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Jun. 17th, 2013 01:17 am
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Okay gang, here it is. This is the novel that is loosely based on TDC and is now in paperback form.

It will go live on amazon next week, and, when I have the money to enroll it, will eventually go up on Barnes and Nobel's web page as well. I have to pay a fee to place it outside of

If you do get a copy, could you please leave me a review to let me know what you think of it? On here is fine, but on the page would be lovely so others know what readers think of the book.
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First chapter published 23 NOV 06
Last chapter published 27 MAY 13

Reads (totaled for three archives) - 1,664,492
Reviews (totaled) - 1581
Kudos (totaled for two archives) - 790

Word count - 545,720
Chapters - 322
Journal tags - 88
Fandoms - 15
Archives posted to - 3
wiki pages - 1
fan works - 5 (that come to mind)
novels - 1.5 (the sequel is almost finished)

Again, thank you everyone. *hugs*
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As of 2015 PDT today, The Dragon Chronicles have been finished. Talk about a very bittersweet time for me. I've been working on this series for seven years. Part of me is thrilled I was able to keep it going for so long and bring it to a logical, happy conclusion. Part of me is freaking out because I don't know what to work on next, and part of me just wants to go to sleep. lol. Might have to listen to that last part.

As I said at the end of the story, to everyone who has been with me for the whole ride, new readers, old friend; folks who did fan art, icons *points* or stories of their own in this universe, THANK YOU. I don't know that I would have had the energy to continue with this story for as long as I did without all of you. I really hope you enjoy the ending I created for the story. I realize that there's still dragons on Earth and folks want to know about them, but I'm going to take a break from this universe to work on some other WIPs for a while. I might come back to this one some day. As always, watch the journal. It's the best place for news on my writing.

*hugs you all*

I'll do a statistics post for this series tomorrow.
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Personal stuff here )

I'm not planning to update anything today. I might, but I'm in the process of rereading TDC for the final time just because I fear leaving one tiny thread unaccounted for in the whole story arc and want to make sure I have everything done. If you've noticed one please let me know. I'm not to Meeting in Miami, yet, so I'm getting through it at a reasonable rate. I should be back with updates starting tomorrow depending on how I feel.
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There is a new chapter up for TDC: England. I'm considering that part done, for the moment, but leaving it as incomplete on purpose in case I want to add in a new chapter or two when I'm done. Final thoughts from Richard, Plant, Jack or Ianto.

So, that means we're heading back to the States for the final chapter set for this piece. I don't know how long it will be, I don't know how long it will take me to write, I don't know anything other than it's time to start winding this up. My thoughts and feelings from my previous long post about TDC still stand, and I don't know what I'm doing about some things. I just hope that I can make everyone happy with how I end this story. I kinda know what I'm going to be doing, it's just a question of getting there. Hell, I'm still not sure how many people are still reading the series. I do know that TDC: England has gotten the fewest read hits out of any chapter set for this piece.

Also, just to keep it included with the updates, here's the link (again) for the novel I've been talking about. I can't really call it a TDC novel as there's no tie-in at all. It has dragons, vampires, and a few surprises in it though. :) I apologize for the price, but that's the lowest it would let me set it at.
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Here we are, it just went live. This is the novel based very lightly on TDC. I really, really hope it's worth the wait I put everyone through. Trying to work out how to avoid copyright issues was a bitch.

If you read it, could you let me know what you think, please? I have a sequel to this one about a third of the way done on the first write and would like to know if readers want to see more with these characters.
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After, I think, six and a half years, the novel very loosely based on TDC is in final revision. Here's hoping folks are still excited about this.

Here's the deal. I want to keep costs down and this story available to everyone, so, it's going to be on amazon as an e-book. The only way I can afford to do a print run with create space is if I was sure there would be about a hundred people willing to pay between ten and twelve dollars for the book and I don't want to do that to people. So, I'll provide a link to the book when it goes live and a link to the e-reader that amazon offers for computers (if you don't have a kindle) so everyone can still have a chance to read this.

I'm hoping another week to ten days to get this finished up. Rough estimate, depending on RL, is early April for the book to be published on amazon.

Thank you everyone for being so patient with me on this one. Watch this space for further announcements.
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Please, do feel free to ignore if you want to. I wish lj had a way to see how many people actually read your posts. That would make my life so much easier.

Read more... )
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Here's a link to the casino bomb piece I've talked about. Even if you don't have a kindle e-reader, there's a link on the page for a reader for your computer. :-) If you read, please let me know what you think, and I appreciate the support from everyone. Keep an eye on the journal for more update information, TDC, and novels both.

TDC talk

Jul. 3rd, 2012 12:22 pm
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i haven't been idle. i do have a new chapter for TDC. but i've been wondering. should i post them as i write them and leave you hanging the long spaces between chapters - as i'm still working things out - or just let you know i'm still working on it and post all the last chapters as a group once i have them done? i'll post the one today and warn you now that it'll leave you with a lot of questions. but the debate is for the next chapters. i have my list and i have some slight idea of where i'm going. but i'm still not sure exactly what i'm going to do with a lot of things.

thanks for being so patient with me. :)


May. 31st, 2012 06:58 pm
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ok, so i just finished reading all 288 chapters of TDC and have to say i'm amazed there are so few loose ends that need to be tied up. as far as i can tell, there's three major story lines that need to be wrapped up.

1) England dragons (which i had not forgotten about)

2) Fire bombs at NCIS

3) Bombings in Miami

linked into these are the Yellow-eyed demon if i want to bring him back from hell, what's going on with John Winchester and Alan Eppes, and Gil and Nick. i suppose i should also be nice and tell you who wins the tennis matches too, but those are in second place. 
i have names picked out for the twins and a little written already on a new chapter. i might write tonight or i might wait and think on this while i work on High Stakes. i don't know, but i'll let you know what posts next.
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1) I'm not going to apologize for the RL posts. But I am sorry if you're only here for fan fiction updates and have to put up with all my other......well, oddities. At least you can see why things don't get updated as often as I would like them to.

2) I've decided that, as I'm finishing High Stakes, that I'm going to turn it into an original piece. Impossible, maybe, but with Peter and Allwyn there's so much more to the backstory that I want to explore and I think this is a way to do it. I won't abandon the project and I am working on a new chapter now. More Peter loves because, well, I love Peter. :)

3) I've started rereading TDC, and am cringing at all the mistakes in plot I'm finding. I won't pull everything and I don't have the time to rewrite it right now, but if I'm able to stay on a moderate schedule, I should be able to finish the story by fall. (note that there's a wedding, a trip, a convention and a conference in my summer which might throw the timeline a little, not to mention a possible cross-country move with my family). But I would like to wrap things up neatly and I've been working on this story for six years. I do promise not to hurry things along just to finish it up. I will tie up every loose end and end every plot twist. I just don't promise to do so in a way that will make 100% of my readers happy.

4) When I finish High Stakes, or get to a point where I want to break from it for a while, I'll post a poll on which story (OTHER THAN TDC) readers want to see worked on next. I realize that 95% of you are here for TDC, but see above. It needs a lot of time and work right now.

5) Thank you everyone for being so patient an considerate. It means a lot to me and I really, really appreciate it. I'll do my best to keep the stories coming. :)
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please don't panic, this is a good announcement. *grins* at least i think it is. i've decided it's time to get back to the grind and wrap up this story. so my question for you all is this: what loose ends do you see out there that need to be taken care of? i have a page of notes sitting next to me that have as much as i can think of on it. but i'm curious to see what you guys see as needing to be wrapped up as well.

obviously Miami is a huge point and that's where i'm going to start with the updates. there's a madness to my method here and i think it'll make sense when you see what i've done. obviously there's more deaths to come, but i think this will be the last batch - barring flames of course. i still stand by what i said last time on that one. so please, comment and let me know what you want to see talked about in the story. if it's not on my list, i'll add it on. if it is, i'll make a star next to it to remind myself that there's something there.

i'm not going to guess how long it'll take me to do this. i've got about 20 other projects going on as well, however, this is a large story arc and i've been working on it for years. i'm not going to just leave things hanging. and i think i've still got a few surprises in store for folks. i really hope you'll stay with me and finish out the story. i hope it's gonna be worth it for you.
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I hate to have to do this to everyone, but because I was flamed on the last chapter and have been having trouble with what I want to do, I'm laying down the law.
I will continue the story as planned to the best of my ability.
I will kill off characters as need be for the story line to continue as I have it planned out.
I will do whatever I need to to bring this story to it's final conclusion.

I will promptly kill off every character whether I planned to or not, take the Japanese kids back to Japan and end the story in two chapters.

I will not back down from this stance.

Reads and reviews have been dropping steadily on this story anyway as people are losing interest. I'm doing my best to write for myself, but it's hard when I've had so many wonderful folks following for so long and then abandoning me when things take a turn they don't like.

That said, I'm going to attempt to update today. We'll see where this story goes from there.
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Saaaa, I started writing the sequel to the novella today while I was at work. Jeffrey and Sammy were messing with my dreams again - the create some of the freakiest yet coolest nightmares ever - and only stopped when I promised to work on this for a while. I guess patience is not a virtue a devil has. The worst part is that I never can recall what the dreams/nightmares are about so I can't use them as story ideas. Hell, I've had Rikkai show up in some of them. Just warped.
I was going to share the first three paragraphs to the sequel to get an opinion on what you think, but realized that it would more or less spoil the entire first book. Rather a moot point, when I thought about it, because what the sequel takes for granted, the reader doesn't learn until the last chapter and a half of the novella. So, killed that idea. *snorts* Shows how tired I am. It's remarkable how sitting in a desk chair for nine hours will wipe you out. For those that are curious, remind me after I publish the first book, and I'll post the paragraphs. If this publisher doesn't want the story I'm going to self publish with Amazon and see what happens there. As this piece isn't involved with fan fiction at all, there's no copyright issues, so I'm not worried about it.
My novel on the other hand does have dragons in it kinda like TDC, but at the same time, the history is totally different as are the characters and ideas. I don't know how that one will pan out. Meh.
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I'll be using cuts to help make this shorter than it would be otherwise. And I'll break it into section too. I know what Ryoma would say right now. "Mada mada dane."

getting old )

work rant and TDC oddly enough )

In working on another project last night - trying to get the Illusion trio - I screencapped a little of DL7. I won't take this one on as a serious project for a while yet, probably a couple of weeks, but there's so much Rikkai love that I had to share a couple of them. Especially Niou. I think I spent more time capping him than anyone else. *looks around* He's just sooooo kawaii. Wish he would die his hair back though.

Prince of Tennis )

So I had to break down and put up an album for these. Maybe I'll put off the Masa project and work on this instead over the next week. It's a three hour musical plus all the bonus features I found - including a first generation talk section. I'm guessing that's going to be about fifteen or twenty hours of work total because I'll go through and cap each school separately. I'll keep my PoT friends updated on it. Should be fun.
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There are days I wonder if anyone in the casino actually knows what their job is and how to do it. I really do. Today Sauce called me on the radio to tell me that he finally decided on what type of dog to get. This was when we had four tables in play. Now, granted, I was reading a book at the time so I'm equally as guilty, but still.
I kinda started working on TDC again. I'm holding off on a couple of things until I learn more about pairings, but at the same time, I'm also getting ready to final read through the Titanic novella and get it ready to be sent off in about a week. Maybe ten days. I haven't decided on a date yet.
I will say I'm not looking forward to having to hide under my desk once these new chapters for TDC come out. *sighs* But I still maintain that it is the correct direction for the story at this point in time. I'll be curious to see if anyone else agrees with me.
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Everyone, if you haven't already - and thanks to those who have even though I haven't had time to reply - let me know your favorite pairs in TDC. I've got some ideas about what I want to do with the series, but kinda need to know what the reaction is gonna be and knowing fav pairings is a good gauge for me. Would it be easier if I did a poll on here????? I think I could work that out.

I'm hoping to update this weekend or early next week with the next chapter. I'm going to try to stay about three chapters behind what I have written so I don't run out of material to post. *crosses fingers*
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To all my TDC fans out there. What are your favorite pairings for this story??? And who are your favorite non-bonded community members? I just don't want to get into too much trouble here.

Although I have a feeling I already am. *glances under desk* I think I can still squeeze under there.
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This is for being so patient with me. *grins*

fun be here )

We closed down wicked early tonight. Like three and a half hours, actually. Which was good because I was falling asleep in the surveillance room. We went down to two players by one in the morning on two tables, which is absolutely sick. Just wrong. But I'm glad because I'm heading to bed to think through this new idea for TDC. But I can promise you that no one will like it once I type it up and post it.

I'll answer comments on Sunday. It's a day off for me and I'll be able to sleep without worrying about work and should feel more like myself. ;)

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