioner to help circulate air in here. This is going to be a very long day.
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I know, I've been a bad fan fiction updater the past few days. Between weather and fibro issues, I can't make my brain think. That's not to say I have been doing nothing, I've been editing the new dragon novel. I'm hoping to be able to print it out for my father to look at over the weekend.

This one deals with a mystery substance, and Holmes is right that they need to name it, that could be a biological weapon of mass destruction. In spite of that, John sends Leigh out on a short field posting because he believes she'll do more good in the field than she will in the lab. There's problems with the vampire court and more problems overseas. I'm quite happy with the story, even if John's move sending Leigh out into the field doesn't make any sense.

As always, if you buy one of the books, could you please leave me a review on amazon? I'm always curious to see what folks think of my writing. 
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I'm going to try and balance updates with editing and updating at least two novel chapters. I'll do this until the novel is done and then my focus will go back to updates on the weekends. I figure it's a fair exchange.

On that note, it's time for me to look for readers/bloggers for my novels. If anyone would be willing to do this for me drop me a note and let me know. I haven't started seriously searching, but thought I'd put something here just as a note. The serious search will start once I'm home from London. (Mum asked me why I can't write the great American novel and live off my writing - she drives me crazy)

On the other note FOUR MONTHS UNTIL I LEAVE FOR LONDON. I won't start a countdown yet, but I'm getting excited.


Jul. 16th, 2013 02:30 pm
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I crashed out hard last night. Now I'm just headachy, which pain killers can take care of for me, if they ever kick in. I know the headache is because of the weather. It's on a yo-yo yet again. That's really getting old. Very, very old. I'd almost welcome fall if only to know that the weather is more stable. That it's closer to my trip has absolutely nothing to do with it. *looks innocent*

Found the cutest bag on etsy and they're going to make it with a top close zipper for me. That means I can take it out with me on the Tube and not have to worry as much about pick pockets. I know the really good ones can get around anything, but this should foil some of them. *grins* I'll post a picture when I get it. Now I just need camera and iPad along with tickets and hotel reservations. I really need to get on the travel agent about the tickets and hotel.

This has been a rather relaxing week at work. The stupid hasn't been nearly as thick, but it's also slow which is not so good. It does mean less mistakes though. I can get behind that. :) I'm about three chapters away from finishing a draft of a novel I've been working on for two years. That's going to be my focus today, but I'll try and update some fan fiction pieces as well. One thing I'm hoping is that we don't go three for three on power outages. If I suddenly vanish, however, that's what happened.


Dust Monkey - UPDATED @ 1455 PDT


Least Expect 6


Leap of Faith - UPDATED @ 1735 PDT

My bed or yours - UPDATED @ 1523 PDT
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First chapter published 23 NOV 06
Last chapter published 27 MAY 13

Reads (totaled for three archives) - 1,664,492
Reviews (totaled) - 1581
Kudos (totaled for two archives) - 790

Word count - 545,720
Chapters - 322
Journal tags - 88
Fandoms - 15
Archives posted to - 3
wiki pages - 1
fan works - 5 (that come to mind)
novels - 1.5 (the sequel is almost finished)

Again, thank you everyone. *hugs*
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My fourth novel just went live. As I said in the last post, if you've read "Outside Influences" then you've met Tiffany and Lexxie. This novel focuses on Lexxie and takes place before the events in Outside Influences.
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i picked a novel i haven't worked with in two years and i'm rather amazed at how poorly parts of it are written. i managed 4381 words between prologue and chapter one, roughly a 75%/25% split between old and new, maybe a little higher on the new given how much rewriting part of the story needed. i seriously had to sit for about 20 minutes trying to work out one part of it.

for fans of TDC, this is the novel inspired by the series. i haven't given up on it and still have dreams of seeing it in print some day.
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i'm not doing the month novel writing challenge, i have way too much started that needs to be finished or revised to do that, but i thought it might be okay to modify the challenge a little. i'm going to try and do a 50,000 word revisal of my first novel. if i get it done, great, if i get another project done, that'll be awesome too, but i'm going to make it a point to write every day this month. *grins* no matter how sleepy i am when i get home from work.

don't worry, i won't stop updating my two in process fics (TDC and Breaking Life) that i'm working on as well. i almost have a new chapter of BL ready to go. time to find out what Oishi said to Eiji.
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What does one do on a cold and rainy day when one is feeling depressed, sick, sore, tired, exhausted (trust me, those are different things for me), and horribly unloved? I don't know about everyone else, but I watched the SDs until I couldn't stop smiling and then started contemplating which seiyuus I would want to voice my characters if my novel became an anime within the next year. So far I've only settled on four of them.
1) Leigh - yukimura's seiyuu
2) Holmes - Kenjiro
3) Alex - Hiro
4) Dr. Samuelson - Hiro

I think I want Kenjiro to voice either John or Chris, but haven't decided for sure which one yet. I see both of those men with deep voices, and I have been leaning towards Suwabe for John. So I guess Kenjiro should voice Chris. Naru would be a perfect Charlie. I would love to have, oh I have it. MasaOno can be Merlin. He is perfect for that role. That just leaves Kohei from the SDs. He could voice Scotty. I'll have to do a more complete list when I'm home, but it would be awesome to get to work with these guys.

Well, a gal has to have her dreams.now I only have to last another 45 minutes and I'm off for the day. So ready to head home.

*is sleepy*
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 Sounds strange, doesn't it. *grin* I had a wicked idea for a new dragon to introduce. Then I realized that it would take a whole book to do it. And now I think it'd be fun to start out with some of the better known cliches.

I have.....
They say it never rains but it pours
They say everyone will have at least one life changing event

There are days I think I shouldn't be allowed out of the house, let alone allowed to write. :)
Do any of you have favorites that I could include???

And no, I'm not telling who the new dragon is. But its totally brilliant.
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 I've had some requests to put up the information about which dragon is which, color, talent, etc. So I'm going to post this both here and also at my general lj as well. And then I'll go and edit the web page, add in pictures to the table if I can figure out how to do it properly. Not to mention finding the software to do it in. *sigh* I might have to start over.

Okay, here we go......
The Miami Community
Gil Grissom - Alpha dragon in Miami - Black - Nick Stokes - Telepathy 
Horatio Caine - Beta dragon in Miami - Red - Greg Sanders - Smell lies and emotions
Jim Brass - Dragon in Miami - Silver - Warrick Brown - Sense danger to the community
Tim Speedle - Dragon in Miami - Bronze - Eric Delko - See emotion prints

The NYDC Community
Jethro Gibbs - Alpha dragon in NYDC - Ice Blue - Tony DiNozzo - Smell lies and emotions
Mac Taylor - Beta dragon in NYDC - Blue/Gray/Green - Danny Messer - Telepathy
Don Flack - Dragon in NYDC - Emerald green - Abby Sciuto - not developed
Ryan Wolfe - Dragon in NYDC - Light orange - Lindsay Monroe - not developed

The Rogues
Sam Winchester - Dragon loosely connected to both - Coffee brown - Dean Winchester - not developed
Spencer Reid - Dragon without a community - Lime green - Aaron Hotchner - not developed

Colorado Community
Jack O'Neill - Alpha dragon in CSCC - Purple - Daniel Jackson - Telepathy

Los Angeles Community
Don Eppes - Alpha dragon in LA - Gold - Charlie Eppes - not disclosed
Larry Fleinhardt - Beta dragon in LA - white gold - Megan Reeves - not disclosed


Feb. 8th, 2008 05:37 pm
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After being stuck for weeks I had a breakthrough on the last chapter of the novel. *does little dance* It made me happy because now, I think, I have all the requirements to send it to a publisher. There are sixteen chapters total plus the epilogue.

Now a question. I know I have TDC readers in the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Canada. Is there anywhere else? I think one of the biggest selling points on this novel is that there's a market out there and, if I can convince the publisher to take a chance, there's a good chance it'll go overseas as well.
IF IT DOESN'T...I'll be willing to send copies to folks who ask. I'll likely set up a paypal account and would ask for shipping on the book plus the American purchase price which would be about six bucks. The only one I can do right off the top of my head is England and I think it would be about three pounds. Two dollars for every pound. Or would that be twelve? Oh well, you guys get the idea.

And I think I have to change Mandy's name to isolate this from the fan fiction piece totally because of the CSI/NCIS copyright issues. I've changed the dragons and humans already. Oh, and people watch the CSI shows in the book. So I hope that covers it. *grin*

Dragon DNA

Dec. 24th, 2007 06:15 pm
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My kid brother, who is a physics graduate student in Maryland, is home for the holidays. We were talking about my novel over supper and he asked how the dragons in my fanfiction pieces and the novel a) knew about DNA and b) how they would alter it. I pointed out that they are magical creatures and can do whatever the hell they want. He asked if I actually said they used magic to alter their DNA because he had a picture of dragons in labs with microscopes and lab coats on. At that point I just started laughing and he continued saying that he wondered where dragons would have obtained microscopes hundreds of years ago and how they would work them with their claws. Not to mention the test tubes and everything else that would be needed to work with DNA.
I tried to point out that they had human-shaped babies hatch out of eggs and he said that wasn't the point. The point is that unless I say it's all done by magic the "nerd" faction is going to get stuck on the point that the dragons knew about DNA and were able to somehow work it in an advanced chemistry setting hundreds of years ago.
Honestly there's no point here, at least as far as I'm concerned because I love the mental image of dragon chemists. But he said to let him know what you guys thought. So if you have a thought on this, and honestly I don't know that it could get much sillier, please post it so I can pass it along.

I think I may just put magic in to be on the safe side. Because I do know how much power the nerds have. Trust me on that one. *grin*
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I've spent the past few days working on my TDC novel and have it done, at least in this revision. I found out I need over 33,000 words to have it even be considered by the publishing house I want to send it to. Not to mention recreating the communities so there are no copyright issues. Eight new dragons. *grin*
But as it's waiting for me in a binder to review and then give to my dad to edit I sat down and updated both Miami and NYDC of The Dragon Chronicles. The updates are on both CSI Forensics and WWOMB. And also on WWOMB is a new NCIS fic. That one I'm not happy with but that's how it ended up. *sigh* I really hate angst bunnies.
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I got these in an email from ktattoo. It's another wallpaper for my story "Dragon Chronicles". She's also done some wonderful drawings of three of the dragons that I'll put up in a day or so. Enjoy this, I know I did.

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