Mar. 10th, 2014 07:40 pm
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I just found out that my books are listen on the app goodreads. I don't know how it happened because I was told that because I'm primarily an amazon associate, they couldn't be listed. I suspect it's because my publishing company has started offering free external enrollment for books, but that's just a suspicion rather than a firm fact.

Regardless, all the books are there. *bg* So I was wondering, if you happen to use the app, and you've read any of my novels, could you take a second and go review it for me? I know it's a shorter process on goodreads than it is on amazon. It would really mean a lot to me.

Also, if you've read and liked any of my books, could you possibly share the link to my author page with others you think might like the books as well?

On another note, I've figured out Twitter. You can find me @woodlandpugs and I've been doing novel updates on there. You'll have to put up with my GAC retweets, but that's a new important part of my life. Facebook page is still running in dribs and drabs. I need to start up a blog for my novels on a blog page so I can link it to amazon, but haven't had a chance to get around to that yet.

Meet Nigel

Dec. 23rd, 2013 12:47 pm
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Nigel has come up in a conversation and I realized that I don't think I've shared a picture of him before. He's our garden dragon that we've had for years, you can tell with how worn he's become. Mum let Remington and me name him and we both thought back to an old TV show called Square 1 and their spoof Mathnet. In it, the detectives were interviewing a British rock band. In the middle of the interview, out of nowhere, one of them says, "I've got a dog named Nigel. And a Nigel named Dog." It stops things for a moment, but they go back to their questioning until the same guy stands up and plays an air guitar rift. The junior detective asks him how he did that, because there was music with no guitar. The guy says, "bloody well I thought. I wrote that. Nigel didn't like it. And neither did Dog."

So here's Nigel.
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 First thing I searched on here was "Agents of SHIELD" and found a fan community that I joined. I only just had a chance to read through the introductions post, haven't done my own (bad Lexxie) and the first one was written in a very familiar tone. So many things just sounded familiar to me as I went through, so I went to their journal.

Found a FAQ post on there talking about the owner of the journal. Got to number six and found my suspicions were confirmed.


Tell me, someone good at math, what the odds are on that. Seriously. What are the bloody odds. So I messaged her on Facebook asking about it. I'll have to tell her the whole story when she replies back. It's middle of term so it'll be a few days. :) I love that my sisters (she's gay and in a partnership) are both into fandom. Sis more than her partner, but still. It's pretty win.

Okay, I'm really being naughty here. I'm supposed to be finishing up a rough in the "Consequences" universe. Back to writing. I'm hoping to have the rough done by tomorrow. Goal is to have it listed on amazon before I go to England next month. I think I'll make that deadline.
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Hey all,
I'm going to slowly make my way over here from livejournal. I've heard lots of good things about the page and figured I'd give it a try. If you recognize me (or even if you don't) go ahead and add me. I'd love to find some of my old writing friends if they've moved over here. So, yeah, I'm trying to keep things as easy as possible for this. Same user name and lots of the same icons. Hopefully that'll help. I don't know if it will or not, but I can hold out hope.

Talk to you all later. :)
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Well, my stomach is feeling better. When I say that, I mean it's no longer trying to crawl up my chest and out of my mouth whenever I think about food. I wish there was some magical cure to make me feel better, but the weather has stabilized for a week and I really think that's playing a role in this. Whatever the hell it is, I'll take it. :) I don't like feeling sick.

I haven't said anything about the 12th Doctor, yet, but have had a couple of days to watch interviews with him and see some of his history and I think he'll be an interesting Doctor. More towards the Classic era than we've had in the new episodes, but it's time to take a look back towards Classic, I think. I saw a wonderful quote from Neil Gaiman about how regenerations are running out and the fandom is panicking. He said that he believes (and made it a point to say this is not cannon) that the Time Lords can regenerate as many times as they want, but going past body 13 is dangerous and has consequences. Given how the Master looked in his 13th body, I can really believe that. *shudders* Then again, there was other stuff with him that added to how he looked, so that's neither here nor there. I also like the idea of an older Doctor again. The dynamic between him and Clara is going to change and I agree with something I saw on pintrest, he'll be more of a father figure now. The best friend dynamic is back and that makes me so happy. *grins*

Great, I have stupid in count and stupid in cage.

Okay, anyway, back to Doctor Who. I'm not saying I'm not going to miss Matt. I'm probably going to have a shock blanket and box of tissues with me at Christmas time. I also have to watch the episode alone because I have no local Whovian friends who will be in town that day to watch it with me. Matt is far and away my favorite Doctor since Four and I was heartbroken when he regenerated. I'm also excited to see what new energy Peter is going to bring to the role and the show. This is going to be very interesting. I do hope they do more with River because I'd love to see the change in dynamic there. :)

My trip is getting ever closer. I'm so excited I can't wait. I need to print off a few more directions and then all I need are tickets/hotel/transportation. The travel agent isn't exactly quick on these things. I think I might need to poke at her again. I found the picture I want to take in case of a Matt autograph, but haven't found one for Tom Baker yet. Still need to do that. Also wish the convention page would update with more information. I really am not too impressed with these guys. Oh well, one day out of ten and with fellow fans. Hopefully I can find some people to talk to.


Magical my ass

2 + 1 = Love


We'll See

Leap of Faith

Dust Monkey


Least Expect 6
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Personal stuff here )

I'm not planning to update anything today. I might, but I'm in the process of rereading TDC for the final time just because I fear leaving one tiny thread unaccounted for in the whole story arc and want to make sure I have everything done. If you've noticed one please let me know. I'm not to Meeting in Miami, yet, so I'm getting through it at a reasonable rate. I should be back with updates starting tomorrow depending on how I feel.
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Please, do feel free to ignore if you want to. I wish lj had a way to see how many people actually read your posts. That would make my life so much easier.

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My little boy turns nine today. I asked him if he knew what that was in human years. He just looked at me. There are days when I think he wonders how smart I am.

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Apr. 19th, 2012 01:33 pm
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Guess who I get to go see in June with Ro.....

guess before you clicky )

I'm really, really excited. Granted they only released the seats after all the season ticket holders had theirs, so we're almost up at the roof, but still. it's like when we went to see elton john, hearing is more important than seeing in a lot of cases. *Grins* i iz bouncy.


Apr. 11th, 2012 10:46 pm
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THE RULES: Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to wipe out my answers and supply your own. After, choose at least 10 people to be tagged. If you were tagged, it's because I want to know more about you.

Let others know a little more about yourself! Re-post this as your name followed by "ology".

so, i have a ton of writing friends that i could tag in this, but i'm too lazy and sleepy to go through my f-list and do it. so i'll be like perky and say if you want to do this, please do. :)

it's mostly all here. some of it is there. *points* )

new hair do

Feb. 9th, 2012 12:11 am
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i spent almost four hours in the salon today and spent $140 on my new hair color/cut. i can't tell by looking at the pics if you can see the color streaks or not. i might have to have ro take a pic of me out in the sun tomorrow. oh, wait, it's supposed to rain all day. never mind. no sun. *rolls eyes*

anyway, here it be. hey, you can see the bracelet nem made me too. bonus!
i look like Severus Snape )
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                   HAPPY NEW NYA =^.^=

I hope tonight is a fun night and the coming year wonderful for all my friends on livejournal.
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i don't carry more than one bag when i travel, so i have to have a tote that fits into my bag where i can put things i need whilst i'm on the plane. this year i'm making a new one.

pics here )

this is one side. the paints have to cure for 24 hours, so i'll do the other side tomorrow. :)
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it took me 22 hours to do, but i watched all 7a Harry Potter movies over a period of two days. watching them makes me think i might think about the possibility of rejoining the HP fandom. not seriously, i left because of flamers, but i can always post here and on WWOMB. i'm playing around with an idea now and i have a couple of others that i might write up. it all really depends on how much time i have.
right now though, i have to head to bed. 0630 is a ghastly hour to have to get up when you're used to working swing shift. i almost wish my mum had more faith in me to take care of things until i left. i know she's trying to make things easier on me, but i don't know how i feel about having to live with a complete stranger for ten days. i'm only at work for five of those. maybe i'll just hide up in my room the rest of the time. *sighs* and then, Mexico for a week. that will be fun. i'm hoping to get a lot of reading done and finish up some stories that i'm working on. still debating about hauling the computer down with me. given how stupid the TSA is about my cane most of the time, i probably won't.
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just some random pics i've had on my cell phone memory card for a while and decided to post. i guess i'm in a picture mood rather than a writing mood right now.

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i knew my kid brother and his fiancee were arriving today. the fact that we hadn't heard anything from either of them isn't too unusual, they're both physics grad. students and busy (not to mention spacy at times) but mum finally got my brother's best friend to email him and found out that a) they were flying in at 2300 from the east coast and b) they had no clue how they were going to get from Spokane to here. mum was just going to go pick them up, but she has to be at work at 0900 today whereas i'm used to being up late, so i offered to drive up and get them. mum said she wasn't going to ask because i get headaches driving her car and the fiancee can't be in my car because of all the animal hair involved. i told mum i'd just deal with the headache as best i could and would go pick them up to save her the trouble of it.
there was snow on the ground when i woke up this morning.
luckily the roads were just wet going up at 2100 (it takes about an hour and a half one way to Spokane) but the fog was really bad in places, so i got up there right about 2250 and walked down and into the airport just as they were coming down the exit ramp from the gate area. i ask where they are planning to stay. my brother says that's an interesting question because the hotel they're staying at isn't expecting them until tomorrow night and has no night clerk on duty. *sighs* and then he tells his fiancee he's not sure what their bag looks like. i looked at him and said that one of them needed to learn how to plan and travel. he laughed and said "not it." he is very much my kid brother. we talked on the drive down about a lot of things, mainly his research and plans for the spring. his funding is in question so he's not sure what's going on there. my two favorite things we talked about though.
1) there's a secret cult in England whose founder was walking in Scotland and crossed the border into France one day. (yes, i did think Hetalia for a minute before the illogic of the statement caught up with me)
2) there are invisible men that follow us around all the time and never interact with us. are they really there or is someone making this up? (this was in reply to a conversation on religion)
we found them a hotel, i imagine they're both asleep at this point as they're on east coast time. i'm heading to bed as soon as i get some chapstick. i have to work in a few hours.

sorry i missed chat tonight. *hugs girls* i'll try and come on when i get home from work, but it depends on family.
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Nov. 20th, 2011 02:22 pm
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ro woke me up this morning and asked me to bring my computer to work. her Mac suddenly decided not to read her external hard drive, so her older sister said to try it on mine. that didn't work, we're going to try my PC tomorrow and hope that the Best Buy folks will be able to recover her data if the PC doesn't work. bottom line is, i have my computer at work and it is totally dead. that means i can work on x-mas fics and actually have a moderately productive day here rather than just reading the last book in Jim Butcher's other series. no matter how badly i want to know how it ends. *grins* i need to get these fics written.
the best part of the day is that LY isn't here. that means i don't have to deal with her or her idiot boyfriend until Saturday. that makes me happy. WB is here, but he's been moderately okay the past couple of weeks. i still don't trust him, but i can at least work with him.
i don't know why we don't have special holiday hours. this is just a waste of resources. not that i really mind. i'll take getting paid to write. *snickers*
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just stuff

Oct. 8th, 2011 11:46 pm
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there's the France icon. *snickers* although i really do wonder what he wants to do to everyone. that beep can be annoying at times. i made one for Japan too

but can't think of phrases for any other character that work well as icons. well, i suppose Austria could have one, but it might be a little insulting.

i still can't eat at work, but i managed a little rice tonight without the immediate dash i've been doing. i might truly be on the mend now. =^.^= i just know i'm going to be sick of grape juice before this is all over with. it settles better on my stomach when it's empty than apple juice does. and, having re-read that sentence, i'm going to do some research for a story and go to bed. if i'm writing things *that* convoluted then i don't need to be writing at all.

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