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Please, do feel free to ignore if you want to. I wish lj had a way to see how many people actually read your posts. That would make my life so much easier.

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Sep. 10th, 2011 09:23 pm
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i'm working on an essay on this topic, but as it's a long way from being finished (and Perky approved) i think i'll just rant for a moment about how words are the most powerful weapon in the world and, when used wrong, will cause the deepest wounds.
i honestly wish i had the Garfield cartoon on my computer where he is singing on the fence and a neighbor starts yelling at him to shut up and calls him names. Garfield takes it in stride with the childhood rhyme "sticks and stones my break my bones but words shall never hurt me" and then he gets hit full on with a dictionary. it proves a point so beautifully that words can and do wound. these aren't physical wounds (unless you drop a dictionary or thesaurus on your foot) but wounds of the soul. and wounds of the soul fester, in many ways, worse than physical wounds ever could.
words are thrown around thoughtlessly and hurt. they are hurled intentionally to hurt. either way, the wound is still there and it can take months of care to mend what was so carelessly torn asunder by those first words. and, even then, it can be hard to tell if the friendship (or whatever relationship was damaged) has truly mended.
so for all of us, friends and foe alike, take a moment to think before you speak. take your tone and attitude into consideration. would you like to hear what you are about to say directed at you? if the answer is no, then don't say it. because people won't always tell you when what you say hurts. of course, they might and you can just overlook it, but that's another problem entirely and one that won't go away without conscious effort on your part. even if you don't mean to hurt someone, you might, and then there's always that question of what could have been said differently.

Sad shape

Jun. 6th, 2011 05:10 pm
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The school system in this country should no longer be called a system. I propose we now call it an embarrassment. They are too focused on the hard sciences and computers and are letting other very important things slide by.

I cite as my example today; I asked a room with five people, two significantly older than me, Ro who is a year older than me, and two college kids if I was correct on saying that today is the anniversary for D-Day in Europe. To a person they all said, no, that's in December on the 7th. I pointed out that I wasn't talking about the attack on Pearl Harbour, but the allied invasion at Normandy. Not one of them knew the answer. Ro started talking about how she can always remember the attack on Pearl Harbour and totally changed the subject.

My dad fought in the second World War. So for all those who did, take a second to remember them today. And then think about all those who died. They deserve never to be forgotten.
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I'm doing this early because I'm depressed. See the cut at the bottom if you're curious as to why. Seems like I'm talking to myself a lot lately. *sighs*

Your favorite pairing

When I first entered the fandom I was a total Platinum pair fangirl. But I've since become extremely pissed off at Yagyuu and, while I'll still write them, my favorite pairing has switched to..........

I'm not sure when I fell in love with this pairing, but I rather suspect it has to do with my 8-some piece and how I kept putting Yukimura and Niou together along with how upset I am with Yagyuu. That's not to say all my stories with this pairing are happy, I've got a couple of torture Niou pieces, but it also spawned a Massu/Masa piece that I'm still working on.

Which leads quite neatly into the rant.

I'll put this behind a cut.
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I'm going to go play a video game.
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I do tend not to swear a lot, but I was always under the impression that if a package has a specific address on it, that's the address it needs to be delivered to, not a place where you know someone can take it to the other address because you're too damn lazy to drive your truck to the actual address.
This is the second time UPS has done this to me. The driver drops packages for me off at my mother's office rather than actually delivering them here where they are addressed. I'm really getting sick of this. My Kindle is in that package and, while I know Mum will keep it safe until I can get there, I'm pretty pissy because I wanted to charge it before I went to work today, not have to take it with me and charge it there and at Ro's house. Tonight is movie night. *grumbles about UPS* I asked Mum to ask him not to do it anymore, but apparently he can't be bothered to do his damn job.
Where's the shuttle to Rikkai?? I'm leaving the states. At least Yukimura makes people do what he wants, I mean, follow the rules. *glances around* Hope he didn't just hear that.

Oh yeah, just saw this on a Hide-chan community I'm on.
So ordering when it comes out. *grins* Those two are just everywhere together right now. Almost too much cute for my poor eyes.
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I'll put it under a cut so it doesn't take up too much space. It's about Miami and spoilers and I'm so upset that I had to go and find a new icon just for this post. That should tell ya'll something.

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Apr. 11th, 2010 07:16 am
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When I graduated high school over ten years ago, my then karate instructor and the black belts gifted me with Miss Manners' Complete Guide to Etiquette. Within the book I found some good advice, some I shall never use, and some so funny that I laughed for a week. An example is someone wrote and asked how to walk in high heeled shoes. Miss Manners replied, "right, left, right, left."

I have to wonder what Miss Manners would say about cell phones and call waiting. It is my considered opinion that since the invention of the cell phone, manners have been in a steady decline. For instance, growing up I was taught that if someone - usually Mum or my dad - was on the phone, unless it was an emergency, they were to be left alone until the conversation was over with. Now days people will walk up and start talking to someone who is on the phone regardless of where they are. It really bugs me when the person I'm talking to starts talking to the other person and interrupts our conversation.

I guess I could say that I just hate cell phones. I like the convenience of having one, but I really do wish that manners would evolve with them. And please, don't get me going on call waiting.

But I have to say, I never thought a simple picture of a coffee cup would make me smile. But it did, and for the first time tonight. Yeah, I've been going since about 5pm yesterday and just got home from work. Now it's past my bedtime.
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It seems I use that subject line a lot.

I wanted my first post of the year to be a happy post with nothing that resembled whining or the like. Well, so much for that one. *grins* I know I've written about Molly on here. The one who is convinced Ro and I are a couple and I was supposed to be in her wedding. I also haven't spoken to her since like October or something when Ro and I took her and her husband to Spokane to do their Christmas shopping and they didn't buy anything. I still wonder what the hell that trip was supposed to be about, but Ro and I got to see her family so that's the important thing. I just don't have the energy to deal with Molly anymore. Not with everything that's been going on with my dad, my mum's knee surgery and work. Basically, I have enough problems and don't need to listen to her complain about her family or our old high school classmates.
Then I got this email from her. It said merry christmas and then laid a major, and I mean major guilt trip on about the wedding - which was in June! I guess this has been hanging on for however many months that is and she's only just now talking about it, which seems like a strange way to try and stay friends with someone, really. Let's see, she's never taken the time to learn anything about fibromyalgia and how it affects me. Everything is always about her and her husband. And as best I can recall it, I worked until close to seven in the morning the day of the wedding (one of my night shifts), they started calling me at 0830 every hour on the hour, it was 45F outside with rain and I was sick as a dog and couldn't walk.
So I flat out refuse to feel guilty about a damn thing. Besides, I really am too busy right now. My dad has stopped driving all together and my mum can't at the moment because it was her right knee that was replaced, so I'm the only driver in the house at the moment. I know things will slow down as mum gets better and I'll have more time to myself again for writing and the like, but as it stands now, Molly can just go away. I schmur her. *snickers* Ro will get that one.

Let's see, no updates in the next week or so because I'm typing up the novel to speed it into peer review. The H/Mac bunny I've been working with has turned decidedly evil, but I'm liking it, so I'm also keeping it. I do have some updates finished but not typed and if I can find the odd moment here or there to do so and post, I'll let you all know. ;) It'll be older stories, nothing new, and a couple are only a chapter or two away from being finished completely. (Fork and Protector)
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Again, behind the cut. :) And huge hugs to everyone too.

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Okay, all done. I have a gazillon plot bunnies vying for attention. And none of them are novel bunnies either. I have three Naruto, two Bleach, one Godchild (awesome series) and all my usual CSI and other bunnies. I don't know when I'll be posting anything, but I'll let you know. Right now, bedtime. Yeah, still tired.
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I've got a long rant to get out of my system. And this is after I talked to Ro on the phone about it too. Yeah, that's how angry I am right now. But I'll be nice and put it behind a cut so it doesn't take up a lot of space. *grins*

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Jun. 9th, 2009 02:03 am
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Any day that starts out with an unscheduled meeting with your boss is destined to be a bad day. I should've known that when it was POURING rain and hail when I woke up and then the computers were down at the local DMV (someone stole my registration stickers from my car) and I couldn't find the manga I wanted before work.
In a nutshell my manager is in a pissed off mood and wants to fire people. Okay, fine, it isn't anyone in my department so if people are being stupid enough to get their asses fired, that's their problem, right? Heh, heh....no. The manager needs a paper trail to fire dealers, so guess who gets the honor(?) of helping to create that paper trail.
Yeah. Me and my two surveillance officers.
In the past we've had to do three dealer evaluation sheets per shift, so six dealers got evaluated on any given day. We have a log sheet to be sure that the evaluations are spread out over the month so no one is flooded with them and no one is really left out. Oh yeah, that just got thrown out the window. Well, it would have if my surveillance room had a window. Out the door, maybe.
We now have to do a minimum of three evaluations per shift with as many as seven or eight depending on how many dealers we have on shift at any given time. So I figure with each evaluation taking twenty minutes of time, plus other stuff I have to do my writing time at work has been effectively halved in one strike. *pouts*

I'm thinking that, to be fair to my fan fiction, that every time I finish a novel chapter I'll update a fan fiction piece. This is going to mean TONS longer between updates - even more so than what I'm at now - but I'm not going to let anything just die out. I know everyone will be patient with me *HUGE HUGS* while this is going on. Hopefully the rants from the main office will die down in a couple of months and we'll be back to normal.

I hate having to be mean to people. Especially stupid people who can't see that they bring it on themselves (Ro knows who I'm talking about) and want to blame someone else for their mistakes.

still here

May. 25th, 2009 10:36 pm
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And I was in a bouncy mood too. Until last night anyway.
Terry Pratchett talks about inspirations sheeting down through the universe randomly making connections with minds. I tend to believe him because I know I have some really random ideas, some of which make no sense. Those - obviously - aren't meant for me. Sucks, but there it is.
So I've been worrying that I'd have to take TDC down if I sent the novel off to the publisher because of the whole copyright issue, which I totally understand. It would suck because I'd have to stop working on the series and let everything hang where it is, let you all down, etc.
But I had an idea that would totally separate the novel from the fan fiction (a different way the dragons could have become humans), also the novel humans have talents of their own and the bond is different. So I think that means I can leave the fan fiction up and keep working on it. Well, at least until I get the novel published. Then we'll see what the lawyers say.

Also I found a CD (Legend of Twins) that I'd been searching everywhere for and was able to download it. Its a Japan release not out in the states or on iTunes yet, so I'm really, really happy about that one. But the program I downloaded - winzip - to open the CD file gave my computer yet another trojan virus. I mean, really. Seriously? That's FIVE since the start of the year.

So, long story short (too late) I'm back to scanning every bloody file on the computer with three different systems. I have chapters for some folks - Jess and Steph - that I'll get to just as soon as I can and I know its safe to send back to you guys. The last thing I want to do is get someone else's computer sick. *grumble*

I am so taking my tax refund and buying a Mac.


May. 7th, 2009 12:34 am
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I'm really getting sick of our local - and by local I do mean Spokane which is about an hour and a half away - news station. They happen to be the CBS providers for the area. I was really excited about Criminal Minds tonight, got my night shift guy to come in early for me (I was covering a shift) and got home in plenty of time.
Then the stupid news station breaks in with a weather alert that's nowhere near us. This is the second week in a row that they've done this to me during Criminal Minds so I have no clue what's going on in the show. I swear if they do it again next week they're going to get a very nasty email from me.

Now to the point of the subject line. They always do their news teasers during the shows. Tonight they were talking about a police station that is having budget problems so they're firing their dog. I've heard of working for chicken feed before, but dog food?? And I have no clue if they mean the handler too or not. But seriously, firing a DOG??? *points at icon*
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At times like these I like to quote Muppet Treasure Island.
"I hate my life" - Jim
"I hate your life too" - Gonzo
"If I had a life I'd hate it" - Rizzo

It snowed last night. Like blizzard force winds and blinding snow. I have frost nip and its almost April!!!! Not to mention I found out I don't work with any gentlemen, not to mention decent human beings. Yeah, its back to barely able to stand up, let alone sit or walk and they all left me in the parking lot struggling with horizontal snow and winds to scrape off my damn car. Makes me want to beat them all senseless with my cane.

So, obviously, everything is on hold. If you're awaiting an email (or beta, Jess) I will get to it as soon as I possibly can. It just hurts to sit right now. Or think.

But I did find out why the fan fic bunnies have all run away and hidden. The novel bunnies are out with guns demanding that I finish the story and start the sequel now. *sigh* On the plus side, it does mean it'll go to New York that much faster.

My folks are starting to talk about moving south for all of our health. I told them to find me a place where the weather isn't crazy like it is here, no hotter than about 85F in the summer and a good doctor who believes in and will treat fibromyalgia and I'll go. They're thinking the highlands of Arizona in a couple of years when Mum retires. Maybe sooner if I keep getting so sick.

I think that's it. Oh, wait, nope its not. I had a really good Naruto joke the other night - even if Ro didn't think it was funny. We've started watching Shippuden and I had her roommate's kitten asleep on my tummy. I came up with the idea for the kitten - Callie - to be a ninja kitty and fight with the gentle paw. So I told Ro "eight tri-grams, sixty-four paws!" Yeah, she wasn't amused. Neji probably wouldn't be either.
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When I have internet I have no updates. Now that I have updates and a new story, I have no internet. *rolls eyes* I'm at Ro's place online while she's cooking. She's doing tons better, but is still sick.
So I'll get the problem fixed, but as it stands right now it looks like I won't be online at home until Monday at the earliest. It sucks.
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Not really spoilers, but I'll put it behind a cut, just in case.

CPR rant kinda )

And a new icon too. Ro has me hooked on Naruto - go ahead and laugh, Ro, I know you want to. Trust me, she's been giggling like Dr. Frankenstein on drugs the past few days. But its really Kakashi that I like. I'm thinking crossover style fic where Danny sees an episode and gets the mask to tease Mac with it. A silk mask on bare skin, hmmmm, the possiblities. *evil snicker*
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I've been away from the computer since Wednesday. Ro and I made a deal that if I watch Naruto she'll watch House. And she got to go first. So yes, I'm still writing, but my past couple of days have been spent either in meetings at work or at Ro's house watching TV.

I realized that High Stakes won't work unless I post the four new chapters I'm still working on. I have two and a half done, I need to write out the Horatio-Speed fight in the last one and then I swear I'll update. I know, I keep saying that and you guys are awesome for hanging on and waiting so patiently.

The application package is due the 31, so I'm frantically working there as well.

And don't get me going about work. *rolls eyes*
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Story is here. )
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Apparently my sense of humor isn't appreciated around here either. *sigh*
I was making curtains to hang over my door to mask the noise my folks make during the day - I'm a night owl by nature and like to sleep in when I don't have class. They're not careful about being quite - and needed a needle and some thread. I know that mum has some in her room as she's the crafty person in the house so I went down to borrow what I needed. She was in the kitchen and said that she needed to ask me a question. To which I replied "yes, no, left, the color purple, 42, and I didn't."
She wasn't amused.

Updates coming soonly. I know I keep promising that. I'll deliver with something that will knock your socks off. Or sandals if you happen to live in a warm climate. *grin*
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My mum and me alone for any length of time is apparently not a good thing. She said, and I quote, "you have become a complely negative person who has put up mental blocks against everything. I spoke with my PT today and they said that the cane has to be used on the opposite side of an injury. But if you want to immitate a stupid actor on TV then go ahead. And maybe you should major in TV watching while you're at it."

I brought up the point that I have to use the cane on the same side because my right shoulder is a mess of scar tissue that, when it becomes inflamed by an additional pressure (which is pretty much anything other than walking around and even that doesn't always work) I get horrible pain in my shoulder and chest and it can take me out of action for up to three days. And now she's not even talking to me, which might actually be a good thing. At least I can escape to work for a while and get out of here. She's not going back to work until January - so this isn't gonna end any time soon. *sigh*

My updates were on hold for term papers. I have one more to type/edit and then that just leaves a presentation and two exams and I'm finished with school. If my knee wasn't so bad I'd do the dance of joy (and if you recoginze that quote, I'll be impressed). TDC is being updated by hand in my notebooks until the mafia princess and I finish rereading a couple of things to make sure that my planned story line for Reid/Hotch and House/Chase will work out. If I mentioned one tiny detail the whole thing will fall apart. But I'm fairly sure I didn't. At least I hope I didn't. And then other updates will follow. I do promise. Once school is out I'll have tons of time to write - some of that will be novel chapters as my goal is to get the damn thing in the mail by the time I go back to classes in September 09.

I wanted to do an independant entry on last week's CM, but this will have to do because I don't recall everything I wanted to say. I almost spit out my root beer when Jason Alexander intro'd himself as Professor Rothschild. We spent two days talking about the family in my Holocaust class. And everyone in class got the joke when I told them about it. So that was a lot of fun. And I have to say that Rossi really went up in my opinion with that episode, both as an actor and character. He's still growing on me. *grin*

I promise updates just as soon as I can. This is my Thanksgiving break week and I do have a couple of things to finish up, but I'll see what I can do. And I also promise not to vanish like this again. *Grin* It's just been hard to sit at the desk/computer of late. Bad weather.

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