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I'll update with my own speculations when I get to work. I'm not feeling good and had a lie in. (perky and i were up a little late with youtube, but OMG. QI is such win). before they start filming each season, so far, Moffat and Gatiss release three words for the season. Last season it was Woman, Hound, Fall (i think). They just announced the three for the upcoming season and the fandom has EXPLODED. i can picture the trolls laughing over all of this. i really can. this is from the tumblr i love so much.

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and, of course, Gatiss had to show us how big a troll he is. this was his tweet on the train.

Off to Edinburgh for  event at the TV festival. I'm revealing the 'three words' for S3 early. Pipe. Slippers. Bed. There you go.

the man is horrible. *grins* why do i love him so much???

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anyone else think that Lestrade loses more than his warrant card when Sherlock is bored or Lestrade is being annoying? or, maybe, they were role playing and Lestrade forgot about this??

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will someone please tell me why the hell i have a mental image of a zombie Sherlock walking into NSY saying "brains" and running into Anderson, looking at him and then walking off again.

THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE! what's worse is that i don't know if i saw it somewhere in the fandom or if it's my warped brain coming up with things again.

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hiro is talking about soccer. can i touch his kitty ball? *kitten eyes*

i've got the monthly radio show on. i misread the kanji of the guest. it's Spain's seiyuu, Go-san. we haven't gotten there yet. they're talking about the Olympics and countries. Italy popped up, then hiro started perving on Germany and i took a side trip into Hetalia. okay, i really hope i misheard that. Iceland, Finland and kickboxing. oh well. there's been a lot of hiro giggles and i love hiro giggles.

then there was this.


i was looking for an answer for tomorrow's 30 days of meme and found that instead. i got the giggles (hiro just got the right answer on something. no clue, but he's right.) really badly when i saw how that picture ended up. if you don't get it, go watch Hitchhiker's Guide. then look at it again.
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so i'm on the tail end of the flare. i was able to put my rings back on yesterday and i don't feel like my body is screaming at me. head, shoulder and hip/knee are the main problem points left, but that's no big surprise as they usually are. chronic headaches are not fun. :( plus side is that it's my friday and i have nothing planned beyond straightening up my room for a showing on monday for my days off and i can spend them in bed if i need to. i hate fibro flares. they suck yeggs.

i found this gif yesterday on the Sherlock tumblr i follow. i was really depressed at work yesterday - my friends who are also friends on fb would have seen the post - and i needed something to take my mind off things. seriously, max four players for a shift is crazy. this should not be so funny.


the Sherlock fandom is warped and i love it. Moffat is still trolling us with season 3 stuff and they don't even start filming until January next year. *sighs* i love and hate both him and Gatiss. then again, i don't want to see one part of the show if the trolling is true. my eyes would not survive.
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the fandom says that Sherlock is an otter and John is a hedgehog. the picture proof is really quite scary, but this is the photoset that had me giggling so hard earlier.

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oh my

Jun. 10th, 2012 11:00 pm
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okay, so, i'm a HUGE Sherlock Holmes nerd. i'm exceedingly particular about stories i read in the universe and actors who play him. Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke are and shall always be my Holmes and Watson.

that said, mum has been after me to watch the BBC show "Sherlock" when i had a moment.
i haz the giggles. serious giggles.

this actor is brilliant as Holmes. he's young, yes, but on my lord he is good! and his Watson is Martin Freeman, so that's just odd. and talk about slashy undertones to the whole thing. i think i'm going to have to watch all of these now. means i'll have to rent/buy them on dvd because the web site doesn't have them all loaded. the one i'm watching now has (so far) combined the Hound of the Baskervilles, Black Peter, the Blue Carbuncle, a touch of the Devil's Foot, and the Creeping Man, but that's as may be.

and Holmes going through tobacco withdraw is roll on the floor funny the way he's being played. makes me want my Jeremy Brett dvds now. :)

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