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My little boy turns nine today. I asked him if he knew what that was in human years. He just looked at me. There are days when I think he wonders how smart I am.

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Not really true, but I'm still in that mental exhaustion stage from the fibro. Really looking forward to next week when I get two days off. *weak smile*

I've got to start taking pics again. Here's Little Rocky in his blanket. Oh well, if I run out of pics, I'll just have to write more. :) I do have some stuff to write about work, just too tired.

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I didn't have anything to write about and was just going to post morning sky pics again, but when I came home my dad wasn't up yet and I didn't know how long he was going to be, so I took the dogs around the block. I had to wake Rocky up to go and he was still kinda sleepy when we left the driveway, but I didn't think anything was wrong until we got about 2/3 of the way around and I directed Monty to go down the alley to our backyard and the trash can. Rocky just kept going straight and wouldn't stop or turn around no matter what I did, so I just called to Monty and we followed Rocky back to the house.
He was sleep-walking!!!!!! I have never seen a dog sleep-walk before and didn't realize it until Monty ran into Rocky and my little pug jerked and then looked at me like, "where the hell am I?" He is so cute.

Mum calls him our little e-rocky. (like ewok in Star Wars).


Jun. 14th, 2010 02:12 am
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Happiness is finding a download link to the latest Prince of Tennis musical that has the main cast in it. ie, Masa-kun and Ba-chan. The alternates they have for them are good, but the alternate Niou can't really dance as well as Masa-kun so it spoils things for me. *am downloading as I type*

I'm hoping to be able to start writing on the random PoT fics I have running around in my head so I can get them finished and start back up on TDC and my other WIPs. Doing a close to open shift on the weekends sucks yeggs and I've been running on only a couple of hours of sleep for the last two days. Got some good reading time in though. What my managers don't know so won't hurt them.
And I'm going to study how to be a card counter. Not so I can start gambling, I watch way too many people a day lose their money to even think about that, but so I know what to look for on the tables. We have a poker bonus blackjack game that is really popular and, if we're not careful, can really clean us out. The 25 to 1 payouts alone can be murder to deal with. (no pun intended there) We had a guy in a couple days ago who was playing a bet spread of 6 over 2 hands to 50 over three with the bonus in play and was winning and losing pretty spectacularly for the whole day. I thought he was up to something because that kind of a spread can mean trouble, but one of our dealers - Bad-bad or Brandon to give his real name - said there wasn't a chance in hell of the guy counting. And he recommended a book to study because it has nice indexes in the back of various things counters will do on a given hand for various systems. So, back to school time again.

We had a pug party today. I had to work, but Mum said there were at least 30 pugs in our yard at any given time. I'm actually really depressed I had to miss it, and there was an 8-week-old puglet there. That's about how old my Jasmine was when I was able to bring her home for the first time. They're so tiny at that age. Mum did say that about halfway through the party Rocky had to give up and go inside for a nap. He's going to be seven in a couple of months and, while that's not old for a pug, he doesn't get a lot of exercise either.
In honor of the pugs, here's Rocky helping clean up after another party.

That's the whipped cream bowl from the blender. Monty had already taken a turn. We kinda don't follow the rules about no human food for dogs around here. Or our cats, now that I really think about it.

You can't see it because this was taken with my cell phone, but he has whipped cream in his ruff. It was so cute.

pet pic

May. 17th, 2010 02:01 am
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As I've started making Sunday the day where I do nothing but mess around on the computer, I have nothing to write about. So I thought I'd share a pic of my pug, Rocky.

He's lying on my parents' bed buried under my mother's pillows. Can you say spoiled rotten?? But, then again, most of our animals are.

psycho dog

May. 14th, 2008 09:52 pm
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That's my pug, Little Rocky in the icon. *grin* And he's a psycho dog. My folks are downstairs watching Fraiser and the doorbell rings on the show. Little Rocky starts barking up a storm and scares the cat (who is up here with me). My folks are trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with him so I yell down that he's barking at the TV. Mum realizes that I'm right because he's in the living room staring at the door barking. I go downstairs to show him that there's no one there. Then i come back upstairs to finish reading a fan fic piece. Not ten minutes later the doorbell on the TV rings again and Little Rocky starts barking again. And scares the cat again. So I have to go back downstairs to show him that there's no one there and get him calmed down. My folks think its cute. I wouldn't mind but he was upsetting the cat.
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Or so my best friend would tell me. I have two "kids" my cat Nina and a little pug named Rocky. He lost his sister about a year ago very suddenly and, ever since, has been kinda depressed. Living here with my folks helps as they have a dog too but my father isn't always great about making sure the back gate is shut and the dogs get out. So I went out and bought a new collar and ID tag for little Rocky that's reflective and have been keeping an extra eye on the gate.
Rocky is an itchy pug so he's always scratching something and we have to watch to make sure he doesn't hurt himself doing it. Tonight he came up to my room and tilted his head just right that I was able to see what little neck he has. And anyone who knows pugs knows there isn't much neck on 'em. The collar had rubbed his neck raw in two places. It's bad enough that he's always itchy and we can't figure out a way to stop it but to know that something I did hurt him makes me fell like a horrible mother. I'm going to go research hypo-allergenic collars and see if I can find anything that won't do this again.

It's not the best picture I have of him but I think he's cute no matter what he's doing.

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