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hiro is talking about soccer. can i touch his kitty ball? *kitten eyes*

i've got the monthly radio show on. i misread the kanji of the guest. it's Spain's seiyuu, Go-san. we haven't gotten there yet. they're talking about the Olympics and countries. Italy popped up, then hiro started perving on Germany and i took a side trip into Hetalia. okay, i really hope i misheard that. Iceland, Finland and kickboxing. oh well. there's been a lot of hiro giggles and i love hiro giggles.

then there was this.


i was looking for an answer for tomorrow's 30 days of meme and found that instead. i got the giggles (hiro just got the right answer on something. no clue, but he's right.) really badly when i saw how that picture ended up. if you don't get it, go watch Hitchhiker's Guide. then look at it again.
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I read the translation right! It's the Hirokitachi on Hiro's monthly radio show. The page updated. I cannot *wait* to get home and record this one. And fangirl over it. And listen to it over and over and over again. I cannot believe I get the Hirokitachi for the radio show. I'm so wicked excited. Just looking at the pic of them together is making me giggle. Sexy voices are just a bonus here. I want to go home now, but I'm working an long shift today so Jason can come in a little late. Or I wish I could listen to it now and when I get home. Why can't I listen to it now? I deserve something good. For some reason, Ro is working today so I have to deal with her face all day today. Come on, let me have something good. (come on, make him French) I love sexy oniisan too. lol. Now that would be a win show. Hiro and Masaya together. How many beeps would we have in one hour? Oh, I'm so excited. I just know the shift is going to totally drag by and I'll be sleepy when I get home. Not that it matters, I'm listening to this no matter what happens. I've been waiting patiently for the show to post to see if I had read Twitter right. And I had. It's the Hirokitachi. Hirokitachi for the win. I am so excited.

for anyone who doesn't know, the Hirokitachi are Takahashi Hiroki (Japan) and Yasumoto Hiroki (Germany). Two men with super sexy voices and exceedingly huge dorkage ratios.
sexy oniisan is Onosaka Masaya (France)

yes, I'm using Hetalia for my reference point today. lol. I don't know why. Well, I don't think Hiroki-san has joined the tenipuri dorkage yet. they are all in Bleach, however.
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This was so worth the wait. DS game, drama cd and a little model of the school to put together and play with. 
not that I'll be able to do that until after the move, but still. *grins*

The game starts out with Roma ojiichan, for some reason, and then you get to go in and meet everyone, as introduced by France and England. It turns out that this is a dating game, which I didn't realize in time so I didn't get my first date. Not a huge deal, I'll just play it again, but by far the funniest moment is during introductions. You meet everyone and the. A ghostly voice asks "when are you going to introduce me?"
"I'm Canada!"
I dropped my ds I was laughing so hard.

When you get heart points from any of the main countries two little Italys show up as angles with trumpets. Oh, it is so cute. And I, somehow, ended up on a double date with Germany and Italy and I was the only girl there. *iz puzzled* and we ended the night eating pasta. lol the whole "Italians are contagious" joke again, I guess.
I wish I could bring my ds to work so I could be playing the game here, but all the managers are in today, so it's too risky. Plus, Hiro has a new show posted so that's my top priority when I get home. I love it when his new shows post. =^.^=

That's probably enough rambling. This is draining the battery on my iPod, but I had to talk about the game.
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Happy Christmas to all my lj friends and readers (for those who celebrate) and a Happy New Year to everyone. Stay safe and I look forward to spending the next year writing for you as well.

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cara found this and messaged me about it. i've seen both versions that have been staged thus far, and own the disc that is minus Masa (the second staging), but they're going to redo it in April.
Hiro, Masa, Ba-chon.
Does it get any better than that?
Well, yeah, it could have Kenjiro in it too, right, perky? gefufufuuu.
I am so keeping an eye on my shopping pages to see if they release this version on DVD.
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i got my latest package from Japan with some of Hiro's talk radio show CDs in it. (i'll rip the Takumi-kun dvds tonight) I made it a point to get the CD that has Ryotaro as a guest. Because I could and I love our seiyuus. That's what they're talking about right now is being seiyuus. I'm not sure exactly what the sentence was, but I heard Hiro say "Onosaka-san" and now they're talking about tenipuri. I love these shows.
I still need to record this months just to be on the safe side. ;) i'm sure it'll come out in CD in a couple of more months - the one with Taiten hasn't been announced yet - but for this one, better safe than sorry.
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my new game came in the mail today - along with some of the PoT on the radio CDs - and I started playing it immediately. Three guesses who I started with and the first two don't count. ;) Forget getting my own Eiji neko, I want a Hiroki neko.
I can't go through all the cute stuff that Kiku-chan has said so far, but the highlights are
1) he's laughing some of his nyas. that is just melt worthy
2) his tarzan impression is so cute. although my only thought was don't crash into a tree. he didn't. the vine broke first.

there are so many guys to get in this game that it's gonna take months of play to do. especially with how long the days are for each section. *waves* see you all in december. ;)
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i was looking for a pic and found this interview. and i like his last answer. :)

and the pic.

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hee, i'm watching my new Hiro-kun DVD while waiting to take jinx to the vet. i'm wondering what i'd have to do to get a Hiro of my very own. that man is just too cute for his own - or anyone else's - good. yeah, probably not gonna share a dl for this one, but i will cap it and share some of the caps. no dorkiness yet, but it is Hiro, so probably only a matter of time.

hopefully i'll be in a fit state to drive when i have to take jinx in. 
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my special package got here today from Japan. the dvd should have a warning label on it - danger, cute ahead. i about melted when i saw the back picture, almost did when i looked through the booklet and finally did when i realized that there was an autographed picture included.
*melts* Hiro.
i'll take a picture of everything when i get back into my room. i'm downstairs with the dogs trying to stay out of the contractor's way while he's working. but i don't know when i'll be taking these wrist bands off. i was thinking they would be the rubber ones like you see all over the states. nope, fuzzy workout ones. which i really need because my wrists, lower arms get cold easily.
ok, going back to trying to write. i can't start the dvd because it's movie night and once i start i won't want to stop and i don't want to miss talking with the girls tonight. but at the same time, ro canceled movie night tomorrow, so i'll probably watch it then. my folks are heading out of town tonight and will be gone a week, so i told ro that i needed her to come over here for our movie night because i can't leave the dogs alone for that long. she said she would just cancel it. *sighs*
oh well, now i have a date with Hiro. *bg*

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it says it's the seigaku seiyuus. i count eight seigaku and some others that i don't know. unless they're including the triplets and those annoying things that follow the team around. anyone know?
*** edit. If my limited research on my iPod is to be believed, that is Horio in the glasses with Kachiro next to him. The other girl is Sakano and the blond is Katsuu. I'd be happy for conformation, however.

and Hiro, you're supposed to *read* the script, not eat it.
Perky, look where his right hand is in relation to Kenjiro. I started laughing when I saw that.


Jun. 15th, 2011 03:29 pm
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I got my Hiro cds in the mail today. The pics were enough to make me melt, but when i'm listening as i'm ripping and one sounds like a slightly older Eiji and he says "I love you" in another one.....

*iz goo*

and these are his cds. i haven't gotten to the radio show ones yet. i can't wait to listen to the Hiro and Naru PoT CD. *snickers* Now I have to get the Hiro and Kohei CD. *sighs* hee.
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I now return you to your regular day. ;)

(they ship in two to four weeks)
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and the only reason i don't just put hiro is because, well, you'll see.
he actually manages to pull the look off. i don't think many men would be able to say that one.
massive dorkage ahead - and no SDs to add to it. *sighs* )

I have to say I died when I read Hiro's fetish. Seriously. Totally died.


Jun. 10th, 2011 11:06 pm
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I have to stop posing questions like this. I'm looking through Hiro-kun's blog and asked myself, "hiro, could you get any cuter?" Then I found this.....

Someone needs to come pour me into the onsen because I ain't going anywhere for a while. *iz goo*

And also, I want the movie Cross Chord. I'm going to find it. Once I'm back in human form anyway. Oh, and I also want the Japanese dub of Criminal Minds. My baby demon voiced Spencer Reid and I totally want to hear that.
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I wish all my estimated month to be shipped CDs would ship this quick. I got a message from my Japan cd store that my massive Hiro-kun cd order has shipped. Monday is the earliest it will be here, with Thursday being the latest estimate. *bounces* cannot wait

I wanted to post a pic of the newest addition to my tenipuri family (I already had Ma-chan and DA~NE) SO now I have Kiku-chan and I want to dig out an old unnamed ginger stuffed cat to be Hiroki. ;) Kiku-chan is actually a boy kitty, if you listen really hard to the SDs when Hiro is crying, I think it's Naru who calls him Kiku-chan. I'll post a pic of everyone when I get home.
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Thank you so much to my girls for helping to cheer me up today after what was probably the crappiest day I've had in a long time. *grins* Of course, the SDs helped out a lot and I have a lot of dirty ideas about Hiro-kun and those pom-poms. But they're lovely dirty ideas. ;)
Still depressed and want to have my sulk, but I'm getting there. Hopefully I'm better by the time I have to head back to work.

And this helped a little, too.

cannot wait for this one. *Grins* Mao-kun and Dai-chan are so cute together.
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Just ordered 13 - yes you read the number correctly - hiro-kun CDs. Some of them are his solo CDs and some are radio shows he did with Fuji's seiyuu. I listened to a couple of the audio samples for those. All I have to say is *headdesk* Those two are dorks. Oh, hey wait...... :-)

The downside is it'll take a month or so for them to get here. I can wait patiently though. Not like I don't have other things to watch. Started through Samurai 7 last night. There are three guys in there I would love to have around the casino. I don't want to spoil anything because Perky and I are going to watch it together once I have it uploaded, but let's just say they don't always have swords in their scabbards. *snickers*

But I wish I had a Hiro-kun to smile at me like he was smiling in the musical. *melts* So cute. But not able to carry off blond real well.
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These are photo inserts from a DVD that will not be going up on the "to be shared" list. I got it for one reason only. The other guy is a bonus.

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I can always tell when there is about to be a big change in the weather. There are days I wish I could be surprised by the weather, but just live with it. It does mean, however, that I'm not likely to be on chat until wednesday for movie night. And I will be posting another reminder note.

Perky, I got the bears ordered and they will be in the mail in a day or so. As soon as I get them, I'll box everything together and get it to you. :) I hope you can handle so many rikkai guys together *snickers*

I'm planning to work on some fics the next couple of days. They're some of my procedurals not anime based ones, so keep an eye here for updates. There's one I think I'll have finished tomorrow night if everything goes right. But with me, who knows. ;)

And I'm debating dipping into my summer savings fund for some Hiro-Kim CDs. I will probably end up doing it. There are so Manu projects he's been involved in that it's impossible to think I'll have everything before the end of the year. It gets expensive afterall.

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