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This week my novel "Deadly Consequences" is only $0.99 KINDLE edition on amazon. com.


This is the first book in the "Consequences" universe and looks at what would happen if America turned right instead of left on September 11th, 2001. (Whovians will understand the reference) This is a world where the US cowered in fear and let the military rule the country. This is a world of darkness where dragons work to keep light burning wherever they can.
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At long last Devilish Consequences is available on amazon. Holmes was a bit of a pill for this one, but I managed to battle him into allowing Watson to tell the whole story.

"The year is 1881 and a young doctor has just met a young detective looking to share rooms in London. Doctor Watson does not realize there is more to Mr. Sherlock Holmes than first appears. When he learns the true nature of his companion, not to mention the strange nature of the man that appears suddenly in their rooms at Baker Street, what will Watson think? Does he believe in dragons? A story spanning nineteen years, a case interwoven into the texture of the friendship between Sherlock Holmes and his ever-faithful companion Dr. Watson. Told by Watson, this is truly a stranger tale than any could have imagined."

This is the paperback link

This is the kindle link   http://www.amazon.com/Devilish-Consequences-DATA-Unit-Files-ebook/dp/B00LK8JXJK/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1404638087&sr=1-1&keywords=Lexxie+Scott
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This novel gave me far more trouble than anything I've written since "The Nightmare". You can go here
to read the back cover and dedication for the novel. The link above is for the paperback version. There is a kindle version as well, but they haven't linked up yet on amazon. That usually takes about a week.

In celebration of publication, have a sample from the story. *grins*

Excerpt )
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Thanks everyone for being so patient while I finished up a novel and got it into the editing stage. I'm waiting for my proof to arrive, so I'll update fan fiction today. I'm not going to take a guess on how long it'll be before the novel is available, but I'm hoping mid to end of August for this one. The sort of creepy part is that this novel has a major terrorist attack in it and I've been watching the news. Major travel warnings and official buildings closed because of a terrorist threat attack. Just goes to show the events in the book aren't all crazy and out there.

Okay, so, updates I'll try for today. I'm running a fever and there's chemicals being used in the building. Not a good combination when I'm trying to think. Anyway.

Least Expect 6

Leap of Faith


Dust Monkey


We'll See

2 + 1 = Love

Spirits Save us

I'll see what I can get to. I already feel a headache starting up from the paint being used out in the casino. Days like this make me wish my room was sealed off from the rest of the building with just the fan and air conditioner to help circulate air in here. This is going to be a very long day.
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I know, I've been a bad fan fiction updater the past few days. Between weather and fibro issues, I can't make my brain think. That's not to say I have been doing nothing, I've been editing the new dragon novel. I'm hoping to be able to print it out for my father to look at over the weekend.

This one deals with a mystery substance, and Holmes is right that they need to name it, that could be a biological weapon of mass destruction. In spite of that, John sends Leigh out on a short field posting because he believes she'll do more good in the field than she will in the lab. There's problems with the vampire court and more problems overseas. I'm quite happy with the story, even if John's move sending Leigh out into the field doesn't make any sense.

As always, if you buy one of the books, could you please leave me a review on amazon? I'm always curious to see what folks think of my writing. 
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I'm going to try and balance updates with editing and updating at least two novel chapters. I'll do this until the novel is done and then my focus will go back to updates on the weekends. I figure it's a fair exchange.

On that note, it's time for me to look for readers/bloggers for my novels. If anyone would be willing to do this for me drop me a note and let me know. I haven't started seriously searching, but thought I'd put something here just as a note. The serious search will start once I'm home from London. (Mum asked me why I can't write the great American novel and live off my writing - she drives me crazy)

On the other note FOUR MONTHS UNTIL I LEAVE FOR LONDON. I won't start a countdown yet, but I'm getting excited.


Jul. 16th, 2013 02:30 pm
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I crashed out hard last night. Now I'm just headachy, which pain killers can take care of for me, if they ever kick in. I know the headache is because of the weather. It's on a yo-yo yet again. That's really getting old. Very, very old. I'd almost welcome fall if only to know that the weather is more stable. That it's closer to my trip has absolutely nothing to do with it. *looks innocent*

Found the cutest bag on etsy and they're going to make it with a top close zipper for me. That means I can take it out with me on the Tube and not have to worry as much about pick pockets. I know the really good ones can get around anything, but this should foil some of them. *grins* I'll post a picture when I get it. Now I just need camera and iPad along with tickets and hotel reservations. I really need to get on the travel agent about the tickets and hotel.

This has been a rather relaxing week at work. The stupid hasn't been nearly as thick, but it's also slow which is not so good. It does mean less mistakes though. I can get behind that. :) I'm about three chapters away from finishing a draft of a novel I've been working on for two years. That's going to be my focus today, but I'll try and update some fan fiction pieces as well. One thing I'm hoping is that we don't go three for three on power outages. If I suddenly vanish, however, that's what happened.


Dust Monkey - UPDATED @ 1455 PDT


Least Expect 6


Leap of Faith - UPDATED @ 1735 PDT

My bed or yours - UPDATED @ 1523 PDT

TDC Novel

Jun. 17th, 2013 01:17 am
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Okay gang, here it is. This is the novel that is loosely based on TDC and is now in paperback form.


It will go live on amazon next week, and, when I have the money to enroll it, will eventually go up on Barnes and Nobel's web page as well. I have to pay a fee to place it outside of amazon.com.

If you do get a copy, could you please leave me a review to let me know what you think of it? On here is fine, but on the page would be lovely so others know what readers think of the book.
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First chapter published 23 NOV 06
Last chapter published 27 MAY 13

Reads (totaled for three archives) - 1,664,492
Reviews (totaled) - 1581
Kudos (totaled for two archives) - 790

Word count - 545,720
Chapters - 322
Journal tags - 88
Fandoms - 15
Archives posted to - 3
wiki pages - 1
fan works - 5 (that come to mind)
novels - 1.5 (the sequel is almost finished)

Again, thank you everyone. *hugs*
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My fourth novel just went live. As I said in the last post, if you've read "Outside Influences" then you've met Tiffany and Lexxie. This novel focuses on Lexxie and takes place before the events in Outside Influences.
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Here we are, it just went live. This is the novel based very lightly on TDC. I really, really hope it's worth the wait I put everyone through. Trying to work out how to avoid copyright issues was a bitch.

If you read it, could you let me know what you think, please? I have a sequel to this one about a third of the way done on the first write and would like to know if readers want to see more with these characters.
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After, I think, six and a half years, the novel very loosely based on TDC is in final revision. Here's hoping folks are still excited about this.

Here's the deal. I want to keep costs down and this story available to everyone, so, it's going to be on amazon as an e-book. The only way I can afford to do a print run with create space is if I was sure there would be about a hundred people willing to pay between ten and twelve dollars for the book and I don't want to do that to people. So, I'll provide a link to the book when it goes live and a link to the e-reader that amazon offers for computers (if you don't have a kindle) so everyone can still have a chance to read this.

I'm hoping another week to ten days to get this finished up. Rough estimate, depending on RL, is early April for the book to be published on amazon.

Thank you everyone for being so patient with me on this one. Watch this space for further announcements.
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i'm not doing the month novel writing challenge, i have way too much started that needs to be finished or revised to do that, but i thought it might be okay to modify the challenge a little. i'm going to try and do a 50,000 word revisal of my first novel. if i get it done, great, if i get another project done, that'll be awesome too, but i'm going to make it a point to write every day this month. *grins* no matter how sleepy i am when i get home from work.

don't worry, i won't stop updating my two in process fics (TDC and Breaking Life) that i'm working on as well. i almost have a new chapter of BL ready to go. time to find out what Oishi said to Eiji.
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What does one do on a cold and rainy day when one is feeling depressed, sick, sore, tired, exhausted (trust me, those are different things for me), and horribly unloved? I don't know about everyone else, but I watched the SDs until I couldn't stop smiling and then started contemplating which seiyuus I would want to voice my characters if my novel became an anime within the next year. So far I've only settled on four of them.
1) Leigh - yukimura's seiyuu
2) Holmes - Kenjiro
3) Alex - Hiro
4) Dr. Samuelson - Hiro

I think I want Kenjiro to voice either John or Chris, but haven't decided for sure which one yet. I see both of those men with deep voices, and I have been leaning towards Suwabe for John. So I guess Kenjiro should voice Chris. Naru would be a perfect Charlie. I would love to have, oh I have it. MasaOno can be Merlin. He is perfect for that role. That just leaves Kohei from the SDs. He could voice Scotty. I'll have to do a more complete list when I'm home, but it would be awesome to get to work with these guys.

Well, a gal has to have her dreams.now I only have to last another 45 minutes and I'm off for the day. So ready to head home.

*is sleepy*

novel news

Jun. 30th, 2010 03:55 am
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I finally broke the two month long writer's block I had going on the second novel. *does happy dance* And it lets me bring in my vampire character and some more of his backstory and lore, which I really wasn't planning to do until the third novel, but I guess I can always expand on what's in here or just create more.

And I spoke to one of the two directors at writing camp. She's willing to read the first novel and critique it for me, plus she has two friends who are fantasy readers/writers she thinks will be willing to help me out and I've got about fifteen other writers coming to camp who I can ask. There are two I really like and am hoping will be willing to help out. They're both high school teachers, a brother and sister, who I've known for three and seven years and really respect as writers and people. Bill is one of the few people I gave a manga to and he opened it correctly the first time around. And Christy is fascinated by fan fiction and now has some of her students writing it in class. I just never mention the slash part of it or read any of my pieces at camp because no one gets them. I learned that lesson the hard way. *sighs*

Finished watching Takumi-kun III. Really great, but the ending gave me bunnies. Original slash bunnies. *headdesk*


Mar. 7th, 2010 07:55 pm
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So my book is officially in peer edit. Talk about a case of the nerves. Mike and Monica (no relation to Ro) are the first non-family members to see all of the book. I've read bits and pieces at my writing conferences, but this is a huge step for me. I really hope she tears it apart so I can rebuild it better than it is now. I'm friends with Mike but not really Monica - who I know is doing this as a favor for her husband - so she doesn't have to worry about hurting my feelings. *Grins*

Now I have a couple of weeks to work on the sequel and fan fiction. I'll see what I can come up with. I'm also off my daily pain meds because they weren't working on my shoulder/neck so the constant pain will be back soon. And I can't go to the doctor because she's in Haiti for a while. Oh well, I've lived with it this long, I guess I know how to manage. ;)


Feb. 24th, 2010 10:57 pm
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To all my writing friends - have you ever had a character refuse to let you write a damn thing until you do things his or her way??? While my first novel is in peer editing - nerve-wracking, btw - I decided it would be a good idea to at least get a rough draft of the second novel going. For my main character, Leigh, I had picked another lab tech named Chad to be her future boyfriend. He's kinda surfer boy, maybe a little like Greggo in looks, but not personality. I couldn't get a damn thing to work out.
So I offered her Charlie's older twin brother, Brandon, for her boyfriend/husband, because she's going to have to be married here soon or her father is going to have a heart attack. *Grins* Something about spending eternity alone and all that stuff.
This is how I picture Brandon. Kind of a mix between these two guys, with most of the focus on the first.

Shindo Gaku

Furukawa Yuuta

I now have writer's cramp and about 25 pages written with ideas coming like there's no tomorrow. I guess she really likes this guy. Who am I to argue???

Never, ever let it be said characters are not alive. They totally are.

RL *sighs*

Feb. 22nd, 2010 11:51 pm
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I'd like to just stop the world for a couple of days so I could have a break. Seriously. I know I say this a lot, and I'm happy to actually have a job with how the economy is right now, especially with the fact that I work in a casino and we could totally go out of business if the economy tanks too badly. But having problems at work messes with my writing. When I get upset or depressed I just don't want to write fan fiction, unless I'm working on a sad story of course. ;) And I have no sad stories right now. Or, at least I don't think I do with living plot bunnies. First Time doesn't really count at this point.

The poor cat had surgery for his ear and, while the stitches were in, was fine. The day after Jinx's stitches came out the hematoma came back so now we're trying to figure out what to do next. At least my mum is home - and wasn't upset that I took him to the vet - and can make the decisions. I'm worried that he'll have to have his ear amputated to deal with this, although I think the next step is a drain stitched into his ear. That just sounds messy.

Work is work. The new guy they gave me from poker caused a massive meltdown this weekend. I found dirty dishes and used napkins lying around. How bloody hard is it to clean up after yourself at work?? So I put up a nasty note and have a feeling that my surveillance room will be cleaned by next weekend. That's the punishment for not cleaning up after yourself. Cleaning the whole room. I can't suspend him because James and I are already having to work a weird schedule because of Jeff - which doesn't make either of us happy - so I asked my manager for help with punishments if Jeff doesn't start doing his bloody job. And I'm not just talking about cleaning up after himself.

My parents had a blast in Mexico and I really don't know that mum wanted to come home again. But she's only going to have to work for another two years of so, and I think she can manage that. My father is having good days and bad days - not health wise, but memory wise. He somehow managed to lose his wallet with everything out at the mall so we're having fun trying to cancel accounts and get new cards issued from the credit card companies. The worst part is I think he was old fashioned enough to still carry his social security card in there, and that's one of the worst things in the world to lose. So I don't know what all they're doing there as they haven't asked me for much help on that one. But, then again, I work two days on, one off, three on, one off, so things can get interesting around the house.

I managed to break a major writer's block on the second novel in my series and have actually been working on drafting that out while things are still fresh. I still have some fan fictions pieces to type and upload when I have the chance, but my finger is back to bothering me, so I don't know what's going to happen. All I can say there is just stay alert and I'll put up the usual update notes on here. And I'm working on a couple of Fuma no Kojiro fan fiction pieces. I'll make sure to put up pics of the guys in them when I post. *Grins*

As always, hugs and thanks for your patience with me.
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Leigh again. This one was actually easy because all I had to do was think how I felt in London.
Oh yeah, she's nineteen in this one.

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