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hiro is talking about soccer. can i touch his kitty ball? *kitten eyes*

i've got the monthly radio show on. i misread the kanji of the guest. it's Spain's seiyuu, Go-san. we haven't gotten there yet. they're talking about the Olympics and countries. Italy popped up, then hiro started perving on Germany and i took a side trip into Hetalia. okay, i really hope i misheard that. Iceland, Finland and kickboxing. oh well. there's been a lot of hiro giggles and i love hiro giggles.

then there was this.


i was looking for an answer for tomorrow's 30 days of meme and found that instead. i got the giggles (hiro just got the right answer on something. no clue, but he's right.) really badly when i saw how that picture ended up. if you don't get it, go watch Hitchhiker's Guide. then look at it again.
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i have a nekotalia catference happening on my desk. too bad england and germany aren't here to keep everyone in line. although i think russia is about to do something evil. yeah, when i put my phone back together, i'll have to take a pic of my new nekotalia mascots. they were the find of the convention.

so, here are the pics i took with my phone on our way to Seattle. i just remembered that i had them and needed to upload them. i also have all the con pics that ro took uploading onto photobucket and i'll have a link here in a few minutes.

pics here )

i'm just ready to fall over asleep right now. i think it's the combination of traveling and the end of a convention. the best news is that my left leg is feeling better, so i think resting it as much as i did yesterday was a good thing. ro and i watched a special on the Titanic - which reminds me to check for the one tonight. i should call her and ask her to record it because i really want to see what Bob Ballard is up to now. and we watched Mythbusters (hence the reason it took me two hours to read a manga) and River Monsters. kinda fun. :)
we got up this morning and just loaded up the car and drove home. we got here around 1630 and i still haven't completely cleared off my bed. i'll have pics of stuff i got at the con tomorrow or wednesday. tonight i think it might just go on the floor so i can sleep. i have to work tomorrow. oh joy. lol. not happy, but i need the hours and really should check in and make sure everything is still running okay.

here's the album for this year's con. http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh41/woodlandpugs/Sakura%20Con%202012/

i have a ton of albums of screencaps and some of other cons on there, so feel free to look around and snag whatever you'd like.
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This was so worth the wait. DS game, drama cd and a little model of the school to put together and play with. 
not that I'll be able to do that until after the move, but still. *grins*

The game starts out with Roma ojiichan, for some reason, and then you get to go in and meet everyone, as introduced by France and England. It turns out that this is a dating game, which I didn't realize in time so I didn't get my first date. Not a huge deal, I'll just play it again, but by far the funniest moment is during introductions. You meet everyone and the. A ghostly voice asks "when are you going to introduce me?"
"I'm Canada!"
I dropped my ds I was laughing so hard.

When you get heart points from any of the main countries two little Italys show up as angles with trumpets. Oh, it is so cute. And I, somehow, ended up on a double date with Germany and Italy and I was the only girl there. *iz puzzled* and we ended the night eating pasta. lol the whole "Italians are contagious" joke again, I guess.
I wish I could bring my ds to work so I could be playing the game here, but all the managers are in today, so it's too risky. Plus, Hiro has a new show posted so that's my top priority when I get home. I love it when his new shows post. =^.^=

That's probably enough rambling. This is draining the battery on my iPod, but I had to talk about the game.
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so, amazon.jp wouldn't ship either version to my address, so i had resigned myself to just not getting the new hetalia axis powers DS game. someone posted to a hetalia comm i belong to asking about it, and someone replied with an alternate link.

i got the limited edition first press with CD. *grins* *bounces* *iz happy*
now to wait over a month for it. lol. i didn't want to pay almost $15 in shipping with what the game itself cost. oh well, it'll get here when it does. at least i know i now have a copy of it.

now. movie night. i think ro just got here.
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Asian stock markets fell Thursday as Japanese business confidence dropped and higher borrowing costs for Italy sparked worries over the ability of European governments to get a grip on their ever-burg...

i by no means find this amusing in any way, but think of it in terms of Hetalia for a moment.
yeah, that was about my reaction too.  
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rant and letter here )


Nov. 14th, 2011 03:54 pm
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i'm just settling down to start writing, but whilst eating lunch i started the Hetalia movie. i love Italy in the background the whole time with his white flag *pata pata pata* lol. and he made some for everyone.
but what made me laugh the hardest is after Germany stormed out and everyone else filed out after him saying they'd never work together. Italy looks around and realizes he's alone and as he's running out, there's one nation still sitting there.
"after sitting through that, i never got to say anything"
"dare ka?"
"kanada da yo"
i feel so bad for Canada. but at least Russia didn't sit on him this time.

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