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Does anyone else want to know about the cameras over table 8? no, they are not working! i don't know when they will be fixed. i am not a mind-reader nor am i a certified camera operator. besides, i cannot walk today and would not be able to climb a ladder to begin with. contact the bloody tech agency if you want to know when the cameras will be repaired.

work rant

Aug. 1st, 2010 12:10 am
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What I find it so hard to understand is why my managers do not seem to understand that we need to spend money to keep the casino running. I swear trying to talk to them about my 15 year old second hand system is like pulling teeth. I've got a ghost in the system messing with one of my cameras - the only moving camera that is even close to working correctly - and they refuse to even listen to me. My greatest fear is that the system is just going to crash beyond anything I can do to jury-rig it and we'll be shut down for weeks and lose more money than they would have to spend to upgrade the surveillance system.

I'm not sure what else I can do, though. We've hung on longer than I thought we were going to, which is frankly a miracle in and of itself. Especially considering that this system also went through the construction of the new casino without ever being turned off so there's still dust and likely sawdust and other grime from that screwing with things. And the system was second hand to begin with, the owner was too cheap to buy a new system for this casino. And still is, now that I think about it. I have no idea what Monday is going to bring, but it's my only day shift this week because James is going on holiday and my day shift officer isn't rained to work nights yet. He will be in a couple of months, but he's also a college student and I can't imagine he'll want to work nights and then wake up for classes. And I really don't mind working nights too much. It keeps me away from the managers.

Another random picture of the sky. This is a couple months ago. I've got upload the newer pics I've been taking.

This was taken while driving home from work. That's Moscow Mountain in the background.
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I am seriously starting to loathe this woman who comes in every night and plays three dollars a hand and keeps us open by being the only player in the casino for two whole hours. I mean, really. Can't she get the hint when they start putting chairs up on the tables? Maybe when there's no one but employees standing around watching her play?
Yeah, I got some good reading time in - the new Forensic Examiner magazine was awesome this time around - and the new books were good too, but seriously. It's annoying as hell when all we want to do is leave and sleep.

My parents are in Mexico right now and, as a surprise for my mother, I'm cleaning the house/cars and getting the guest room ready for my kid brother's visit next month. So my exercise level is higher than it's been in weeks. Add that on to taking care of the animals and the normal daily chores around the house and working graveyard shift, I'm not in the best mood right now.

Maybe I'll have to write the Sanada tortures Atobe story tonight. If I'm still this pissy when I wake up.


Apr. 21st, 2010 02:48 am
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i still hate tuesdays. why is it that one day of the week has to be so bad? it's not even the first day that i work for the week. granted i don't have two days off in a row, but i do the schedule and i like it like that because i switch between day and night. i sit in a room by myself and only have to deal with people via phone and radio. i just don't get why the day is so bad for me every bloody week. okay, the fact that i had to work 9.5 hours today and will again tomorrow (tues/wed) sucks yeggs big time, but that's the only way to keep the bosses happy, aka no overtime in my department. for the most part the players were behaving themselves. the dealers were all being idiots (not everything is about you, ro) but that's nothing new, they always are.

there was one really great moment. okay, two. as one of the oldest (in terms of time worked not age) dealers put it, "your street cred is the bomb" which i take to mean i scare people. i like to have the rules followed so there's less chance of anyone getting in trouble at a later date. but i don't think i'm that scary. i think the rumors about me make me out to be worse than i am - not that i do anything to discourage this, of course, it makes my job easier.
so, okay, i know for a fact that the new security guy, jason, is scared of me. megan gets on the radio and asks him to come unlock the day cashier's tip box so she can cash out and go home. he comes on and asks if no is an option. i went on and said that it wasn't because i was still working. he was at the cage like a shot. *snickers* and i was still being polite to him.
the second one was when the night pit boss - who i HATE - asked who was in surveillance. i replied that it was me and his behavior changed. he started going by the book, calling things in promptly and behaving himself.

when my night shift guy showed up at midnight - yeah, so going to bed here - he asked if i could lie to everyone and say that he'd called in sick and i was working all night so they'd behave themselves. i'm kinda enjoying this now. it used to really bug me, but that was when i didn't know what people were saying about me. now i know and it just makes me laugh.

but the day still sucks yeggs.
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Fan fiction news: I took a look at my read count on TDC, and realized that it's down. Part of this is my fault. I don't update nearly as often or as much as I used to. I think the casino is sucking out my soul. But it got me to wondering if interest in fan fiction is down in general. I can't risk one of the polls because livejournal has been crashing my computer of late and I have downloads running - jdramas that I can't wait to watch - and will lose if my browser shuts down. Soooooooo, I'll just ask here. How much are you guys still hanging on with me? I've got some ideas for TDC - Jess, I need to email you about a thought for feedback- that will likely get me killed. *glances under desk* I suppose I could just hide out under there. Some stories are almost done, but need that last little tweek to get them where I want them.

hugs to everyone

RL *sighs*

Feb. 22nd, 2010 11:51 pm
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I'd like to just stop the world for a couple of days so I could have a break. Seriously. I know I say this a lot, and I'm happy to actually have a job with how the economy is right now, especially with the fact that I work in a casino and we could totally go out of business if the economy tanks too badly. But having problems at work messes with my writing. When I get upset or depressed I just don't want to write fan fiction, unless I'm working on a sad story of course. ;) And I have no sad stories right now. Or, at least I don't think I do with living plot bunnies. First Time doesn't really count at this point.

The poor cat had surgery for his ear and, while the stitches were in, was fine. The day after Jinx's stitches came out the hematoma came back so now we're trying to figure out what to do next. At least my mum is home - and wasn't upset that I took him to the vet - and can make the decisions. I'm worried that he'll have to have his ear amputated to deal with this, although I think the next step is a drain stitched into his ear. That just sounds messy.

Work is work. The new guy they gave me from poker caused a massive meltdown this weekend. I found dirty dishes and used napkins lying around. How bloody hard is it to clean up after yourself at work?? So I put up a nasty note and have a feeling that my surveillance room will be cleaned by next weekend. That's the punishment for not cleaning up after yourself. Cleaning the whole room. I can't suspend him because James and I are already having to work a weird schedule because of Jeff - which doesn't make either of us happy - so I asked my manager for help with punishments if Jeff doesn't start doing his bloody job. And I'm not just talking about cleaning up after himself.

My parents had a blast in Mexico and I really don't know that mum wanted to come home again. But she's only going to have to work for another two years of so, and I think she can manage that. My father is having good days and bad days - not health wise, but memory wise. He somehow managed to lose his wallet with everything out at the mall so we're having fun trying to cancel accounts and get new cards issued from the credit card companies. The worst part is I think he was old fashioned enough to still carry his social security card in there, and that's one of the worst things in the world to lose. So I don't know what all they're doing there as they haven't asked me for much help on that one. But, then again, I work two days on, one off, three on, one off, so things can get interesting around the house.

I managed to break a major writer's block on the second novel in my series and have actually been working on drafting that out while things are still fresh. I still have some fan fictions pieces to type and upload when I have the chance, but my finger is back to bothering me, so I don't know what's going to happen. All I can say there is just stay alert and I'll put up the usual update notes on here. And I'm working on a couple of Fuma no Kojiro fan fiction pieces. I'll make sure to put up pics of the guys in them when I post. *Grins*

As always, hugs and thanks for your patience with me.


Nov. 16th, 2009 11:30 pm
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Ro made me promise not to write a novel on here tonight because then she'd have to read it all. *grins* Honestly, I doubt she cares, but just to be safe....I'm kidding, Ro.

My dad is doing okay. He's monitoring his fluid intake really closely and his BP and taking his meds. He'll see the neurologist on Thursday and the internist on Friday and then we'll know more. Right now though it looks like things are all working out okay and maybe the nightmare month and ten days (but who is counting?) will be over and done with.

So, new icon. It refers to work. My day shift surveillance officer quit with no notice and while my night shift guy was on a week's holiday. The managers had transfered a sick dealer back to surveillance while James was on holiday and, fortunately, I get to keep him (his name is Brad, goes by Sauce) until he's better and/or we hire someone to replace him. That was the first thing that happened this weekend. The second is that Chris (of Chris and Cody slash fame *snickers*) and a couple of dealers and I all think we had a money launderer in the casino this weekend. Even if he wasn't doing anything illegal, it's still really suspicious to have a ton of chips in front of you/in your pocket and keep buying in with bills. I started all the paperwork and have been watching tape for the past two days to make sure that I can track this guy - and the guy we suspect was his partner - from table to table and the money trail. And I have the headache to prove it too. :)
I sent an email to Ro asking her to tell the Sunday day floor about the guy in case he came back in. She printed it out and took it into Paula, who took it seriously. This is where the fun begins. The night floor - Josh - used to be the manager until he screwed everything up so bad that they demoted and transfered him. Then, after he'd screwed up another casino more or less just as badly, they demoted him from there and he came back to deal with us. His wife was fired for some reason or another and, when the managers were desperate, rehired. So they both think that they still run the casino *rolls eyes* and they know everything regardless if they are around or not. I love Josh to death, but there are days when I just want to Gibbs' smack him. When they came in and Paula showed them the email, they both more or less called me a liar, which Bri (the wife) kept up today. What really gets me is that she wasn't there during the time that Chris and I were watching these guys, so she doesn't know what she's talking about to begin with, but that's neither here nor there, and certainly won't make her keep quiet.
Next, because I was doing tape reviews, I wasn't watching live play and so I was taken by surprise when Megan called in a fill. The reason she did it is because the security guard doesn't like phones. I guess, anyway, he never goes near one when he's at work. I told her that I had a funny story to tell her. I came in early for Sauce on Saturday and Denise - one of the cashiers - cornered Sauce and more or less demanded to know why she wasn't warned that I was coming on early. I asked Megan if I was that hard to work with, meaning it as a joke, and security said yes. Megan turns around and says something along the lines of, "you're too serious about your job so everyone is scared to work with you. They hate working with you."
I was in tears the rest of the day.
And that's on top of all the crap I was dealing with all weekend, plus my father.
I quit. I don't know how to be normal, so I just won't talk to anyone any more. Then they'll really get to see how serious about my job I can be.
When did it get bad to want to make sure people follow the rules???
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Again, behind the cut. :) And huge hugs to everyone too.

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Okay, all done. I have a gazillon plot bunnies vying for attention. And none of them are novel bunnies either. I have three Naruto, two Bleach, one Godchild (awesome series) and all my usual CSI and other bunnies. I don't know when I'll be posting anything, but I'll let you know. Right now, bedtime. Yeah, still tired.


Jun. 9th, 2009 02:03 am
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Any day that starts out with an unscheduled meeting with your boss is destined to be a bad day. I should've known that when it was POURING rain and hail when I woke up and then the computers were down at the local DMV (someone stole my registration stickers from my car) and I couldn't find the manga I wanted before work.
In a nutshell my manager is in a pissed off mood and wants to fire people. Okay, fine, it isn't anyone in my department so if people are being stupid enough to get their asses fired, that's their problem, right? Heh, heh....no. The manager needs a paper trail to fire dealers, so guess who gets the honor(?) of helping to create that paper trail.
Yeah. Me and my two surveillance officers.
In the past we've had to do three dealer evaluation sheets per shift, so six dealers got evaluated on any given day. We have a log sheet to be sure that the evaluations are spread out over the month so no one is flooded with them and no one is really left out. Oh yeah, that just got thrown out the window. Well, it would have if my surveillance room had a window. Out the door, maybe.
We now have to do a minimum of three evaluations per shift with as many as seven or eight depending on how many dealers we have on shift at any given time. So I figure with each evaluation taking twenty minutes of time, plus other stuff I have to do my writing time at work has been effectively halved in one strike. *pouts*

I'm thinking that, to be fair to my fan fiction, that every time I finish a novel chapter I'll update a fan fiction piece. This is going to mean TONS longer between updates - even more so than what I'm at now - but I'm not going to let anything just die out. I know everyone will be patient with me *HUGE HUGS* while this is going on. Hopefully the rants from the main office will die down in a couple of months and we'll be back to normal.

I hate having to be mean to people. Especially stupid people who can't see that they bring it on themselves (Ro knows who I'm talking about) and want to blame someone else for their mistakes.


Apr. 4th, 2009 07:28 am
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At work the other day I noticed a dealer make a mistake on the table she was dealing and pay a customer when she should have taken his money. I reported it to the pit boss like I'm supposed to and then went back and reviewed her twenty minute rotation on the table to make sure it wasn't an intentional payout. That is actually something we have to be on the lookout for. The good news there was that she made an honest mistake. The bad news, on the other hand, was that she and another dealer broke two major rules - and she made money off of it. That I didn't have any choice on - I reported to both the pit boss and management as well as making a copy of the footage for management.
I worked with her the next day and she was really abrupt with me and just pissy. So I figured that she'd found out that she was in trouble over what I reported to the bosses and was mad at me for it. I mentioned it to my manager and was told that there's no way that was likely because no one should've known who was in surveillance that day. Well, its not like I hide in the cave the whole time, I do go out to walk and use the restroom, so its possible she saw me.
Then Ro talked to her and was told that, "girl Alex got me suspended."

*blinks* I got her suspended?? It seems to me that her breaking the rules got her suspended, but if she wants to be a kid about it and blame someone else, that's her problem. In the meantime, I have to keep a low profile at work because the other dealer got suspended as well and I'm pretty sure he knows it was me. So I'm kinda on the black list right now with the dealers.

I've said it before, we couldn't bundle the casino and sell it as a reality show or a soap opera. No one would believe its real, there's too much drama in the place.


Jan. 6th, 2009 11:56 pm
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Work rant

Aug. 25th, 2008 12:13 am
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It's a long one so I'll hide it under a cut. And I know that Ro will be the first to comment/add on to this because she's been around during everything as well. *headdesk* repeatedly.

Work rant

Aug. 11th, 2008 11:37 pm
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Before I start on the rant, let me say that this is mainly to make myself feel better after the really bad day I had. *grin* If things keep up like this, a few people are going to find themselves in my novels and/or fan fiction and seriously won't like the results.

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