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Not really spoilers, but I'll put it behind a cut, just in case.

CPR rant kinda )

And a new icon too. Ro has me hooked on Naruto - go ahead and laugh, Ro, I know you want to. Trust me, she's been giggling like Dr. Frankenstein on drugs the past few days. But its really Kakashi that I like. I'm thinking crossover style fic where Danny sees an episode and gets the mask to tease Mac with it. A silk mask on bare skin, hmmmm, the possiblities. *evil snicker*
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What else do I do when I can't write??? It's been a while since I made a non-request wallpaper.
Hope you all like it.

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I didn't realize how much I missed Danny until tonight. Three "booms" in one show and he was almost bouncy. It makes me think that tonight's episode was filmed earlier in the season and just aired. And it was totally hot to see Danny's bike again. They totally need to do that more. It was just so good to see Danny "normal" again.

As to the second part of the subject line - its snowing again. We're supposed to get at least another six inches and according to Ro there's already at least five on the ground. *sigh* I'd like spring to get here.
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I went to the University library and found out that they only have one book on writing for TV published since 1980. Seriously, most of the books are older than I am and that kind of scares me. Either television scripts haven't changed much - which I doubt - or the library needs to get their butts in gear and order some new books. *grin*

So I checked out the most recent book thinking it would be the best to help me. Fourteen pages in they made two really nasty cracks about David Caruso and NYPD Blue. At that point I calmly shut the book and put it back in my bag. That's only because I was on campus. And it's a book that doesn't belong to me. If I did own it the thing would be a pile of smoldering ashes in the backyard. I did look at one other thing and it just proved to me that the guy either doesn't care about CSI or didn't do his homework, which is what he kept telling us is the key to successful TV script-writing. And I quote, "In the CSI episode 'The Dove Commission' a woman in a red dress is killed at a party." I read that three times before it finally made sense and I realized that he wasn't talking about CSI - he was talking about CSI:NY. Two totally different shows lumped into one. *sigh*

Now I want to write the author a nasty note. *smirk*
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I had a couple of questions about the pendant/necklace that Flack gave to Danny in the most recent arc of "Least Expect" so I did some digging for screencaps of it. I have a feeling its not a prop piece but it just worked out so well that I decided to use it. *grin*
I'm working on updating both LE and Union now but it all depends on how long my knee/leg let me stay in the desk chair as I've been here most of the day revising my novel.

As to the second piece I've got a bunny hopping around for a one-shot. I just have to write it.
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I was looking at my journal and realized I hadn't made/posted wallpapers in a while. I've still got a couple I want to make (including Supernatural) but here are the two I made today/tonight. Yeah, I haven't been to bed yet.

And I don't know about ya'll but I always feel better when I see Danny smile.

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I absolutely could not sleep today. My folks are off to Belize and, if I'm not mistaken, are halfway across the country right now. But as I'm living in their basement until I hear from a school I had to put up with my dad cleaning the house, mum packing and my kid brother moving back in. He's going to graduate school in Maryland in August and his lease is up tomorrow. So I'm really close on being up for 24 hours but I spent the day lying in bed watching L&O:SVU and think I'm going to have to check those out. I really enjoyed all the characters (especially Munch who I saw on Homicide: Life on the Streets) and had a blast that it was in NYC. I kinda kept expecting to see one of Mac's team or Hawkes at the scene. *giggle* I guess that's sleep deprevation working on my warped mind.
But there is a point to all this rambling, which I also do when I'm tired. I made a new wallpaper. It's not much but I have to say these guys look wicked hot together.

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I've been getting teased *cough* for my apparent addiction/obsession with Horatio Caine. I still say there's nothing wrong with it *glares pointedly* but I went ahead and made some new wallpapers that have nothing to do with Horatio. Hope you guys like. *grin*

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