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I've been away from the computer since Wednesday. Ro and I made a deal that if I watch Naruto she'll watch House. And she got to go first. So yes, I'm still writing, but my past couple of days have been spent either in meetings at work or at Ro's house watching TV.

I realized that High Stakes won't work unless I post the four new chapters I'm still working on. I have two and a half done, I need to write out the Horatio-Speed fight in the last one and then I swear I'll update. I know, I keep saying that and you guys are awesome for hanging on and waiting so patiently.

The application package is due the 31, so I'm frantically working there as well.

And don't get me going about work. *rolls eyes*
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My GPA is still tanked, but I did pass my other two classes quite nicely. Now I just have to avoid telling my mother I flunked Chem. This should get interesting.

And I need help. Major help. The entire house just shook and a loud engine went past outside, so my first thought was snow plow - as unlikely as that actually is here in Idaho - and then my next thought was maybe the Army is taking over the neighborhood and bringing in their tanks. I need to stop thinking.

real life

Dec. 21st, 2008 11:55 pm
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whining rant behind here. )
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Fear the ranting of the crazed *snicker* )
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My mum and me alone for any length of time is apparently not a good thing. She said, and I quote, "you have become a complely negative person who has put up mental blocks against everything. I spoke with my PT today and they said that the cane has to be used on the opposite side of an injury. But if you want to immitate a stupid actor on TV then go ahead. And maybe you should major in TV watching while you're at it."

I brought up the point that I have to use the cane on the same side because my right shoulder is a mess of scar tissue that, when it becomes inflamed by an additional pressure (which is pretty much anything other than walking around and even that doesn't always work) I get horrible pain in my shoulder and chest and it can take me out of action for up to three days. And now she's not even talking to me, which might actually be a good thing. At least I can escape to work for a while and get out of here. She's not going back to work until January - so this isn't gonna end any time soon. *sigh*

My updates were on hold for term papers. I have one more to type/edit and then that just leaves a presentation and two exams and I'm finished with school. If my knee wasn't so bad I'd do the dance of joy (and if you recoginze that quote, I'll be impressed). TDC is being updated by hand in my notebooks until the mafia princess and I finish rereading a couple of things to make sure that my planned story line for Reid/Hotch and House/Chase will work out. If I mentioned one tiny detail the whole thing will fall apart. But I'm fairly sure I didn't. At least I hope I didn't. And then other updates will follow. I do promise. Once school is out I'll have tons of time to write - some of that will be novel chapters as my goal is to get the damn thing in the mail by the time I go back to classes in September 09.

I wanted to do an independant entry on last week's CM, but this will have to do because I don't recall everything I wanted to say. I almost spit out my root beer when Jason Alexander intro'd himself as Professor Rothschild. We spent two days talking about the family in my Holocaust class. And everyone in class got the joke when I told them about it. So that was a lot of fun. And I have to say that Rossi really went up in my opinion with that episode, both as an actor and character. He's still growing on me. *grin*

I promise updates just as soon as I can. This is my Thanksgiving break week and I do have a couple of things to finish up, but I'll see what I can do. And I also promise not to vanish like this again. *Grin* It's just been hard to sit at the desk/computer of late. Bad weather.
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The good news is that I have two new chapters for TDC - including intro'ing a new show.
The bad news is my computer caught a nasty virus and will be in the shop until this coming weekend. *sigh* So I won't be able to post anything until next week. Also I won't be able to get onto WWOMB at all because the school filters won't let me on there. Something about policy violations. *snicker*

So my only online time will be between classes for a time. I'll try to keep up with everything, but I make no promises.
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First the fun bit. And Ro is gonna ick part of this. I had to work two night shifts this weekend because I had one guy quit and the new guy is flaking out. So I got to work with a pit boss I normally don't work with. He's strange I guess is the best word to describe him. But I couldn't help thinking he's got a nice rear. Go ahead Ro. (she already hung up on me today when I told her this, not in so many words of course)

Next fun bit - we have speaker phones at work so it looks like our cashiers are talking to themselves when they're really talking to me, pit, poker or management. Megan and I were on the phone tonight while she was cutting up bonus cards and talking about CSI. This player stopped in front of the cage and looked in, then looked at her like she was crazy. Megan didn't miss a beat, she said, "I'm just talking to my invisible friend." Then I chimed in, "hi, I'm the invisible friend." The player's eyes went really wide and he made some comment about it being true. He probably thinks the place is haunted or something.

Now the rant. I'll put it behind a cut.

Rant here )
**edit - lookie, found one**
And I don't even watch House. *snicker*
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I've been doing a lot of thinking this weekend whilst I've been in bed sick. Well, the time I've been awake at any rate (this is the first time I've been so sleepy when I've had an allergic reaction to food) and come to a decision. I suppose its one that's been building for a while now, but I'm going to leave the forensic program. *sigh* As much as I want to do it, my mind just isn't wired towards science and I'm going to kick my kid brother when I see him at Christmas for saying that anyone can do it. He's weird.

I am staying in school, however, as long as I get accepted into the program I'm looking at. There's a M.F.A. Creative Writing program offered by the English department and the thesis would be a novel. I was joking with a friend today that I could just save the three years, give them the novel and ask for my degree. *grin* Seriously, it would be writing and teaching creative writing. I love teaching others, its just not something I have a chance to do a lot of in my life right now. Although one of my co-workers likes to bring her daughter to work and leave the kid outside in the restaurant part of the bowling alley while she's working and the daughter sometimes needs help with her homework. I've helped her out once, I know some other folks have too, but I've never seen the parents do it.

So I might be messaging people to ask if they'd be willing to read the first chapter of the novel, the submission piece I'm using for the program. I'm not sure who, if anyone, I want to have read it - well save one who has agreed to help me with my UK lingo - but I know that my online friends are by far the most familiar with my writing and style.

Now that the long rant is over - sheesh - I got bit by a short plot bunny during Miami tonight. It kind of continues Quandry from last season. The story isn't done at this point, but it will be posted before I head to bed. I don't have a title yet, so I guess just look on the most recent page. I haven't posted/updated in over a week, so it should be easy to find.

**Edit - The title is Zilch. That also completes my quest to write a story with a title of every letter of the alphebet.**
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I just finished watching CSI:Miami. Wow. Hot, hot, hot. I loved pissed off, restrained Horatio Caine. With messy hair and good lighting effects. *fans self* That just made my day.

So, to the subject now. My history teacher is a conspiracy theorist at heart. His conspiracy class is the most popular one on campus for any department and he's teaching it next term. I'm going to try to get in, but there's probably going to be no chance in hell of it happening.
Today we were talking about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (1890/1905) which are "the minutes from a meeting of elders/rabbis who were planning to take over the world." The quotes are because the protocols are probably fake. And seriously, as my teacher said, it reads less like the minutes of a meeting than someone sitting in a dark room by themselves cackling madly, rubbing their hands together and shrieking that they're going to do something nasty to someone.
But his really good point came when he asked us if we had a super-secret global society bent on world domination and we had a meeting, would we really take notes/minutes - let alone publish them to let the general public know what the hell is going on?? Its a good point.
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Before anyone panics reading my comment on the last post about a lab explosions - it did NOT happen in my lab. Allow me to describe my department. Its a four story brick building if you count the basement. The classrooms are all on the first (ground) floor, offices in the basement and scattered through the rest of the building. Labs on the second and third floor.
My lab is in one of the second story beginner labs, nothing that could cause any major damage - the strong acids locked up all that good stuff - as we're just starting to learn how to do everything.

We were working on a three part graphing lab today (oh my aching back from standing and bending over that damn counter) when there was an explosion from somewhere in the building, the power went out briefly, the alarms all came on - and everyone just kept working like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Dr. Edwards - my prof from last term - stopped in to check and make sure everyone was okay and not panicked.

I have no idea what actually happened. But I do know there's a gas lab where they play around with some pretty volitle stuff. My kid brother was in chemistry club (making fireworks) and told me they blow up this lab at least once a term. If not more. I have a hunch that's what happened. And he had warned me. If there's an explosion in the building, don't worry unless the teachers start looking scared. Very, very strange. *Grin*
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I just got out of my criminal justice class. Technically its criminological theory and policies, but we're focusing more on terrorism and genocide as that's what the teacher is getting his PhD in. Today was a movie day on masculine values and how they shape perception and roles in society.
Here's where the sad strange part comes in.
The video had clips from other movies to make its point clear. In one of them there were two men fighting by a truck but the only thing I noticed was David Caruso trying to break up the fight. *sigh*
He looked good though. :)
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And I wish I could figure out a way to work it into a fan fiction piece. It's seriously dark-humored and warped as hell, but the class is on the Holocaust so things are going to be like that.
I'll put it behind a cut so I don't offend anyone who doesn't want to see this. 


I think it'd have to go in a Criminal Minds piece, but I just can't work out who would say it.
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I'm beat. Physically and mentally. Just the thought of opening a book or picking up a pen makes me tired. Who would've thought that a full day of classes would be so hard. At least I didn't work today. :)
I have chemistry (of course), math, history (holocaust), and criminal justice (issues and theories). The only class I haven't been to is math - that's Thursday only. I still don't get math meeting one day a week and their idea of us teaching ourselves the material. If I wanted to do that I'd just stay home with the textbook. Okay, well I really wouldn't because I hate math, but you know what I mean.

I've got a PhD student from the neighboring university teaching my senior level criminal justice class. That should be interesting to say the least. I think I worry him a little because he just kept staring at me blankly after I spoke today. I didn't think I said anything *that* bad. Sure, I've already got a BA in Criminal Justice but it's been 6 years since I had a CJ class. Maybe its the fact that I'm a freshman for my second degree even if I am a senior by credits.

My chemistry class is 111. That's basically the introduction class for chemistry majors. It's also the class I took last semester's class as prep for. I was hoping for the same teacher, but didn't get him. I think I'm really going to miss Dr. Edwards. I loved his sense of humor. I'm not sure what I think of my teacher this term. She seems to know what she's doing, but she also is treating it like its the only class any of us are taking. I hate it when teachers do that because they just pile on the work and that's what stresses/burns out so many students.

And then history. It's a dark class with a lot of depressing content. But it's taught by the top professor in the department. He's got that wickedly warped sense of humor. For example, and I do have several, he said if he catches up plagerizing in our bibliographical comparative analysis (basically a term paper) all of heaven's and god's wrath will descend upon our heads. Then he paused and said not really, just his, but it's nearly as bad.

So I don't have class tomorrow, but I have homework and I have to be at the casino for my shift. I really hope I can balance school, work, writing and - oh wait - I have no personal life. *grin*

Cool pic

Aug. 3rd, 2008 12:13 am
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Here's the picture of myself with Christian Nyby II from the spring semester media class after he signed the Emergency! DVD cover.

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Supernatural fans will get that joke in the subject line. Ro pointed it out to me when I told her what happened today and it blew me away because she was totally right. So, you'll never believe this one. It shows how strange the world really is.
One of my best girlfriends from junior high - yeah we're still close - is getting married in a year and she invited me over to see her wedding dress. She's already asked me to be in the wedding as a bride's maid and told me as long as my dress is dark blue I can choose the style. Which is really nice of her because I'll be able to wear it again sometime. Like in a blue moon. *grin* And then, as she doesn't drive, I was heading to Wal-Mart to get some writing supplies for TDC and offered to take her along with me. We got to talking about a present she wants to make for her step-sister and I suggested we go to Hastings (book/music/movie store) to look at the magazines.
While she's looking for a picture of a fiddle I went to the science section and found a forensics magazine. I decided to buy it because it had some ballistics stuff in it. Now, I've started drafting out the second TDC novel - the one about hunters. So I've been looking into various poisons and the like that they could use and it's really interesting. And I realized that it was toxicology and something I could focus on in my upper division classes. And then be like Hodges. (only kidding)
We're in the checkout line and they can't find the magazine in the computer to show how much it is so there's a bit of a wait. The guy in line behind us asks me about the magazine. I said it was just on forensics. He says he's a toxicologist and he's never heard of it. I almost died. I told him its what I want to study in school so he introduces himself and tells me how to find him on the school web system. And he tells me the state animal toxicology lab is on the UI campus and I should get in touch with the director for a job. I almost fell over when he told me the director's name because it's a neighbor I've known since I was ten. I used to babysit for him when his kids were little. I mentioned I wanted to work in a crime/forensics lab and he said that we needed to talk about that. But all his lectures are online, he wants me to watch them when I have the chance, take his classes and he'll help me figure things out.
What are the chances of that happening????
I think I have the bloody rabbit's foot and just don't know it. Ro, keep an eye on me. If my luck starts to go bad, call Sammy and Dean. *wink*


May. 8th, 2008 11:41 pm
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My instructor just blew me off when I asked him to review the TA's grading on the web page so I'm dropping it and will take the Merlin damn "C" even though I don't think I deserve it. There are days I really, really hate people. 
Huh, maybe I can kill a computer science teacher in a story. That'll be a good way to work out the frustration. It's either that or punch a wall. Being a black belt I'd do more damnage to the wall and really don't want to have to explain that to my parents.

On a lighter note. I'm house-sitting this weekend and will be off line until Monday afternoon. They don't have internet.

See you all when I get back. *hugs* 


May. 8th, 2008 01:50 pm
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Rant behind the cut so folks don't have to put up with me griping. *grin*


May. 7th, 2008 02:55 pm
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*clears throat(
I PASSED CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled post. *grin*
Seriously, thank you everyone for your help, support and kind words. It's gonna get wild next term when i actually hit the lab.
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I talked with my computer teacher today because my Power Point project grade hadn't been posted with the rest of them. He said he remembered it and I'd done well. My topic was Police Procedular Crime Dramas from the 1950s thru 2008 (Dragnet, Adam-12, Emergency, CSI).
I just went on the online gradebook to see if they were added. Yeah. I got a 53 out of 50 on it. That's the highest grade I've gotten in that class.

I guess there is no thirdly. Other than the code is more what you call guidelines than actual rules. Or I could tell how I proved I'm a total geek today in computer lab. The teacher was doing the final review and said "Ask me the questions bridge keeper I am not afraid." I'm the only one who laughed. And then he asked who had seen Stargate. I was one of two students. So he used dialing the gate as a way to teach relative and absolute addressing when none of the students knew what he was talking about in the first place. You have to love geeks.

And I got the best line ever for (most likely) Danny and Mandy. I was talking with one of the computer guys after class - he's also a friend of my kid brother's - and he told me that there was one time he and a couple of friends had the exact same conversation three times. Another kid called them on it and his reply was, "really. No wonder it sounded so familiar." I sooo have to use that. I won't go into the whole politics/religion/hallucinations conversation we then had.

My baseball team lost in the bottom of the 11th when they walked in the winning run. Booooooo.
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It's a little sad to look at the credits for the guest speaker we had today in journalism and realize that when he stopped directing Emergency! was the year I was born (1979). And it's weird to have a Hollywood director come and talk to your journalism class when you're in north Idaho at a campus with roughly 10,000 students.
But we did. Chris Nyby II came to class today and talked with us. Other than Emergency! he also directed Hill Street Blues, Moonlighting, Perry Mason, Diagnosis Murder, and Walker Texas Ranger. I think it said he did 30 episodes of Emergency! So I was a total fan girl today. I took one of my DVDs with me to class and asked for his autograph.

He didn't really talk about shows earlier than Moonlighting but he was fun to listen to. It was really an honor to get a chance to meet him. And the director of the program took my picture with him. If I can track down a copy I'll put it up here as well.

Yeah, I'm totally a nerd. Or maybe a geek. Ro would say dork. *grin*

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