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First of all, High Stakes has a new chapter. I still don't know how many more this one will have, but I'm thinking around five, maybe six. We'll have to see.

I have two ideas for the "Lease Expect" universe. One of them is set way far ahead of what I've been working on, but I want to write it out. The other, if I'm right on where my timing is, will fit in with the storyline as is. So look for both of those later today. I'm at work, it's graduation day for the local university so, if we're going to have play, it won't be until late. I'm here until 2100 PDT and will be writing as much as I can. Anything I don't finish today will be finished tomorrow.

Edit at 1919: First new story is called "Shot to the Light." It's up on two of the archives. WWOMB is being slow about loading, again. How many people still read there????

Edit at 2035: Part Five of Look where you least Expect is up on the archives, or will be once WWOMB loads. *sighs*
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Don't panic. I still say that should be written in large friendly letters.
I'm not ending the fic. But I am ending the section where it sits.
Here's my reasoning. This one has turned into an epic with several pairings that need to have their stories told and I don't want to keep jumping around within the same main story. So I'm going to divide it up into sections like I do with TDC. And yes, I'm working on the next bit now - in addition to several other stories.

The new story posts will be
Look where you least expect - Horatio/Mac
Look where you least expect - Danny/Don
Look where you least expect - Eric/Ryan
Look where you least expect - Frank/Rick

Keep you eyes open for those, and other stories. I've dropped out of my math class so I have more writing time. It is midterms so next weekend should be when things really take off.
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Seriously, I am so not going to do this hotel room justice. You're going to have to see it for yourselves because the mafia princess and I were laughing so hard at it, and typing laughter doesn't really work but the idea came across, because it's just so priceless. I can so picture the looks on Mac and Horatio's faces when they first step in. Click on the picture next to the text description of the penthouse suite to see the room. Its priceless and so totally perfect.
Also, I picked out a nice restaurant for Mac and Horatio to eat at. I'm not going to describe the meals in the story, just use the names as I did for another piece so I wanted to post the link here as well.
It looks like a really nice place and if I ever hit Palm Beach Florida I'm gonna check it out. Hell, I might even stay in the *snicker* Penthouse.

And I still say thoughts of jelly beans shouldn't be dirty and lead to PWP bunnies.
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I had a couple of questions about the pendant/necklace that Flack gave to Danny in the most recent arc of "Least Expect" so I did some digging for screencaps of it. I have a feeling its not a prop piece but it just worked out so well that I decided to use it. *grin*
I'm working on updating both LE and Union now but it all depends on how long my knee/leg let me stay in the desk chair as I've been here most of the day revising my novel.

As to the second piece I've got a bunny hopping around for a one-shot. I just have to write it.
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I need to quit looking at pictures when I'm supposed to be writing. But I've been looking for a place to use this picture of Mac for *months* now. And now I'm going to try and write a new chapter for one of the unfinished stories.

I'm back

Oct. 16th, 2007 02:48 pm
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Hey everyone. I am back at home and back online. My dad and I just got me connected today and I'm just realizing what a TON of stuff I have to do to get caught up in cyberspace. *sigh* A couple of things here. First I want to post my award for "Least Expect" and say thank you to whoever nominated the fic and everyone who voted for it.

Second is the welcome home present Carol made and sent to me. Two new TDC wallpapers. *grin* She does such wonderful work that I just have to share it with you guys.

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Some people would say I really need to get a life and, truthfully, this one came to me as I was working on a request wallpaper. Hope you like it. And if you guys would like to see something, please tell me and I'll do my best.

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You'd think I had nothing better to do here in London. *giggle*

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This was in another folder. It's a wallpaper I made before I left for England. Hope you all like it and I'm putting up a major HOTNESS warning on this one. *grin*

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So as everyone who has had a chance to read my travel journal (and if you want to see what I'm doing while in London please let me know and I'll send you the addy) I've been sick the first few days here. So Ro and I have spent quite a lot of time in the hotel room watching TV but I decided to put my creative talents to good use and make wallpapers. Also I've been too sick to really write (now THAT'S sick) but I'm doing better and we're back out tomorrow. So anyway, here are the wallpapers.

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So I was watching Supply and Demand today (CSI:NY Season 1) and saw Mac in what had to be one of the single hottest outfits I've ever seen him in. I could be biased but I was almost drooling while watching the scene in the alley. But I also have an appreciation for martial arts and that might have something to do with it. Six years of study and a black belt will do that. *grin* So here's the pic that inspired the latest of the fantasy chapters. I figured if I thought Mac looked out of this world, Horatio would too.

I am still looking for a better one of him in the alley and will post if I find it. Now I just have to go and write the fic. *grin*
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I thought it would be fun to tell everyone exactly what the guys ordered for their dinner but didn't want to bore everyone with the listed details. I did go to the Forge's homepage and the food choices are directly from their menu. It sounds like a wonderful place to eat but it would probably kill me with my food allergies. And you'll notice I stayed away from anything with red meat. I don't eat it and just thinking about it usually makes me sick. *grin* So, of course, my best friend loves almost raw steak. We usually put a menu between us when we eat out.

Okay, so Mac ordered the soft shell crabbs with fried green tomatoes, tomato-basil goat cheese fondue. The simple salad (which they are splitting) is baby arugula, spinach, micro greens, shaved hearts of palm, edible orchids - haricots vert, crispy fried grapes, asparagus, citrus lemon-lime dressing. His entree is Chilean seabass seared and braised with lobster stock, applewood smokes Nueske pancetta, fresh oregano, basil, roasted garlic, vintage sherry, crabe torte, braised baby fennel.

Horatio's appetizer is California artichoke, steamed chili peppers, aromatic vegetables, lemon chardonnay parsley mint broth. He's going to split the salad with Mac. His entree is Mahogany chicken - oak grilled slicked breast and leg stuffed with cornbread and Foie gras, parsley sage, rosemary, thyme sauce, lingonberry sauce, and Israeli couscous.

The wine is a white from Napa Valley. I don't drink (as I've said before) so I checked with my dad and he said that a red wine would go better with red meat and white is usually served with chicken and fish. I chose the Napa Valley wine because of where I live. *grin*

Now I'll admit the desert menu had me drooling but this just sounded so good (and deadly to me) that I had to let them enjoy it because I couldn't. But trust me, this would be an absolutely delicious way to die. The Forge Blacksmith Pie. Rising from a chocolate-chocolate chip crust, thick layers of swiss dark chocolate ganache, fresh vanilla custard, homemade whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

That's why I'm writing this story with a chocolate bar sitting next to me.


Aug. 14th, 2007 01:53 am
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So I'm thinking (everyone run for cover it is dangerous) no, seriously; I've been thinking that in my "Least Expect" universe Horatio and Mac are coming up on an anniversary. I think it's three years but I'm not positive. And, as my best friend points out, only fools are positive.
Now to make a long story short (way, way too late) I was thinking it'd be fun to do a story just for the special night. What I need are colors that would look drool-worthy on Horatio and Mac. I'm thinking both of them in black suits with silk shirts.
Horatio - wine red, purple, ice blue, green, deep blue, silver?????
Mac - green, red, blue, gray????
I've already done the research for a restaurant and created what, I think, will be a fantastic meal based off the menu and have the outline for the after dinner activities (ahem) planned out. *giggle* It's the blasted shirts that are giving me trouble.

I'll be writing this tonight (Tuesday August 14th) so if you want a say in it please respond before 2200 (ten pm) pacific time. I really appreciate all the help you guys give me with these fics. It makes them so much more fun.

I'm going back to my hole now. I'm looking for Mac pictures to try and make a happy wallpaper. *grin*
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Okay, I know Anna is gonna smack me for this one but it's really been preying heavily on my mind; to the point that I can't seem to write on the story anymore. *sigh* Normally I can just shrug off reviews that criticize my work without problems but this one really hit something. So I'm gonna ask you guys (not wanting to be totally evil - eviller - than I normally am when writing.

This is for my "Least Expect" Horatio/Mac story. I've got two ways that it can go from this point. Ryan can be a total flake, evil, and get fired from the team (a la season 5) and I'll seriously piss some readers off.
Or he can redeam himself in some way, I've had some ideas, and everyone will be happy at the end of the story.

I'm going to be ending it soonly at any rate until fall at least when the new seasons come out on DVD. I've already started saving for them and it looks like NY is the only one listed and it's in October. But I also need to establish Danny/Don in their own little world for this story line. I have totally evil plans for season 3 of NY for this story.

Please let me know what you guys would like to see and I'll go with majority rule on this one. I'm totally blanked at the moment and can't think of a darn thing to do when confronted with a blank piece of paper and that's not a happy state for a writer to be in. *grin* Maybe I'll just have to leap back into T.D.C. and be done with it.


Jun. 2nd, 2007 07:32 am
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More wondeful wallpapers from Carol. YAY!!!!!


May. 21st, 2007 05:38 am
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The town is starting to calm down but the officer being killed will stay with us a long time. But I have happy things to talk about. Carol sent me two new wallpapers. These are Horatio/Mac and awsome as always. *grin* Enjoy.

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