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the latest "great idea" from work is mandatory state safety training. so they signed up with a state online company to give us the training and we have to learn about every single bloody thing that is on there. this includes how to handle hazardous chemicals. i don't think we have anything stronger than industrial cleaner....no, wait, i tell a lie, the polish for the bowling lanes is pretty nasty stuff, but it's only handled by a couple of people.
this training brought such gems as:

"electical equipment" i don't know what this one is, other than you have a choice whether or not to use it. i have a feeling, based on context, that it's supposed to be electrical equipment, but who am i to argue with such an obviously fine program.

"infected employees" this was for employees who would be handling such chemicals. to their credit, it does say affected (although i think it should be effected) in the text and the person reading is the one who said infected. but why would you even publish something so stupid?

"managers will assure that documentation is on site" that's good. i feel ever so much better to know that my managers are going to reassure us about paperwork. i always get nervy around paperwork.

those are the first three that come to mind. there are tons more, but i've been too busy being sarcastic at my computer to really remember too much more. but it does rather make me want to run for my favorite high school english teacher and sic her on them. Carole would have a blast.

okay, now that that's done. *sighs* i still have one more test to finish tomorrow. it keeps crashing my browser so i'll try again tomorrow. just what i want to do on one of my days off. *rolls eyes*
work was slow. i read Stephen King and wrote a little more on my current story. have i said before how much i love king's turn of a phrase? today's was "reality can go screw a rolling doughnut." my all time favorite is "plums defy!" lol. no, i don't know what it means.
and i found that Snoopy i was talking about yesterday. i love this one.

and i find it exceptionally true for my writing career right now.

new icon

Oct. 8th, 2011 12:11 am
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amanda, feel free to steal it if you want to. *grins*
i love America. lol.
oohhh, i should do one for France too. should i?

ok, this post was just to show off the icon. i'm going to bed now. my sense of humor might be forever damaged now.
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I am not 100% positive about this as I am still reading the series and have a book and a half to go, but I think I may have found the ultimate MarySue story.
Yes, this is published.
Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

He has written himself into it as a character that, I suspect, is the ultimate dark lord. Not to mention his characters keep thinking that they are characters in someone's story. I'm going to keep reading because I like Roland and Jake, but it is getting really hard to take this seriously.

But if you like King's work, check it out. The story is to die for creative, even with the crack he keeps putting in there. I am seriously tempted to go to his web page and ask if he knows about MarySue.
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type here )since i hated every single thing i tried to write today and am in a blah sort of mood, i thought this might be fun to do. as we all well know, blood type is important in Japan. so i did a google search and came up with the following....

i'm not sure how i feel about it. based off the compatibility chart, i don't have a chance with hiro. ;)
so, here's the fun part. take a guess at my blood type. i thought it was really kinda freaky when i read it.

i iz dead

Jun. 12th, 2011 11:19 pm
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i sat funny at work today so my shoulder scar tissue is pulling my back and ribs all out of place and giving me headaches, so i'm on a short night at the desk because i have to work tomorrow. i was checking blogs and found this.....

the only reason i am not on the floor laughing my head off is because my parents are in bed and i'd wake them up. i think the only time i would fear these guys is that they'd kill me by making me laugh at them. manly warriors they are not.


May. 24th, 2011 09:48 pm
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I am all for bowling as a fun way to spend an evening, especially with gambling afterwards, because that is how I earn my paycheck. But at the same time, I am firmly of the opinion that when you come bowling, you should leave your ukelele at home.

ro story

May. 20th, 2011 12:28 am
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I showed ro tenipuri festa 09 tonight. When we were watching the backstage i pointed out the meganes and she asked what that was. i said inui, tezuka and oshitari. she said no, megane. what does that mean. i don't know that word. i said, yes you do, you've even used it before. it's eye glasses. she said she didn't know what i thought i had heard her say, but she had never heard the word before. but she does know migi (and she pointed to the left). i looked over and said, that's hidari. so, apparently she doesn't know her right from her left, or her meganes.

*rolls eyes*

but she's totally used the word before when we were watching PoT. 
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I've tried four times to post a Rikkai piece and I can't do it. Maybe it's a sign that I need to rewrite the damn thing.
I'm going to bed. I'll try again when I wake up.
It didn't want to post my Goseigers piece either, but only screwed up once there.

There are days I wish I swore. *grumbles* This is one of them.
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I posed this question to Ro about a month ago and she couldn't choose just one. *Grins* I doubt that I could either, but I know who my first instinct is.

So, if you could only watch one actor/actress for the rest of your life, who would you pick? You would get to see everything they appeared in and would have access to all their shows regardless of DVD, download or other format.

Hard, isn't it? I think mine would be Masa, because I'd still get to watch PoT, but would lose a bunch of other favorite shows.

Today was so boring that I didn't want to post the blahness that abounded. But this is worth it, I think. Now it's bed time. I hate the rain.
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We were on the phone last night talking about our plans for the day and what's going on in Japan and Ro asks me if I got her email. We tend to email randomness to each other all the time, so I asked her which one. She couldn't remember and asked me which was the last one I got. I told her I thought it was Dori-kun's blog picture. We went off on a couple of tangents and then she remembered.
R - "Look at Oushi's blog."
L - "That's easy for you to say."
R - "I tried to say Ouji and Oishi at the same time." (Note that Oishi is Takiguchi)
L - "That's how we got battletude."
R - "Yeah, so go look at Ouji's blog."
L - "You mean Oisihi?"
R - "Yeah, yeah, Oishi."
L - "Okay, because I already checked Ouji's and it was a picture of his baby."
R - "I know, I saw it. So cute."
Randomness about Ouji's baby while I was getting to the page.
L - "Okay, I'm there."
R - "There's no picture on the day you need to look at."
L - "So is it the 15th or the 17th, because there's a picture on the 17th."
R - "It's probably the 15th, no, wait, there was a picture. Like a power meter for the power company."
L - "That's not what I'm seeing. It's a clear plastic bucket with yen in it."
R - "Yeah, that's it. I saw it and thought of a power meter."
L - "Ro, it looks nothing like a power meter. Are you sure I'm on the right blog?"
R - "Yeah, there should be some red on it. Is there red?"
L - "There's pink."
R - "Close enough. Translate and read it."
L - "You know, it's a good thing no one ever listens to these conversations we have."

That's a fairly typical conversation between the two of us, especially after midnight. Just thought I'd share some silliness for the day. I'm getting ready to go out and see if I can find a short black wig that I can gel to play Inui at the convention. And I have to learn how to style a wig because Ro want's to play both Eiji and Marui and use the same wig for it. I found a good wig, I just have to learn what to do next.
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That's from the Muppet show. Sam says that one of these days he'll get his just desserts. A monster walks by and hits him in the face with a pie. Kermit asked what that was for and the monster says, "just dessert.

So I kinda managed to get my computer set up with me in bed. This is the strangest bug I've ever had. Fever and sore throat. Slight congestion if I lie down flat, but nothing bad enough to keep me from sleeping. No cough, chills, body ache, upset stomach or indicator what the hell I might have. Granted it could be strep, but I don't hurt bad enough for that one. And I'm not even really tired, just staying in bed because I can and it's always a good idea when you're sick.

I plan to spend the day writing and uploading fics. I've almost got a second chapter to the Rikkai/Seigaku piece I wrote for Hortarukunn for his birthday. Yukimura is evil. Niou is being sadistic and Fuji wants revenge. What could possibly be better? *grins* And then I'll see what else I feel like writing.

I'm also keeping an eye on blogs - especially Masa's and Massu's - for information. I know Masa was out of Tokyo and is okay because he updated last night. But Massu's hasn't been updated for a while. Not unusual with that boy, but still.

Okay, I'll be back. That's a promise, not a threat.

Oh wait, one more thing. Fever dreams are stranger than most. I had one last night that had a wishing well in it with a sign that said, "beware of people wanting to drop buckets of water on you."
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You know things are getting strange when there is a guy bowling in a bathrobe.
Okay, pick your jaws up off the floor. He had on jeans and a t-shirt too, but he seriously was in a maroon bathrobe that he had tied just like he'd gotten out of the shower. I guess because my kid brother wore his bathrobe like a jacket all through high school - and even had bathrobe day his senior year - I took it a little more calmly than my co-workers did. *snickers*

Snow. It's more or less sleet, actually. I hate the snow and I hate the cold. Unfortunately we have both over the next few days. *sighs* Just what I needed.

I didn't feel like being creative today - although I stole a prompt from one of my friends - and started re-writing a Harry Potter piece. I'll just add it to the to-be-typed stack when I have it done. I'm also planning to redo a Sherlock Holmes piece until I get a good night's sleep and don't feel so icky. I suspect it's the pain killers I've been taking for my wrist.
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I have to take my family to the airport in a couple of hours, so I decided to just stay up and then sleep when I get home. No worse than my graveyard shift. Just boring because I can't write. I can't believe it'll be upwards of two to three months for this blasted wrist injury to heal completely. I don't know how I'll survive. :) The backlog waiting to be typed will be astounding too.
Back to doing nothing. Just thought I'd pop in for a moment. I can't watch a movie - Black Butler musical - because my kid brother is across the hall trying to sleep. I'm just happy I found good raws of both of them.


Dec. 24th, 2010 01:09 am
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and it's not my wrist. Four days off from work!! I hardly know what to do with myself. Oh yeah, that's right - Prince of Tennis marathon! I finished downloading the musicals and we start tomorrow at 3pm. I can't wait.
But, for now, I'm off to take the katakana quiz for the fourth time. *grumbles* I don't trust any language that smiles this much.
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this is typed one handed, so please excuse typos. **note that dishwasher is not a typo**

i was reading the forensic examiner at work today and one of the articles was on the steps (way over simplification) of how a crime is committed. the example given at the beginning was getting a drink of water.
1) determine you are thirsty
2) locate source of water
3) locate vessel to hold water
4) attempt to fill vessel with water
5) analyze the results

reading this made me think of a class lecture - i'm pretty sure it was high school - on critical thinking. the teacher asked us to give him directions on how to wash clothes. and almost everyone skipped at least three steps at some point. the kid who took the prize for stupidest statement, however, is the one who said "after gathering up the obviously dirty laundry, you open the dishwasher and put the clothes in it." the sad part is that he was serious. the teacher gave up.


Dec. 3rd, 2010 08:47 pm
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I hate Apple Cup weekend. Granted, not as much as the cops probably do, but still. It makes for a very long, stressful weekend. And it's our year to host it too. The years it's in Seattle are so much nicer.

I wanted to spend the day writing, but we got busy way too fast for that to even happen. Not to mention I can't find the information I need for a new piece online. I can get it when I get home and can check the manga, but that kinda killed the sadistic!yukimura bunny I had going. And Yagyuu looks so good restrained on the bed. Even Niou agreed with me on that one.

And the cold is killing my joints. So much pain right now and there's no storm coming our way, or so the weather forcasters claim. I dunno. Usually when I hurt like this there's something coming in. Just have to wait and see, I guess.

The one bright spot was watching the Rikkai Supporters 15 DVD last night, or at least the backstage. I was laughing so hard in parts that I was in tears. I just love Rikkai. Kane-chan and Genki-kun just cracked me up so many times last night. Not to mention the part where they managed to scoot Ba-chon across the stage on his back about two feet. Masa is a brat. *grins* Gonna watch the interviews tonight if this shift ever ends. My night guy is in late - with permission - so I don't know when I'm out of here. At least another hour and a half.

My internet comes in on Thursday and I can finally start downloading stuff again. Don't want to get in trouble by doing it here. (The only exception would be anything Hide-chan or Masa) *glances around* No, I'm not obsessed. Honestly I'm not.

I might get a little of Shivering Neko written tonight. Or start an original piece. I thought it'd be fun to do a slash story involving my martial arts discipline - if only to piss off my abusive instructor. Who, me? Evil? Nah. ;) It's just an idea I had one night while taking notes for a Takumi-kun RPS story. Dai/Mao. It might be done one of these days. Who knows anymore. :)


Nov. 27th, 2010 07:02 pm
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These are journalists????

PORTLAND, Ore. — A Somali-born teenager who thought he was detonating a car bomb at a packed Christmas tree-lighting ceremony downtown here was arrested by the authorities on Friday night after federal agents said that they had spent nearly six months setting up a sting operation.

It makes me wonder if they've heard of run-on sentences and proper English. I know I'm not the best, but this is kinda crazy.

Oh yeah, and Ro is in Portland for Thanksgiving with her family. She's fine.

full article here
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At work today the first thing I have to do is monitor the count team while they count up and total the money dropped on the tables the day before. It's a rather boring thing to do, with paperwork of course, and I have to listen to the inane conversations as well.
But today something funny actually happened in there. Mark looked up and said, "hey, we've got a security breech! There's a fly in the count room. And he's not wearing a name tag!"
I yelled over, "then catch him, make him put one on and make him sign in."
Mark looks up at the ceiling, where I guess the fly is, and says, "yeah, that's right. You've got to sign in. And clear your hands too."
We were all laughing at this point. But it made me think that only someone who works in the casino would think that was funny. Ro did when I told her about it. :)
And I've even asked security to card bugs flying around the casino to make sure they're old enough to be in there. I normally get a "what the hell" look.
I tell them I have to be annoying and sarcastic and take all the fun out of working there. It's in my contract. The smarter ones know I don't have a contract.


Aug. 31st, 2010 11:41 pm
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This cracks me up. Megan - Ro's room mate - is flying out to see her boyfriend in a couple of hours. For the past month all she has been able to talk about is how scared she is of flying, hitting air pockets, the plane dropping fast like being on a roller coaster. And yet, what is she doing to get ready for her trip???

Going online every night for a week and looking up news reports on airplane crashes and hijackings.

I told Ro to let me know when Megan is going on a cruise. I'll loan her all my research books on the Titanic.



Jul. 10th, 2010 12:12 am
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I can finally type again. It was two days after the remodel was finished that I could hold a pen without having to get into the Tylenol because my hands hurt so bad. I wish I could say that I had a fic to celebrate my short return, but I don't. I'll update my huge Niou piece on WWOMB, but I think there's only two chapters there so not a lot. I spent my downtime reading because I could just about manage to hold a book.
The lesson from this is to be more careful with my hands in the future.

I've got, technically, two days until I leave for camp but, as it's still Friday for me and I'm at work, I'm counting it as three. :) I'm planning to spend my time on the novel this year, but will have the computer with my fan fic WIPs with me in case I get hit by a sudden idea for one of them. I've been thinking about reworking a couple more HP fics while trying to find where I want some of these CSI stories to go.

Sheesh, I think the table I'm trying to evaluate just died on me. There's not a hell of a lot of play tonight, but I'm the only one who will do Pai Gow consistantly, so that's where I'm stuck every bloody shift. Unless it doesn't open, of course. And poker is done for the night, so that's good. It might explain why play picked up on a couple of the blackjack tables.

Okay, hands are starting to hurt. Later.

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