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a day off monitoring the cat, so lots of writing time. *grins* i managed 3269 words for a total of 57,112. tomorrow is my last day - as i said, i'm a little off because of how i update. i do have to work and things will be crazy because of the cat, but i'll see what i can manage to do.
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not much today. i don't know if it's stress, exhaustion, worry or a combination therein, but if i cannot recall how to spell a character's name, then i have no business writing. so i'm going to bed. i wrote 870 words tonight for a total of 53,843. my challenge is going to run a couple of days into December as i started late and i update a little strangely. i figure 30 days is 30 days, however. =^.^=  
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it has been a writing day. i updated TDC with a new chapter, finished my xmas fics for my online friends and worked on the novel. i'm still working on a fan fiction piece i'm hoping to finish before bedtime, but it's not looking too promising. i should get chapter 2 for it done, however.
as far as the novel goes, i wrote 2564 words for a month total of 52,973. i also finished chapter 13. *grins* i took a look, there's 21 chapters in this novel plus an epilogue that i want to expand to put my insane wizard in, if only because he's so much fun to write. i might get one more chapter, perhaps two done before the end of the month, but i'm not sure.
for now, back to writing.
writing = love
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a nice light writing night, as i'm sleepy. i wrote a total of 1343 words for a *drum roll* total of 50,409 words. i'm happy to have made it to the 50,000 word goal and am going to keep going until i hit 30 days on my personal challenge. *Grins*
next year i think i'll have to actually do the new story writing challenge and see if i can manage it. i've done close onto 50,000 on a new piece in a week at the writing conference before. twice, actually. i just didn't want to do it this year because i have too many pieces going already.
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i finished another chapter. *does mild happy dance* i'd be more excited, but i'm sick again. i wrote 1,066 (huh, that looks vaguely familiar. was it 1066 or 1166 that Britain was invaded?) words for a total of 49,066. depending on how my day goes tomorrow, i might hit the 50,000 mark, but will manage it by Tuesday at the latest.
i'll stop posting daily updates on the 1st of December, but when i get the novel done and ready for revision, i'll post a word count total. i'll admit i'm going to be curious to see what the stats are on this one.
and i might have found a publishing house to ask about publishing. i have to do my homework and research, but i've read a couple of things they put out and it's close onto my style of writing. might be promising. as i always say, it never hurts to ask. right?
okay, maybe it does.  
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i'm still not sure what i ate yesterday, but whatever it was seriously did not agree with me. i've had a sour tummy all day today and only nibbled some rice and also some ramen about half an hour ago. the rice was around four. my poor tummy is just not happy. and i have to go back to work tomorrow. this should be interesting.
i've been at the computer more or less all day, save going to ro's to feed her cats. for the challenge, i wrote 3055 words today for a grand total of 48,000. i've also been working on x-mas fics, so that's additional writing and what i'm going back to now. but i'm getting sleepy and starting to make silly mistakes so i might not be writing much longer tonight. 
i should probably take my computer to work tomorrow. it's going to be dead for the whole day. the kids are going to be slowly coming back from their break, but WSU is playing UW in Seattle, so my guess is most kids are going to go there first and then come back to school on Sunday. blah. it means it will be a long and slow day. but i just don't think i feel up to carrying the weight with me. i'll just have to see how i'm feeling.
but if right now is any indication, then no.
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do this quick because my stomach is telling me it's not happy and i have to run. i wrote 1861 words today for a total of 44945. i was hoping to go higher, but my stomach is the boss.  
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i hit a good place to stop, so i am. *nods* honestly, i don't feel like trying to fix my vampire's way of speaking along with adapting for a British accent in another character, so i'll do it tomorrow. still, i managed 3083 words, for a month total of 43,084. i'm feeling pretty good that i'll reach the 50,000 goal mark over the next few days. *grins*

now i'm going to go work on fan fiction projects. i have some x-mas fics i need to finish up and one to research. i had an idea, but i'm not positive it fits in with the cannon. *sighs*
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it's been a bad couple of days. other than fan fiction pieces, i got no writing done at all. even today i wasn't sure how much i would manage, but i did 3513 words for a total of 40,001 for the month. i think if i can keep at it, i'll make it to the goal. but if i don't, i don't. one thing i refuse to do is push myself hard on writing. it makes ideas go bye-bye.
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don't get me going on work right now. this would be a rant post rather than a brief update post before i go try and drown myself in the bathtub so i don't have to go back to work tomorrow. yes, i missed day 16 for the challenge.
i wrote 4291 words today, finished chapter eight, for a total of 33,206 words for the month. i very likely will finish the rewrite next week if i keep up at this pace, but i shall be working on other pieces as well.
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there is no day 14 because i was sick from the weather when i got home last night and i more or less went to bed. so the numbers stayed the same. i would have done more, but my hard day caught up to me. i wrote quite a lot on a fan fiction piece and then worked on my novel for a while. it was mostly rewrite and reword today. the count for the day was 3178 for a total of 28,915 for the month so far.
as i have five - yes five - whole days off next week, i think i'll get a lot of writing done. keep an eye here for fan fiction pieces as well as updates on how the novel is going. *grins*
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after typing the update chapter for TDC, i sat down to work on my novel. as well as play on fb and chat, but that's as may be. lol. i wrote 3448 words today, for a total of 25,737, which is just over halfway to the 50,000 mark. and it's more or less on pace too, so i think i might actually make it.

now to go work on fan fiction updates. so much writing, so little time.

oh, and my insanity struck again. i'm going to go back to learning another language in addition to Japanese. it's just for fun though.
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i'm so sleepy that i'm having issues typing. for example, shall is not spelt sahhl. *sighs* i wrote 1631 words tonight for a total of 22,289 for the whole challenge. i also made a slight attempt on the smut piece i'm working on but the characters are being stubborn. this might not be a good idea after all and that's the reason. but the weather is also still screwy so that could just be making me sick/tired as usual.
not to mention i spent an extra 40 minutes at work after my shift going over things with one of my new officers. and i work a six day week again with more training to be done. *sighs* so ready for my mini-holiday next week. thank heavens for dillon.
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it wasn't really a day off as i had to go to work for dealer training class for three hours this morning and then had PT, which just about killed me today, before i was able to sit down and start writing for the day. i wrote a total of 6683 words covering two chapters, for a grand total of 21,053 words for the challenge i set myself so far. *grins* and i have the sore fingers to prove it too. lol
i'd say it was 50/50 old to new today. i had to adjust a lot of stuff and end conversation and sections a little more gracefully than they were. one thing i did note that was interesting, ever since reading Stephen King's book, ON WRITING, my sentences have started changing shape. i'm not as scared to use shorter sentences now. i'm pretty sure his example, "plums defy" will stay with me forever as an example of a short sentence.
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i actually spent more time writing an update for TDC than i did on my writing challenge novel today. i wrote 1051 words, taking out more of the original than creating more to bring things into line, but it'd say it's about 80/20 old and new. so that's a grand total of 12,749 words for the time i've been working on it. to put it another way, i'm almost done with chapter three and the novel includes a prologue. *grins*
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i was going to write at work, but ended up training again. poor jason is going onto his first solo shift with about five hours of in-room training time. but he's good with computers and smart and that's almost the whole battle right there. i know he'll be fine.
i wrote 1611 words tonight on a 60/40 spread for a total of 11,698 words. i'm having to remember to edit for later in the book and also in the sequel, which makes some of this stuff highly impractical. now i'm going to keep writing, but work on fics for x-mas presents. =^.^=
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a short writing night because i have something else to do. i managed to get 1445 words written (a 70/30 split) for a grand total of 10,087. over ten thousand words in four days isn't bad at all, considering. i would do more, but as i said, i have something else to work on. not to mention typing hurts my finger and it's aching pretty bad right now.
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i wrote a total of 3646 words tonight, for a grrand (i can't actually roll my r's) total of 8638 words to date. i would guess that today was about a 60/40 split between old and new because i completely rewrote a section to bring the dragons in in their original form earlier than i drafted it out. and i'm having to be careful when writing certain parts to establish continuity with later in the story. so much to remember. but it's fun too. seiyuus are a distraction though. but a fun one.

so, tomorrow i start chapter three. this should be fun. i think three is a history chapter. that means i can expand the history and lore a little. i love writing. (unless i can't come up with anything, of course, then it's just frustrating)
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today ended up being more research - ie, looking for something in a sequel that i needed to make this one go forward - than writing, so i'm only up to 4,990 words, which means i wrote 609 words tonight if my math is correct. that is, of course, not counting the rather long rant i posted to get a bunch of anger and bile out of my system.
hopefully tomorrow is more productive. this will be all new writing rather than working with rewrite of old material.
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i picked a novel i haven't worked with in two years and i'm rather amazed at how poorly parts of it are written. i managed 4381 words between prologue and chapter one, roughly a 75%/25% split between old and new, maybe a little higher on the new given how much rewriting part of the story needed. i seriously had to sit for about 20 minutes trying to work out one part of it.

for fans of TDC, this is the novel inspired by the series. i haven't given up on it and still have dreams of seeing it in print some day.

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