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just some random pics i've had on my cell phone memory card for a while and decided to post. i guess i'm in a picture mood rather than a writing mood right now.

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Dec. 1st, 2011 11:15 pm
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i don't know if there's something coming our way with a weather system or if i'm getting sick, but my tummy hurts too bad to sit up at the computer tonight. i'm going to go lie down and read, i guess. *sighs* i really wanted to try to get to 60,000 words in my personal challenge, but, oh well. i'll stand at last night's number and post a final word total when it's finished.

nina does have a bladder infection. she finally gave in and used the sandless sand box at 0630 this morning. i pick up her meds tomorrow and we go from there. i just wish my mother would quit lecturing. she's totally missing a point here, i rather suspect on purpose, because she has tunnel vision.
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seriously. i can't even count going to work as productive.
this is day one of thirteen in a row at work. and it was dead. dead. dead. i was really happy i had books with me. i learned a lot about the Granada Sherlock Holmes series staring Jeremy Brett and then started one of Stephen King's books on writing. or on horror, rather, as i'm reading that one first. then i'll read his "On Writing" and see if it lives up to the opinions of my writing group. it's rather the holy grail when i go to the conference every year. so i'm curious.
i also downloaded the Prince of Tennis memorial best CDs (all 8 of them) and i swear it's like listening to an extended 100 song marathon. so far every song has been in the exact same order. to the point that i even know what's coming up next. it's kinda fun. =^.^=
more ideas for where stories are going, but no energy to sit and type. not to mention that there really is such a thing as cat nightmares or a kitty boogieman because Nina came out of her nest very abruptly last night with her tail four times it's normal size and looking like she'd just been shocked. and she only just went back to the nest. she's been insisting on sitting with me since i got home from work. i have no idea what got under her fur, but i'm just going with it.
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or, at least my arms and tummy are. *grins*

this is Ro's kitten, Akaya (yes, named after Kirihara Akaya) sucking his thumb. he has six toes on all four paws so he sucks his thumb. it's too cute. he kneeds with his other paw while he's doing it too. the vet says he does it because he was weened too early. his mom was feral.

i about had a heart attack when i got home tonight. i couldn't find La Nina. I went through the whole house (and it being a three bedroom, two and a half bath with laundry/office/mud room, two dining rooms, a sun room, living room and kitchen plus inground basement and storage) three times and the yard twice before i risked waking my parents up. my mom said that Nina was out when she went to bed. my dad said the cat was hiding in the house. yeah, i put on my shoes and went *back* outside to search for her and found her in the alley. she'd gotten out and couldn't get back into the yard on her own. this is why i don't like my cat out after dark, but my parents are too relaxed about the rule. i did notice that all three of their cats were locked up safely in the house. *sighs* i was almost in tears before i found her. but she's in and she's safe, so that's the important thing.
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My little girl turns 12 today. I asked her if she knew what that was in human years. *snickers* And, yeah, her name is pronounced like the weather system. It's Spanish.
This is her the day after she came home from Cabo San Lucas. It's a pic of a pic, so not real great.

We figure she was about three to four weeks old when mum found her in Cabo and brought her home. She bottle fed for 11 weeks and then went to deli shaved roast beef because she wouldn't eat kitten food. I said let her eat the cat food, but my mum said princesses should have the best food.
Here she is today. Not really happy to have her picture taken. And I didn't do my hair yet. ;)

I'm biased, but I think she's the most beautiful cat ever. For her birthday she gets a day with no little punk kitten lurking around the corner. I put Zeri outside.
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In honor of the cats being my alarm clock (and putting off formating a story) I bring you three silly cats.
First is Nina playing with the gum chain when I was taking down the Christmas tree.

Next is Zeri insisting that she get to go to Mexico with the family.

And finally Mr. Jinx getting the ultimate heat exposure from the radiator in the front of the house.

Okay, enough putting it off. If I want to have the piece ready to submit by Wednesday, I have to get it formatted. And there's only one table in play right now anyway. ;)
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My kid brother is home and we actually have a tree this year. (I also have a new brace for my wrist that is letting me type a little more normally, so we'll see how it goes)
Nina decided to help us set up the tree.

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fun stuff

Oct. 27th, 2010 06:54 pm
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My Yukimura wig came today. Here's me trying it on. :)

And Nina enjoying the new furnace. :)

She didn't like me taking her picture though.


Aug. 12th, 2010 11:41 pm
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Draco has now been missing for over 72 hours. Ro called the humane society in Pullman, we went to her vet after the dealer auditions today and checked with the humane society here in Moscow as well. The vet did tell us that any professional group (humane society or vet) will check for a microchip, which he does have, and they'll call if anyone contacts them with that information.
We also went door to door on her street with a picture and asked everyone who was home if they'd seen him recently. She's got some really nice neighbors, which has helped renew my faith in the human race. One gal said she'd put out food for a week or so just in case and another said that he'd watch any time he was out. They could have just been saying it, but I believe them.
The bad news is that a couple of the people Ro talked with said they had seen a couple of coyotes in the area, and on Monday night (the night he went missing) a dark colored cat being chased by a coyote. That alone pretty much killed Ro to hear. She's positive he's dead.
She's going to make up flyers and we'll put them up this weekend and there's a local add service that's free to use so I'm going to press her to put up a note there as well.

She thanks all of you for your replies, kind words and well wishes. Neither of us are doing too good at the moment, and her roommate's attitude is not helping at all. I'll keep you updated. :(

I'm a bed

Aug. 3rd, 2010 01:53 am
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I was watching Takumi-kun 3 again, still wanting to kick Gii where it would hurt him the most (the knee), when La Nina decided to prove that she's the boss around this house and use me as a bed. It wouldn't be so bad if she just sat on my lap, but you can see where she ended up. This is by her choice, mind, and I'm only holding her up because she'd fall off me if I didn't.

She's over in one of her nests at the moment, the oversized clothes I have on one of my writing bins so I can actually type an update. It's amazing how much of a princess she can be at times and then a mommy's girl the rest of the time. That's a cat for you. :)

cat pics

Jun. 9th, 2010 02:25 am
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Mr. Jinx and Zeri were out enjoying the sun the other day and I managed to get a couple of pics of them. Jinx is huge and Zeri is so tiny. It's hard to believe the black and white kitty (Zeri) is two years old.

They get along fairly well with each other. Jinx will just lay on her if he doesn't want to play any more. *grins*

Then I came back inside and upstairs to my bathroom to brush my hair, looked in the mirror and actually screamed a little.

I was being watched. That's Nina on my towel shelf. It's the one place she can hide from Zeri in peace.


Apr. 13th, 2010 01:45 am
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Mr. Jinx (the injured ear kitty) and Zericote (the little punk) sharing my dad's recliner in the living room that was just converted into a den.
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I have four new chapters each for Miami and NYDC. The new dragons and characters I decided to bring in have really energized both the series and me. If I keep this pace up, I'll be at the next group meeting before I know it. Bet that will make everyone happy, ne? I'd say look for an update announcement around Wednesday or Thursday. I still have to write up Quantico and get some of the new character sections checked over for OC-ness before I post them. Oh yeah, and get the wiki updated so everyone will be able to quick reference the new characters. So little to do and so much time. Wait, strike that. Reverse it. (love that movie)

Okay, so two pics tonight. This is Ro's older cat, Draco Malfoy the Last. He's sitting next to her chair.

I think he was telling me to quit watching Avatar The Last Airbender and get back to writing my novel. *Grins*

And this is La Nina in our living room. She's still finding strange hiding places, although this one was rather obvious.

I just didn't have the heart to tell her that hiding between the sofa and the foot rest is pretty obvious. Cats are weird.
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This pic is from a couple of weeks ago. We couldn't find La Nina anywhere when it was bedtime. She sleeps upstairs with me and I have to make sure that she's not in my parents' room when they go to bed. Mum and I were looking and looking, and could hear her talking, but couldn't find her. Finally Mum was in the kitchen and I was in the smaller of the two dining rooms when Mum just started laughing. I turned around and found this.

It's really hard to tell, but Nina was in the dishwasher. To this day, I have no clue why, but the next week was spent playing hide and seek with her at bedtime and, as she's only 14 pounds, she can get into some really small spots.

RL *sighs*

Feb. 22nd, 2010 11:51 pm
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I'd like to just stop the world for a couple of days so I could have a break. Seriously. I know I say this a lot, and I'm happy to actually have a job with how the economy is right now, especially with the fact that I work in a casino and we could totally go out of business if the economy tanks too badly. But having problems at work messes with my writing. When I get upset or depressed I just don't want to write fan fiction, unless I'm working on a sad story of course. ;) And I have no sad stories right now. Or, at least I don't think I do with living plot bunnies. First Time doesn't really count at this point.

The poor cat had surgery for his ear and, while the stitches were in, was fine. The day after Jinx's stitches came out the hematoma came back so now we're trying to figure out what to do next. At least my mum is home - and wasn't upset that I took him to the vet - and can make the decisions. I'm worried that he'll have to have his ear amputated to deal with this, although I think the next step is a drain stitched into his ear. That just sounds messy.

Work is work. The new guy they gave me from poker caused a massive meltdown this weekend. I found dirty dishes and used napkins lying around. How bloody hard is it to clean up after yourself at work?? So I put up a nasty note and have a feeling that my surveillance room will be cleaned by next weekend. That's the punishment for not cleaning up after yourself. Cleaning the whole room. I can't suspend him because James and I are already having to work a weird schedule because of Jeff - which doesn't make either of us happy - so I asked my manager for help with punishments if Jeff doesn't start doing his bloody job. And I'm not just talking about cleaning up after himself.

My parents had a blast in Mexico and I really don't know that mum wanted to come home again. But she's only going to have to work for another two years of so, and I think she can manage that. My father is having good days and bad days - not health wise, but memory wise. He somehow managed to lose his wallet with everything out at the mall so we're having fun trying to cancel accounts and get new cards issued from the credit card companies. The worst part is I think he was old fashioned enough to still carry his social security card in there, and that's one of the worst things in the world to lose. So I don't know what all they're doing there as they haven't asked me for much help on that one. But, then again, I work two days on, one off, three on, one off, so things can get interesting around the house.

I managed to break a major writer's block on the second novel in my series and have actually been working on drafting that out while things are still fresh. I still have some fan fictions pieces to type and upload when I have the chance, but my finger is back to bothering me, so I don't know what's going to happen. All I can say there is just stay alert and I'll put up the usual update notes on here. And I'm working on a couple of Fuma no Kojiro fan fiction pieces. I'll make sure to put up pics of the guys in them when I post. *Grins*

As always, hugs and thanks for your patience with me.

The cats

Feb. 11th, 2010 01:30 am
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Jinx's ear re-filled with blood so we had to make yet another round of trips to the vet to get it taken care of. This time around she actually cut the ear open and drained the fluid and blood out and then stitched the ear together so it won't re-fill, or at least not as badly. I looked at him when I got home from work and there's still blood or fluid at the base. But the vet also warned that the ear would never be the same again and, as long as he doesn't pull his stitches out, he'll be fine. So now we've got ten days with him with stitches in his ear and no special collar on, so it's almost a constant watching game. And my folks still aren't home so they don't know what's been going on here.

And a cute story. I've downloaded some Japanese lessons onto my iPod to take to work with me. Today's lesson included "ne" as a part of a sentence. I'll admit to mixing languages here. My cat, Nina, as I'm sure I've mentioned is from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and I've always spoken to her in Spanish as well as English. When I grabbed her water dish, I said "agua para Nina, ne?" She looked right at me and said "na." I guess that meant yes. It was just so cute that I had to share it. She's been running around like a wild thing and is waiting for me to come get into bed. Tomorrow is going to be a really long day so I'm going to try and sack out early. It's probably not going to work, but that's as may be. Dozing is almost as good and I'm really beat.


Dec. 2nd, 2009 05:53 pm
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the antibiotics made me sick, so no more of them. i hate being chemical sensative. i've missed three days of work now because of all this. *sighs* at least we're positive the kitten doesn't have rabies. i really don't want to go through the shot routine. ;)

the good news is that we found them all homes!!!!! the two wild things that had been living here are going to be farm/barn cats which is totally perfect as they were the wildest. the little boy out neighbors are fostering is going to be a birthday present - he's fairly tame now - and the boss is keeping the other two. she lives out of town so they can be a little wild at her place. so none of them will be put down, my finger is on the mend - sore as hell but not as bad as it was. happy endings all around. i love happy endings.


Nov. 30th, 2009 10:09 pm
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i ended up at the doctor today. the finger i got bit on swelled up and is hot to the touch. the doc commented that he wasn't surprised, made sure we actaully have the cat so i don't have to have the rabies shot series, and gave me some antibiotics. he said if i'm not doing better by the end of the week to come back and see him again. so, it's looking like ten days to two weeks before i'll be able to type anything huge up.

the kittens are calmer, the little girl - who i call Kiba because she's the one that bit me - is an escape artist so we keep having to do kitten hunts in the morning. my dad is being a remarkably good sport about all of this. my mum's boss caught the last one today so they're all out of their old house and we're still trying to find them homes. if we can't, the boss will have them put down.
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long story short because i only have one hand at the moment; my mother just listed a house for sale that the owner buggered off and left five, yes five six month old kittens in the backyard. my mother, her boss and co-worker had been trying for a week to catch the kittens with very limited success; ie, one kitten. the boss decided to keep her and she was the tamest. i caught the second one a couple days ago by leaving the house door open and then chasing him around.
last night i came up with the idea of tuna fish in their crate and twine tied to the door to close it once the other three were inside. i managed to catch two of them that way. then i get the idea to food trail into the house and do a repeat of the other day. fifty percent success. the cat went inside but my mother had opened the furnace room door so now we don't know where it is, yeah, it, we don't even know what sex we're dealing with.
we bring the two i caged back to our house with the idea that i work with them, socialize a little and then we'll find homes for them. i bring the crate inside, open it, reach in and the kittens went crazy. i finally managed to catch one (a boy) as he was flinging himself at the window. that scared, :( the other one was behind our dryer, so i chased it out and just as i went to grab it, it bit me. hard! so i dropped it and it ran back behind the dryer. after bleeding all over everything i finally got a jacket over it, mommy grabbed and checked under the tail. it's a girl, so we have one of each at the moment.

but the end result is that two of my fingers are bandaged together, i'm on codeine for the pain and i'm only just now coming out of shock. i don't know if these two can be tamed. i'm not going to try touching them again any time soon - unless i have really thick gloves on. *rolls eyes* mum's boss just wants to put them all down. it's just not fair that these poor kittens are being made to suffer for a human's mistakes. and, as far as we know, they've never been to the vet so i'm researching how rabies presents in cats. although, honestly, i think i bled enough that any bacteria washed out. i totally don't blame these kittens for any of my injuries. they're just scared to death right now.

i hope a co-worker is right that one of her friends wants mousers for her house. the two little hellions downstairs would be perfect, if the boss does have them put down, i don't want to know about it. i love cats more than any other animal - always have done - and just want to find the bitch-whore who treated these kittens so bad and beat the crap out of her.

so, i'm going to vanish again because i really can't type right now. i'll keep writing though. i think three more chapters - 60 pages - and the novel will be done!!!!!
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So, in this case, no news has been fairly good news. The steroids they have him on to control/reduce the hematoma seem to be working. It's been at least four days since his last episode of numbness/slurred speech/dizziness and the like. So things are looking up. I don't know if the meds will be for the rest of his life or if they're only a temp. stop-gap until they can take another look at him, but if he continues like this it'll be really good.

The cats have been making things interesting too. Our tom cat, Mr. Jinx, had surgery to remove a lump from his stomach and we're still not sure if its cancer or not, it was too small for a proper biopsy, so we're just watching him for now. He seems to have his up days and his down days, but he did have some pretty major surgery so I can't blame him. And my cat, La Nina just had her teeth cleaned and one pulled. I'm just praying her antibiotic isn't that expensive as I end up wearing more of it than I can get down her throat. *sighs* And she still has a week to go. This is going to be interesting. I wish she'd eat tinned food or tuna fish because then I could just put her meds on it and be done with it, but she hates them. And I don't think she'd eat Cheerios with medicine on them. Yeah, she loves Cheerios. Without milk, btw.

*huge hugs*

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