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Well, my stomach is feeling better. When I say that, I mean it's no longer trying to crawl up my chest and out of my mouth whenever I think about food. I wish there was some magical cure to make me feel better, but the weather has stabilized for a week and I really think that's playing a role in this. Whatever the hell it is, I'll take it. :) I don't like feeling sick.

I haven't said anything about the 12th Doctor, yet, but have had a couple of days to watch interviews with him and see some of his history and I think he'll be an interesting Doctor. More towards the Classic era than we've had in the new episodes, but it's time to take a look back towards Classic, I think. I saw a wonderful quote from Neil Gaiman about how regenerations are running out and the fandom is panicking. He said that he believes (and made it a point to say this is not cannon) that the Time Lords can regenerate as many times as they want, but going past body 13 is dangerous and has consequences. Given how the Master looked in his 13th body, I can really believe that. *shudders* Then again, there was other stuff with him that added to how he looked, so that's neither here nor there. I also like the idea of an older Doctor again. The dynamic between him and Clara is going to change and I agree with something I saw on pintrest, he'll be more of a father figure now. The best friend dynamic is back and that makes me so happy. *grins*

Great, I have stupid in count and stupid in cage.

Okay, anyway, back to Doctor Who. I'm not saying I'm not going to miss Matt. I'm probably going to have a shock blanket and box of tissues with me at Christmas time. I also have to watch the episode alone because I have no local Whovian friends who will be in town that day to watch it with me. Matt is far and away my favorite Doctor since Four and I was heartbroken when he regenerated. I'm also excited to see what new energy Peter is going to bring to the role and the show. This is going to be very interesting. I do hope they do more with River because I'd love to see the change in dynamic there. :)

My trip is getting ever closer. I'm so excited I can't wait. I need to print off a few more directions and then all I need are tickets/hotel/transportation. The travel agent isn't exactly quick on these things. I think I might need to poke at her again. I found the picture I want to take in case of a Matt autograph, but haven't found one for Tom Baker yet. Still need to do that. Also wish the convention page would update with more information. I really am not too impressed with these guys. Oh well, one day out of ten and with fellow fans. Hopefully I can find some people to talk to.


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Jul. 16th, 2013 02:30 pm
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I crashed out hard last night. Now I'm just headachy, which pain killers can take care of for me, if they ever kick in. I know the headache is because of the weather. It's on a yo-yo yet again. That's really getting old. Very, very old. I'd almost welcome fall if only to know that the weather is more stable. That it's closer to my trip has absolutely nothing to do with it. *looks innocent*

Found the cutest bag on etsy and they're going to make it with a top close zipper for me. That means I can take it out with me on the Tube and not have to worry as much about pick pockets. I know the really good ones can get around anything, but this should foil some of them. *grins* I'll post a picture when I get it. Now I just need camera and iPad along with tickets and hotel reservations. I really need to get on the travel agent about the tickets and hotel.

This has been a rather relaxing week at work. The stupid hasn't been nearly as thick, but it's also slow which is not so good. It does mean less mistakes though. I can get behind that. :) I'm about three chapters away from finishing a draft of a novel I've been working on for two years. That's going to be my focus today, but I'll try and update some fan fiction pieces as well. One thing I'm hoping is that we don't go three for three on power outages. If I suddenly vanish, however, that's what happened.


Dust Monkey - UPDATED @ 1455 PDT


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My bed or yours - UPDATED @ 1523 PDT
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Personal stuff here )

I'm not planning to update anything today. I might, but I'm in the process of rereading TDC for the final time just because I fear leaving one tiny thread unaccounted for in the whole story arc and want to make sure I have everything done. If you've noticed one please let me know. I'm not to Meeting in Miami, yet, so I'm getting through it at a reasonable rate. I should be back with updates starting tomorrow depending on how I feel.
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so i'm on the tail end of the flare. i was able to put my rings back on yesterday and i don't feel like my body is screaming at me. head, shoulder and hip/knee are the main problem points left, but that's no big surprise as they usually are. chronic headaches are not fun. :( plus side is that it's my friday and i have nothing planned beyond straightening up my room for a showing on monday for my days off and i can spend them in bed if i need to. i hate fibro flares. they suck yeggs.

i found this gif yesterday on the Sherlock tumblr i follow. i was really depressed at work yesterday - my friends who are also friends on fb would have seen the post - and i needed something to take my mind off things. seriously, max four players for a shift is crazy. this should not be so funny.


the Sherlock fandom is warped and i love it. Moffat is still trolling us with season 3 stuff and they don't even start filming until January next year. *sighs* i love and hate both him and Gatiss. then again, i don't want to see one part of the show if the trolling is true. my eyes would not survive.

i wonder

Jun. 4th, 2012 04:33 pm
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so, i've had two "i wonder" moments in the past two days and guess i should share, if only to see what everyone else thinks.

1) WSGC WAC/RCW codes state that all fills going from the cage to the table must be tracked with a PTZ camera. only one of our PTZ cameras is recording at the moment - i don't know - and it's too old and slow to track fills with. so if there's no way to tell if a fill is being tracked, does it, indeed, need to be tracked? yes, i actually sat and thought about this for a full 10 minutes at work yesterday.

2) I wonder who would be the more snarly/sarcastic one. Who would win an argument between Dr. Greg House and Professor Severus Snape? just the mental image has me in giggles.

** there's a severe weather system on the way in. don't talk to me about fibro symptoms and flares. so i might not even be on the computer when i get home. not that i've been on chat and social the past few days anyway....


Jan. 25th, 2012 08:27 pm
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PT should not make one so tired when all i do is lie there and have my joints adjusted and moved around. but i'm ready to fall asleep and it's not even 2100. i blame the flu. *snorts*
here's hoping i survive tomorrow.


Jan. 17th, 2012 02:11 pm
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i took my temp. 101.6F. (normal is 97.4F) i about had a heart attack. yeah, i got my shift covered. i'm going to bed. don't look for me tonight guys. or likely tomorrow. i feel worse than crap.
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i am only just sitting here. i maintain quite firmly that hair should not hurt unless it's been up in some elaborate hair style all day. i can't do that with mine, i get headaches so i wear it loose all the time. i don't know how big of a weather system we have covering us right now, but i can barely move. jason came in early on his own to get me out of there. i was just hanging on because i need the hours. but now i can take a bath and go to bed.

i ran errands before work, which added to the problems, but they needed to be done. though if i had known how sick i was going to get, i wouldn't have bought snacks for work until later in the week. i can't eat at the moment. just the thought of food. *shudders*

one more day of work, and then i can spend the day in bed being sick. i see my PT on thursday, which can only help. right now, movie night is up in the air. which sucks, because i love this one. :(
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i hate snow. i always say that snow is a four letter word. it makes me sleepy and gives me fibro fog like you wouldn't believe. my memory is more or less gone at this point. i can barely remember what all i needed to do before i go to bed. i'm even scared to bathe because i might fall over. *sighs* and these storms are going nowhere fast. i read that they're estimating about a foot on the ground by Wednesday. that's fail. i know it's still winter, but it's fail. majorly fail.

i can't even remember anything i wanted to put on here. i'm going to type up my note for a project i'm working on and go to bed. i, unfortunately, have to work tomorrow.  
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because it's long )


Dec. 1st, 2011 11:15 pm
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i don't know if there's something coming our way with a weather system or if i'm getting sick, but my tummy hurts too bad to sit up at the computer tonight. i'm going to go lie down and read, i guess. *sighs* i really wanted to try to get to 60,000 words in my personal challenge, but, oh well. i'll stand at last night's number and post a final word total when it's finished.

nina does have a bladder infection. she finally gave in and used the sandless sand box at 0630 this morning. i pick up her meds tomorrow and we go from there. i just wish my mother would quit lecturing. she's totally missing a point here, i rather suspect on purpose, because she has tunnel vision.


Sep. 9th, 2011 10:07 pm
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still sick.
can't walk, only shuffle. (ned said he was getting me a skateboard)
sleepy as hell
they start reroofing the house tomorrow
i have a second floor bedroom directly under the roof
i have to work two more days
i'm going to bed as soon as i finish answering messages and check the RP.

edit: note to self, do not check naru's blog before bedtime. now i think i shall have nightmares. http://ameblo.jp/kawamotonaru/image-11012635902-11472103290.html
he makes my brain hurt

sigh. life

Sep. 3rd, 2011 05:07 pm
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I figure I should do this now because I am going to bathe and go to bed as soon as I get home. I felt this one coming and hoped that it wouldn't happen, but it did. The fibro flared on me and I woke up horrible sick this morning. There isn't a single part of me that doesn't hurt or feel sick. *sighs* And of course it happens in the middle of 13 days in a row. Yeah' I finally counted to see what I'm working. I have eight left to go. I would really rather be home at bed, or even better, in a hot bath. My poor body.

For all my friends, be very happy you have your health and enjoy it.
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if i never have another night like last night i will be a happy girl. i had a migraine and most of the related symptoms to go along with it, including spending half an hour lying in the bathroom thinking i was going to throw up, and just wanting to die in general. today not even white rice would settle on my stomach. my mum tried to get me to drink a Coke (which is a major no-no for me for two reasons) because they settle her tummy after a migraine. i come by these genetically. i told her no thanks on the pop and we decided to try plain chicken broth and saltines. that settled enough that i can sip some soy milk but i have bleak hopes for tomorrow.
i'm not sure if the migraine caused the allergic reaction symptoms i also had, but i'm cutting corn and potatoes out of my diet for a week or two and then i'll try again. i really think it was just the migraine, but i have to be sure. and allergy testing is out of the question for me. no health insurance.
so the day was spent inside on the computer being quiet. i got a lot of downloads done and the rest organized so i don't have a huge mess on my bookmarks menu.
now i'm debating writing or just going and being quiet. i "died" in the roleplay yesterday, so i don't have anything to do there except lurk and watch. i'm depressed that things didn't work out the way we hoped they would. it all hinged on one thing, and things aren't working right. we'll have to work harder in the next game. i'm kinda curious to see what happens based off the message i got from the mods. this could get interesting.
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It'd have an A if I didn't hurt like hell in about seven different places. The most notible being my bad knee and where I fractured my left arm this past winter. I hate weather changes with a passion. It also means typing more than a couple of paragraphs are out of the question. Meh. I can deal. Hot bath, pain killers and bed. Sounds like heaven at the moment. Just have to hop on chat to see if one of the girls is there to tell her a couple of things and ask a question.

Dillon 2.0 (yes, that really is the nickname he ended up with at work) is going to be a good fit. After eight years of this, four as a trainer, I have a bit of an instinct for how well people are going to work out in surveillance. He's got the right blend of instinct and crazy to make it work. I don't know his previous work history and I could be totally off the mark, but at the same time, the last two people I had this feeling about worked out awesome in the department. And this kid likes anime too. He's also a fan of British humor and loves to talk words. If he didn't already have a girlfriend, I'd be considering..... *winks* Nah, he's a good kid. I'll have to wait and see what James thinks about him, but at the same time, I don't have the worries I had with the last idiot I trained. Now to talk to management tomorrow to see if we're on the same page with when Dillon starts working and we'll be good to go.

Festa 11 has an hour and a halfish left on it's upload and all three discs will be there. For my gals, the link is the one I gave you in the chat last night. If you didn't get it, and want festa, let me know and I'll message it to you. With this one uploaded on other sites, I'm not going to do like I did with the last one and make a general upload post.
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I took the day off today because i haven't been feeling good because of the weather and some of the gals and i decided to do a movie day. i made myself some peanut butter and jelly toast and now my body is once again treating the peanut butter like it's a viral infection. So i've got my laptop - which doesn't have the movie on it - in bed with me while i wait for the leg tremors to stop (they've lasted almost half an hour this time) and my stomach to settle down before i go back over to my desk to continue with the movies. At least i hope i can continue. i might have to call it quits for the night. The hot flashes and chills have finally stopped too. Just waiting on the upset stomach, which would be better if i'd realized what was happening earlier than i did and didn't drink the chocolate soy milk. But this just sneaks up on me when the peanut butter gets to a certain part of my digestive tract.
Maybe i need to go and get checked for food allergies again. Or maybe just stop eating peanut butter. (don't hit me, amanda and perky)
Gonna try to sit up again. Maybe this will work and maybe not. *sighs* I hate my life.
forget it. the leg tremors are starting again. i'm going to go and kill myself and put me out of my misery. *grumbles off*
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Not really true, but I'm still in that mental exhaustion stage from the fibro. Really looking forward to next week when I get two days off. *weak smile*

I've got to start taking pics again. Here's Little Rocky in his blanket. Oh well, if I run out of pics, I'll just have to write more. :) I do have some stuff to write about work, just too tired.

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It seems I use that subject line a lot.

I wanted my first post of the year to be a happy post with nothing that resembled whining or the like. Well, so much for that one. *grins* I know I've written about Molly on here. The one who is convinced Ro and I are a couple and I was supposed to be in her wedding. I also haven't spoken to her since like October or something when Ro and I took her and her husband to Spokane to do their Christmas shopping and they didn't buy anything. I still wonder what the hell that trip was supposed to be about, but Ro and I got to see her family so that's the important thing. I just don't have the energy to deal with Molly anymore. Not with everything that's been going on with my dad, my mum's knee surgery and work. Basically, I have enough problems and don't need to listen to her complain about her family or our old high school classmates.
Then I got this email from her. It said merry christmas and then laid a major, and I mean major guilt trip on about the wedding - which was in June! I guess this has been hanging on for however many months that is and she's only just now talking about it, which seems like a strange way to try and stay friends with someone, really. Let's see, she's never taken the time to learn anything about fibromyalgia and how it affects me. Everything is always about her and her husband. And as best I can recall it, I worked until close to seven in the morning the day of the wedding (one of my night shifts), they started calling me at 0830 every hour on the hour, it was 45F outside with rain and I was sick as a dog and couldn't walk.
So I flat out refuse to feel guilty about a damn thing. Besides, I really am too busy right now. My dad has stopped driving all together and my mum can't at the moment because it was her right knee that was replaced, so I'm the only driver in the house at the moment. I know things will slow down as mum gets better and I'll have more time to myself again for writing and the like, but as it stands now, Molly can just go away. I schmur her. *snickers* Ro will get that one.

Let's see, no updates in the next week or so because I'm typing up the novel to speed it into peer review. The H/Mac bunny I've been working with has turned decidedly evil, but I'm liking it, so I'm also keeping it. I do have some updates finished but not typed and if I can find the odd moment here or there to do so and post, I'll let you all know. ;) It'll be older stories, nothing new, and a couple are only a chapter or two away from being finished completely. (Fork and Protector)
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I really didn't want to do this because this is a busy month, fan fiction wise, but I've got to vanish for a while. My shoulder isn't healing up nearly as well as it should be and I can't be at my desk for more than about ten minutes without having to get into the pain killers. My therapist is on holiday until September, so I'm thinking that's when I'll be back. Probably the weekend after Labor Day as Ro and I are going to an anime con in Portland that weekend. *does happy dance carefully*
I will still be checking emails and writing, although obviously not on the computer. *Grins*
*hugs to everyone*
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I've got a long rant to get out of my system. And this is after I talked to Ro on the phone about it too. Yeah, that's how angry I am right now. But I'll be nice and put it behind a cut so it doesn't take up a lot of space. *grins*

Screaming rant here )

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