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The other two bears for our Rikkai cosplay came today.

Such a small box for the pair of them. If it wasn't Sanada and Jackal I'd think they got up to something together in there.


and they wanted to model the clothes. (gen-kuma said "model? tarundoru!) but did it anyway. *Grins*

I think kawa-kuma looks better in the hat. *ducks* TARUNDORU!!!
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We found the girl who was playing PoT today. :) She was really fun to talk with. I'll post more later with the pic update, but the internet is running really slow. But I had to share this. That is Ro. And, of course, we ran into Tezuka later when Amanda (that's the gal playing Niou) had left.

We only people-watched and shopped today. I got a ton of lucky kitties. Can't wait to get them home and put them into the collection. *Grins*

New pics are up.
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inspired by caraichu who mentioned the post. I had to do some digging, but found it. :)

It's not like I don't have other things to do. *glances at fics* Nope, nothing at all. ;)

1) Favorite team and/or character

Hmmm, could there really be any doubt here? Rikkai Dai of course. They are the awesome. *grins* I saw them for the first time in Dream Live 4th, before I'd read the manga, and just totally fell head over heels for all of them. But one in particular, Niou Masaharu. He is far and away my favorite character in the series. Especially when he's played by Masa. *shush* I would love to see Rikkai actually win over Seigaku one of these days.
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Anyone have any idea where these might have come from?? I'm making a mural on my wall and only downloaded Niou/Masa, Yagyuu/Ba-chon, Sanada/Kane-chan, Akaya/Genki. I need to know if the others are available for download as well.

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I do tend not to swear a lot, but I was always under the impression that if a package has a specific address on it, that's the address it needs to be delivered to, not a place where you know someone can take it to the other address because you're too damn lazy to drive your truck to the actual address.
This is the second time UPS has done this to me. The driver drops packages for me off at my mother's office rather than actually delivering them here where they are addressed. I'm really getting sick of this. My Kindle is in that package and, while I know Mum will keep it safe until I can get there, I'm pretty pissy because I wanted to charge it before I went to work today, not have to take it with me and charge it there and at Ro's house. Tonight is movie night. *grumbles about UPS* I asked Mum to ask him not to do it anymore, but apparently he can't be bothered to do his damn job.
Where's the shuttle to Rikkai?? I'm leaving the states. At least Yukimura makes people do what he wants, I mean, follow the rules. *glances around* Hope he didn't just hear that.

Oh yeah, just saw this on a Hide-chan community I'm on.
So ordering when it comes out. *grins* Those two are just everywhere together right now. Almost too much cute for my poor eyes.
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Finally got them uploaded. Lots of Masa!!! No surprise, ne?

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My Japanese is by no means great, so I'm not sure exactly what they had to say about all of this, but I think Masa and Genki-kun did something to Massu's jacket during DL7. And Masa makes the cutest face ever when apologizing to the camera.

But what absolutely killed me (to the point of my computer falling out of my lap and onto the bed I was laughing so hard) was when "baby" Niou (Wada) was doing the racket thing with Fuji, pointed the racket at him and yelled "peanut!" My favorite bit from the DL7 backstage is when Atobe gets "hit" in the eye with a peanut. I don't know why that makes me laugh so hard, Ro just rolled her eyes when I showed her, but I have both of those on my cell phone for when I start feeling down.

I have screencapped the DVD and will put them up once I have my internet connected at home. I still haven't sorted the main DVD, just the backstage. And they are all so cute, I just want to go glomp them. Especially Masa, Ba-chon, and Massu. Oh, hell with it, Genki and Kane-chan too. lol.


Sep. 16th, 2010 12:33 am
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Upset tummys are the worst. :( I'll be better in a few days, but didn't feel like doing a dang thing today. But I did screencap Rikkai from Dream Live 7th and post them up on photobucket.
If nothing else it's worth it to see Niou (Masa) in the Seigaku uniform jacket at the end of the live. He's such a goof.
I also went ahead and uploaded the screencaps I did for Masa's second live, Cheers! and they're in the Masa folder.

For some reason I can't get the DL7 backstage to play in my screencap player, but I'll get the teams up over the next few days. I think Seigaku is going to be next, if only because I can't stand the third team that's there. So much so that I don't even know it's name, just the nickname "the gayest club in the prince of tennis."

Back to bed. :)

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