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It's the only icon I have that has Mao-kun in it.
Just finished watching Takumi-kun 4 Pure and I promise no spoilers for those who haven't watched it yet. This movie was a first for me with the series as I didn't want to kick Gii where it hurts the most. And he is a crafty bastard, that one. I think it's a good thing he's so cute, otherwise someone likely would have killed him by now. I would have liked to see Gii and Takumi more, but that's the next movie - and based on the previews I'm going to want to kick Gii where it hurts the most several times.
However, Misu (BaRyoma) who was pretty high up in my estimation after the 3rd movie has fallen dramatically after this one, as I was expecting him to. I really would like to kick him where it hurts the most and then have a stern talk with his boyfriend. But that's just me. I'm not sure if he'll go back up in my estimation after the next movie or not, but as it stands right now I'm kinda pissy at him. Ok, fine, make that a lot pissy.

Mao-kun will be legal when the next movie comes out so I won't have to feel so guilty about wanting to see him and Dai-chan together. ;) And I do have to say that those two plus Takiyuki have really nice smiles.

Bed time. I really need to get rid of this headache.
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Thank you so much to my girls for helping to cheer me up today after what was probably the crappiest day I've had in a long time. *grins* Of course, the SDs helped out a lot and I have a lot of dirty ideas about Hiro-kun and those pom-poms. But they're lovely dirty ideas. ;)
Still depressed and want to have my sulk, but I'm getting there. Hopefully I'm better by the time I have to head back to work.

And this helped a little, too.

cannot wait for this one. *Grins* Mao-kun and Dai-chan are so cute together.
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I do not need to be this excited before going to bed.

squees while jumping around like a crazed fan girl. (or Jiroh when he sees Marui). A fifth movie!!! More Dai/Mao goodness. And soonly too. OMHG, I'm so excited right now. I love this series (even though I still want to kick Dai where it hurts the most) and probably will want to do the same to BaRyoma after the fourth movie. (get your mind out of the gutters)

Now I REALLY want summer to get here!!!!!!
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This is the musical Ro and I watched tonight. We both spent so much time squeeing that we have sore throats now. *Grins* It was, by far, the tamest Dream live I've seen and dragged in a couple of places, but there were others that just made us laugh. We both agree that the first gen Momo and Kaidoh are our favorites for those characters. Her favorite Ryoma, at this point, is Kimeru but I know he'll fall to second when Dori-kun takes over the role because she adores him. I think that Ryuuki is my favorite for Ryoma, followed by Dori-kun and then Kimeru. Overall, though, my favorite Seigaku cast is the third generation, with the exception of Tezuka. Dai-chan is just perfect for that role. Followed by BaRyoma for me.
It's kind of sad that, as much as I hate Atobe, I really do love the actor who played him in Final Match second and DL7. He's in another musical I downloaded and just does an awesome job there as well. *whispers* Peanut. I really need to find some other shows with Wada-kun in them. Hell with it, any of the Rikkai guys actually. Which reminds me, I've got to go check for the release date for Takumi-kun 4 Pure. I think it's coming up in the spring. Really can't wait for that one. I just hope I'm not going to want to kick BaRyoma where it hurts the most. (in the knee)
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I got my two behind the scenes Takumi-kun 4 DVDs in the mail today. They are all so cute, funny, sweet and silly. (especially BaRyoma for the silly). I'll rip them in a day or so and have the links available for anyone who wants them. :) I also got the Gii/Takumi disc for the third movie. I already have a rip for it, but wanted the disc because I really want the whole collection for the series. (saying good-bye to my bank account)

Also, I feel ten times better today - even with cold and rain - than I have since before Mexico. I think that going to bed at a reasonable hour and not having to work nights is really going to help me out. Now all I need is sunshine. *glares at rain clouds*

too cute

Jan. 3rd, 2011 04:08 am
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i snagged this from the official Takumi-kun web page. It was part of the banner.

They are just too cute together. I really want Pure now. :) I think movies are the only time I'm really impatient about anything. Still, only a couple of months. This also makes me want to go finish my Mao/Dai fic. ;)

hoo boy

Oct. 16th, 2010 01:06 am
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I'm still out of breath/chest hurting from how hard and long I was laughing over one of my answers in the first PoT meme. I swear I didn't look!!!!!!
One more segment and I have all of the Rock Musical Bleach shows downloaded and ready to watch. *does happy dance* I can't wait to see the first gen. Momoshiro as Renji Abarai in Bleach. Talk about perfect casting. Ro and I are going to watch them together, so it might be a while before I get to see it, but still happy.
Work was loooong today. Not boring because it's WSU dad's weekend so it's busy as hell. Our poker room was my problem child today. I spent more time on the phone with Garrett and David than I did any of the other departments for the entire 9.5 hours of my shift. That's pretty sad. But they are still learning how to be supervisors and they had some pretty big stuff go down (a bad beat for $3000 and a monte carlo for $200) which meant paperwork for them and me and the cashier. The players were happy though. The money on bad beats and monte carlos in poker is just given to the player on top of whatever they won for that hand.
This will make folks happy. I finished a chapter for TDC. Well, with the exception of maybe one more hand-written page. I'll do that tomorrow and then see when I can get it typed up. And I'm working on some anime/manga based pieces as well. I have to get the bunnies out of my head before I can focus back on my other pieces. Still have the list hanging up though.
Look for a Takumi-kun piece within the next two weeks. ;)

I do wish I was in Portland with Ro for her older brother's wedding though. I couldn't get the time off from work and it's probably a good thing because both her sisters are there too and they drive me crazy. It would have been good to see the babies though. I miss Nevaeh.
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Okay, not happening in this lifetime, but I did have to wonder today. I had my jpop playlist on shuffle while I was at work and revising the Titanic novella. I've got two chapters left and I'll be able to send it out to my writing group from camp for review. *grins* One of my Niou/Yagyuu anime character songs came on and I stopped writing for a minute to work out who was singing. Then I said, and this is pretty close, "Yagyuu's voice actor has an amazing voice. And so does Masa's." Then I stopped and put my head down on the desk and started laughing. I meant to say Niou not Masa. Even though Masa plays Niou in Tenimyu. And then I called Ro to tell her about it. She called me a baka.

Then when I got home I decided to watch Takumi-kun three again. I swear to Merlin that I thought that I wanted to go hug Eiji, kick Tezuka where it hurts the most (the knee), slap the younger Tezuka for being such a jerk and tell Oishi to stop worrying so much. And this was while watching Takumi-kun not Prince of Tennis.

Here's a random picture of Nina in the kitchen. She found a sunny spot to nap.

I don't have any new PoT pics to share. *winks*
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YAY!!!! *bounces* the latest installment of the takumi-kun series (unsubbed sadly) is up on youtube.
I'm laughing so hard at the actors for this one; we have two of the Tezukas from PoT, an Eiji who overlapped with one of the Tezukas, an Oishii who was also on TGT, Byako from FnK, and another one of the TGT actors and I'm only on part four of nine for the movie.
Yeah, so not going to bed until I've watched the whole thing.

Makes up for a really lousy week.

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