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Hey all, I'm still updating my stories, I've just stopped doing the daily posts listing out what I'm updating because it didn't seem like anyone was using them. If you were, let me know and I can start up again. I'm still rotating through my WIPs and trying to get them completed before starting up sequels. If you're curious what I've still got to finish, go to the wips tag here on my journal and click on the first entry there. That's everything and I'm working hard to keep it up to date.

The archives I post on are:

AO3 as TiffanyF

CSI Forensics From out of the Lab as Tiffany F

WWOMB as Tiffany F
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I've been talking with a_phoenixdragon about the uproar in the Doctor Who fandom over the new Doctor. We got onto the topic about how the Moff takes so much blame and hate from the fans and he needs hugs. Well, I think all of them need hugs, but Moff and Matt are at the top of the list right now. So I had an idea, but it's more of a thing at the moment.

When I go to England and the convention, I was planning to take along a letter to Matt thanking him for the wonderful years as the Doctor and all the other usual stuff in a fan letter. Might do one for the Moff too. So, why not make this a little bit bigger. Not the first time I've tried to coordinate something like this.

If you would like to send a letter along to Matt (or the Moff, one of the other actors attending etc) PM me and I'll send you my mailing address. Let me know it's coming and I'll make up pretty packages for them and take them to the convention. I don't know that I'll be able to get them to the people, but it has to be worth a shot. Lets just stick with letters or a drawing this time around though. I'm limited on the amount of weight I can carry around and I'll have my bag with me at the convention.

Okay, with that done, I had an idea for a new piece last night, so I'm going to start it today. Don't know where it's going and I think I'll draw some uproar in the fandom when I post it. I'll also try to get to some other stories today. Watch for the usual suspects to be updated at some point throughout the day. We've been open for almost an hour and there's no play.
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Well, my stomach is feeling better. When I say that, I mean it's no longer trying to crawl up my chest and out of my mouth whenever I think about food. I wish there was some magical cure to make me feel better, but the weather has stabilized for a week and I really think that's playing a role in this. Whatever the hell it is, I'll take it. :) I don't like feeling sick.

I haven't said anything about the 12th Doctor, yet, but have had a couple of days to watch interviews with him and see some of his history and I think he'll be an interesting Doctor. More towards the Classic era than we've had in the new episodes, but it's time to take a look back towards Classic, I think. I saw a wonderful quote from Neil Gaiman about how regenerations are running out and the fandom is panicking. He said that he believes (and made it a point to say this is not cannon) that the Time Lords can regenerate as many times as they want, but going past body 13 is dangerous and has consequences. Given how the Master looked in his 13th body, I can really believe that. *shudders* Then again, there was other stuff with him that added to how he looked, so that's neither here nor there. I also like the idea of an older Doctor again. The dynamic between him and Clara is going to change and I agree with something I saw on pintrest, he'll be more of a father figure now. The best friend dynamic is back and that makes me so happy. *grins*

Great, I have stupid in count and stupid in cage.

Okay, anyway, back to Doctor Who. I'm not saying I'm not going to miss Matt. I'm probably going to have a shock blanket and box of tissues with me at Christmas time. I also have to watch the episode alone because I have no local Whovian friends who will be in town that day to watch it with me. Matt is far and away my favorite Doctor since Four and I was heartbroken when he regenerated. I'm also excited to see what new energy Peter is going to bring to the role and the show. This is going to be very interesting. I do hope they do more with River because I'd love to see the change in dynamic there. :)

My trip is getting ever closer. I'm so excited I can't wait. I need to print off a few more directions and then all I need are tickets/hotel/transportation. The travel agent isn't exactly quick on these things. I think I might need to poke at her again. I found the picture I want to take in case of a Matt autograph, but haven't found one for Tom Baker yet. Still need to do that. Also wish the convention page would update with more information. I really am not too impressed with these guys. Oh well, one day out of ten and with fellow fans. Hopefully I can find some people to talk to.


Magical my ass

2 + 1 = Love


We'll See

Leap of Faith

Dust Monkey


Least Expect 6
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Trying to rotate through this list I have. *sighs* These are the harder ones so I'll see what I can come up with for them. There's a couple I just want to have done and crossed off the list. Is that a bad thing for an author to be saying????

Spirits Save Us

Magical my ass

Finding Father

First Time

Don't Sugar Coat it

Remember to forget

Sassy series
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Thanks everyone for being so patient while I finished up a novel and got it into the editing stage. I'm waiting for my proof to arrive, so I'll update fan fiction today. I'm not going to take a guess on how long it'll be before the novel is available, but I'm hoping mid to end of August for this one. The sort of creepy part is that this novel has a major terrorist attack in it and I've been watching the news. Major travel warnings and official buildings closed because of a terrorist threat attack. Just goes to show the events in the book aren't all crazy and out there.

Okay, so, updates I'll try for today. I'm running a fever and there's chemicals being used in the building. Not a good combination when I'm trying to think. Anyway.

Least Expect 6

Leap of Faith


Dust Monkey


We'll See

2 + 1 = Love

Spirits Save us

I'll see what I can get to. I already feel a headache starting up from the paint being used out in the casino. Days like this make me wish my room was sealed off from the rest of the building with just the fan and air conditioner to help circulate air in here. This is going to be a very long day.


Jul. 26th, 2013 02:44 pm
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I know I've been horrible about updates over the past week or so. Probably longer, my days tend to run together badly because every day is the same. The reason for the lack of updates is that I'm editing a novel and also drafting a second novel, so most of my focus is on my original works. Part of me wonders why, but the again, there are stories to be told and I'm going to tell them.

That said, I'll update four stories a day, or at least try to. I know it's not nearly as good as what I was averaging, but I need to be able to focus on the novels. We're also having drama and upheavals at work, and that just makes me tired. That's a separate post though, I can't leave work stuff unlocked on here.
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Personal stuff here )

I'm not planning to update anything today. I might, but I'm in the process of rereading TDC for the final time just because I fear leaving one tiny thread unaccounted for in the whole story arc and want to make sure I have everything done. If you've noticed one please let me know. I'm not to Meeting in Miami, yet, so I'm getting through it at a reasonable rate. I should be back with updates starting tomorrow depending on how I feel.
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First of all, High Stakes has a new chapter. I still don't know how many more this one will have, but I'm thinking around five, maybe six. We'll have to see.

I have two ideas for the "Lease Expect" universe. One of them is set way far ahead of what I've been working on, but I want to write it out. The other, if I'm right on where my timing is, will fit in with the storyline as is. So look for both of those later today. I'm at work, it's graduation day for the local university so, if we're going to have play, it won't be until late. I'm here until 2100 PDT and will be writing as much as I can. Anything I don't finish today will be finished tomorrow.

Edit at 1919: First new story is called "Shot to the Light." It's up on two of the archives. WWOMB is being slow about loading, again. How many people still read there????

Edit at 2035: Part Five of Look where you least Expect is up on the archives, or will be once WWOMB loads. *sighs*
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There is a new chapter up for TDC: England. I'm considering that part done, for the moment, but leaving it as incomplete on purpose in case I want to add in a new chapter or two when I'm done. Final thoughts from Richard, Plant, Jack or Ianto.

So, that means we're heading back to the States for the final chapter set for this piece. I don't know how long it will be, I don't know how long it will take me to write, I don't know anything other than it's time to start winding this up. My thoughts and feelings from my previous long post about TDC still stand, and I don't know what I'm doing about some things. I just hope that I can make everyone happy with how I end this story. I kinda know what I'm going to be doing, it's just a question of getting there. Hell, I'm still not sure how many people are still reading the series. I do know that TDC: England has gotten the fewest read hits out of any chapter set for this piece.

Also, just to keep it included with the updates, here's the link (again) for the novel I've been talking about. I can't really call it a TDC novel as there's no tie-in at all. It has dragons, vampires, and a few surprises in it though. :) I apologize for the price, but that's the lowest it would let me set it at.

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1) I'm not going to apologize for the RL posts. But I am sorry if you're only here for fan fiction updates and have to put up with all my other......well, oddities. At least you can see why things don't get updated as often as I would like them to.

2) I've decided that, as I'm finishing High Stakes, that I'm going to turn it into an original piece. Impossible, maybe, but with Peter and Allwyn there's so much more to the backstory that I want to explore and I think this is a way to do it. I won't abandon the project and I am working on a new chapter now. More Peter loves because, well, I love Peter. :)

3) I've started rereading TDC, and am cringing at all the mistakes in plot I'm finding. I won't pull everything and I don't have the time to rewrite it right now, but if I'm able to stay on a moderate schedule, I should be able to finish the story by fall. (note that there's a wedding, a trip, a convention and a conference in my summer which might throw the timeline a little, not to mention a possible cross-country move with my family). But I would like to wrap things up neatly and I've been working on this story for six years. I do promise not to hurry things along just to finish it up. I will tie up every loose end and end every plot twist. I just don't promise to do so in a way that will make 100% of my readers happy.

4) When I finish High Stakes, or get to a point where I want to break from it for a while, I'll post a poll on which story (OTHER THAN TDC) readers want to see worked on next. I realize that 95% of you are here for TDC, but see above. It needs a lot of time and work right now.

5) Thank you everyone for being so patient an considerate. It means a lot to me and I really, really appreciate it. I'll do my best to keep the stories coming. :)


Jun. 9th, 2009 02:03 am
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Any day that starts out with an unscheduled meeting with your boss is destined to be a bad day. I should've known that when it was POURING rain and hail when I woke up and then the computers were down at the local DMV (someone stole my registration stickers from my car) and I couldn't find the manga I wanted before work.
In a nutshell my manager is in a pissed off mood and wants to fire people. Okay, fine, it isn't anyone in my department so if people are being stupid enough to get their asses fired, that's their problem, right? Heh, heh....no. The manager needs a paper trail to fire dealers, so guess who gets the honor(?) of helping to create that paper trail.
Yeah. Me and my two surveillance officers.
In the past we've had to do three dealer evaluation sheets per shift, so six dealers got evaluated on any given day. We have a log sheet to be sure that the evaluations are spread out over the month so no one is flooded with them and no one is really left out. Oh yeah, that just got thrown out the window. Well, it would have if my surveillance room had a window. Out the door, maybe.
We now have to do a minimum of three evaluations per shift with as many as seven or eight depending on how many dealers we have on shift at any given time. So I figure with each evaluation taking twenty minutes of time, plus other stuff I have to do my writing time at work has been effectively halved in one strike. *pouts*

I'm thinking that, to be fair to my fan fiction, that every time I finish a novel chapter I'll update a fan fiction piece. This is going to mean TONS longer between updates - even more so than what I'm at now - but I'm not going to let anything just die out. I know everyone will be patient with me *HUGE HUGS* while this is going on. Hopefully the rants from the main office will die down in a couple of months and we'll be back to normal.

I hate having to be mean to people. Especially stupid people who can't see that they bring it on themselves (Ro knows who I'm talking about) and want to blame someone else for their mistakes.
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And remarkably enough, this isn't a rant. Amazing, I know. *snicker*
I'm the one that lied and I'm very sorry about it, it makes me a horrible person, but I bring you House smut as a present to try and make up for everything. I said I would try and update all my WIPs before leaving for vacation. I sat down to work on TDC and this huge House bunny jumped me off of House's suggestion that Wilson take a romantic weekend in the Poconos. That one is 25 pages hand written and still in one chapter. *blinks* Not to mention the AU backstory I just created for House. If I can convince my cat that my left arm isn't her head rest, I'll type and post that one here on WWOMB only as soon as possible.

Then another big House bunny jumped me. It was a suicide bunny, but I couldn't just leave it at that, so I decided to bring in vampires - because zombies are kinda hard to pull off, you know all the skin hanging off and discontent at their lot in death - and its looking to become fairly large as well. So that one will be crossed with CSI: Miami (big surprise, huh?) and will be posted on WWOMB and Forensics. ***EDIT** I AM CRYING WRITING THIS ONE GUYS. MASSIVE HANKY WARNING.

Here's the deal. I don't mind folks asking me to update fics. I love it because it lets me know which ones are being read and which ones need to go to the front of the line for updates. But nagging kills bunnies. I can't help the fact that I have ideas for new stories without finishing off other ones and I learned the hard way to have a lot of WIPs hanging about than to try and ignore bunnies. I lost a lot of good stories that way. I make no apologies for the way I am. *grin* Okay, maybe a minor rant, but that's been weighing on my mind for a while now.

I guess just keep an eye here for update announcements. :) And I'll bring at least pictures of the beach and ocean home with me.
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Apparently my sense of humor isn't appreciated around here either. *sigh*
I was making curtains to hang over my door to mask the noise my folks make during the day - I'm a night owl by nature and like to sleep in when I don't have class. They're not careful about being quite - and needed a needle and some thread. I know that mum has some in her room as she's the crafty person in the house so I went down to borrow what I needed. She was in the kitchen and said that she needed to ask me a question. To which I replied "yes, no, left, the color purple, 42, and I didn't."
She wasn't amused.

Updates coming soonly. I know I keep promising that. I'll deliver with something that will knock your socks off. Or sandals if you happen to live in a warm climate. *grin*
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My mum and me alone for any length of time is apparently not a good thing. She said, and I quote, "you have become a complely negative person who has put up mental blocks against everything. I spoke with my PT today and they said that the cane has to be used on the opposite side of an injury. But if you want to immitate a stupid actor on TV then go ahead. And maybe you should major in TV watching while you're at it."

I brought up the point that I have to use the cane on the same side because my right shoulder is a mess of scar tissue that, when it becomes inflamed by an additional pressure (which is pretty much anything other than walking around and even that doesn't always work) I get horrible pain in my shoulder and chest and it can take me out of action for up to three days. And now she's not even talking to me, which might actually be a good thing. At least I can escape to work for a while and get out of here. She's not going back to work until January - so this isn't gonna end any time soon. *sigh*

My updates were on hold for term papers. I have one more to type/edit and then that just leaves a presentation and two exams and I'm finished with school. If my knee wasn't so bad I'd do the dance of joy (and if you recoginze that quote, I'll be impressed). TDC is being updated by hand in my notebooks until the mafia princess and I finish rereading a couple of things to make sure that my planned story line for Reid/Hotch and House/Chase will work out. If I mentioned one tiny detail the whole thing will fall apart. But I'm fairly sure I didn't. At least I hope I didn't. And then other updates will follow. I do promise. Once school is out I'll have tons of time to write - some of that will be novel chapters as my goal is to get the damn thing in the mail by the time I go back to classes in September 09.

I wanted to do an independant entry on last week's CM, but this will have to do because I don't recall everything I wanted to say. I almost spit out my root beer when Jason Alexander intro'd himself as Professor Rothschild. We spent two days talking about the family in my Holocaust class. And everyone in class got the joke when I told them about it. So that was a lot of fun. And I have to say that Rossi really went up in my opinion with that episode, both as an actor and character. He's still growing on me. *grin*

I promise updates just as soon as I can. This is my Thanksgiving break week and I do have a couple of things to finish up, but I'll see what I can do. And I also promise not to vanish like this again. *Grin* It's just been hard to sit at the desk/computer of late. Bad weather.
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I'll be nice and put this behind a cut so you can just see the good part and ignore the bad if you like. *grin* I'm going to work to finish my Gil/Nick/Greg story tonight - if I can stay awake long enough that is. It's cold and damp and I hurt. And then I think I'll update Protector. I'm looking at my list right now, I actually have two, one of WIPs for CSI and one for other fandoms.

Rant - be afraid )


Oct. 12th, 2008 11:59 pm
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Omne ignotum pro magifico est has a new chapter.
TDC Meeting in Miami II will have a new chapter in about half an hour.

---How to know I'm way too tired.
"I seriously doubt that Hammond will let everyone waltz into the mountain and through the gate," Daniel said.
"Why would they be waltzing?" Jack asked. "Why can't they just walk?"
"Now what are you talking about?"
"I don't know, you're the one who has everyone dancing in the gateroom," Jack said.
"Can we get back on topic, please," Daniel said.
"Sure, what was it?"

No, that's not in the update, but its what I thought of when I was typing up the update. No more close-open shifts for me. I get frap-happy when I don't get enough sleep.
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Ro asked me to post this link on here, rather than the story, to share with everyone. *grin*
I didn't see it happen, I don't know if I was writing or watching another table or what.


I'm working thru some major issues with First Time, so that one got put on hold. Sorry to everyone who got excited for that one. Horatio is really giving me trouble. *sigh*
But the good news is that I have two new chapters being typed up for TDC. They'll be up by 0100 my time.

The UK dragon and human were guessed and named. Superintendant Richard Jury and Melrose Plant (former earl) from Martha Grimes's series. For those of you who haven't read the series
And I do highly recommend the series. They're fast, fun reads that have some of the single slashiest undertones that I've ever seen.
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Carol is back online and had a chance to make a friend for Jeffrey. And she also came up with the perfect name. Meet JEREMY.

And, finally, I GOT A 94% ON MY TEST TODAY. *does happy dance*
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*ahem* Sorry for shouting but I do hope I have everyone's attention now. *grin*

Okay, so I'm fairly sure everyone saw the note about the dragon bunnies getting frisky. And there's an image I could have done without. On my way to school this morning at 0730 - I walk about a mile and a half to get to campus - I was starting to mentally outline my next TDC novel when I literally got jumped by a hord of evil, vicious, demanding dragon bunnies. I'm not kidding. I had 20 minutes before the start of my pirate history class and couldn't get everything written down. And I sit in the front row of the lecture hall so I can't exactly be working on fan fiction when my professor walks past and I'm supposed to be taking notes on Henry Morgan and Panama. Even during my hour break and the ten minutes before my media class wasn't enough time to get them all sorted out as the other bunnies had started demanding attention.
So here's the deal.

There will be no fan fiction updates for the next two weeks minimum while I work on getting everything written down, straightened out and taken care of. Then I promise a TON of updates on all my stories (save Outside Influences).

The reason for such a long break is because I've also hit midterms and, for some reason the tests and papers are spread out over two weeks rather than one. My spring break starts on 7March and I'm going to spend as much of that as possible polishing up the novel and putting it in the mail. I promise a post when that happens. And then it'll be four to six MONTHS before I hear anything from the publisher. There's nothing you guys can do other than keep your fingers crossed and, in Ro's case, hand me tissues when the rejection note comes in. Yeah, I'm not holding my breath that this will get picked up by the first company I send it to.

If you have questions or things you want answered in my fics post a response to this or send me an email and I will see what I can do.
Right now I have questions for Union, Least Expect, and  a smut request for A New View of Hell. I do keep notes on your questions/comments etc and do the best I can to answer everything.

And if there are any artists out there I'd love to see a picture of a dragon bunny. I just think it's a cute idea.

Sorry for the length here. I will still be online every day to check my email, livejournal and fan fiction accounts. I don't think you could keep me away.

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As I've taken some heat for Mandy being such a major player in the dragon universe I wanted to put some notes up here for an explaination. I know the majority of you like her and want to know more about her which I appreciate as it helps me develop her back story for the novel I'm working on.
First - Amanda is in no way a Mary Sue character. She's totally original and in no way related to myself. If you want/need proof go to WWOMB and look up my "Outside Influences" stories. Tiffany and Lexxie are characters based off of me and my personal experiences. Mandy, on the other hand, was created solely for the novel I'm writing to give more detailed information on the dragon universe than I want to put into the fanfiction pieces.
Second - I needed someone other than their humans for the dragons to protect and take care of, a hatchling if you will, and Mandy was perfect. She's independant enough to be her own woman but at the same time needy enough of family love that she fits in to the communities well. For the most part I use her when I need to impart some piece of lore to the readers as well as the dragons or I need a character for Mac/Horatio/Gibbs/Gil etc to go out of their way to keep safe and help as much as they can.
Thirdly - "The code is more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules" *giggle* Sorry, that's one of my all time favorite movies (I've seen it probably 500 times if not more) In the novel Mandy is 25 and on her own across the country from the communities with limited contact. I'm trying to build up a family feel before she leaves for Seattle (the closest city to me) and the crime lab there. I'm going to be working on writing exclusively from the end of August until January and hope to be able to get this book in submittable format. In fact I'll be asking some of you if you mind me sending your reviews along to the publisher with my manuscript as an example of how this universe works and a fan's response to it. Please feel free to tell me NO if you don't want me to. *grin*

As to Mandy's public relation campaign it's something that's bothered me since college when I'd see girls starving themselves just to meet society's expectations of them. In fact I did a project in my substance abuse awareness class on OTC meds and focused on eating disorders and the dangers of diet pills. Personally I've lost over 50 pounds with just diet/exercise because I can't have strange chemicals in my system because of the fibromyalgia, and people still say I'm overweight. I might develop this part of the story into a seperate novel at some point. Anything to help keep young girls (and boys) from ruining their bodies trying to fit into a mold they shouldn't have to.

Okay, I'm off the soap box now and I promise it won't leak into the writing too much. *grin* It just saddens me because I've always been the outcast and in a fairly unique position to watch girls and now women my age attempt to fit into that mold. They shouldn't have to.

As always enjoy the series and I'll keep posting as ideas come to me. Questions/comments/concerns or suggestions let me know and I'll adress them. That's a promise.

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