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this looks interesting. i'm going to put in hiro's name. big surprise, i know. let's see if we can get at least one of our boys into the running this year. :)
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i got my latest package from Japan with some of Hiro's talk radio show CDs in it. (i'll rip the Takumi-kun dvds tonight) I made it a point to get the CD that has Ryotaro as a guest. Because I could and I love our seiyuus. That's what they're talking about right now is being seiyuus. I'm not sure exactly what the sentence was, but I heard Hiro say "Onosaka-san" and now they're talking about tenipuri. I love these shows.
I still need to record this months just to be on the safe side. ;) i'm sure it'll come out in CD in a couple of more months - the one with Taiten hasn't been announced yet - but for this one, better safe than sorry.
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In doing what I do lately when feeling down, ie, watching the SDs, I figured something out. And I you already know, then just ignore this ;)

I rewatched the "happy new Nya" part of festa 09 and picked up something I hadn't heard before. When I did the icons, there were questions as to why Oshitari was out there rather than Naru. It's because Oshitari voices Taka-san's father. Which makes total sense now that I know that. *grins*

Ok, back to the dorks, I mean, evaluating my dealers. ;)

And *hugs* to all my girls.
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I have to share this mental image. We have no players and no bowlers (or at least no loud music in the bowling alley) so I'm listening to my PoT on the radio CD - and Hiro just got something wrong - and here's where the mental image comes in.

There was the sound of lapping water and my first thought was the onsen. Then a voice appeared and said "Tezuka Zone!" my next thought was Tezuka naked with a tennis racket glowing in the onsen. *headdesk*

Back to Hiro and Naru along with Bane-San and Kabaji. Although I hear a girl giggling now. This should be interesting. Oh, cool, it's Ryoma!
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it says it's the seigaku seiyuus. i count eight seigaku and some others that i don't know. unless they're including the triplets and those annoying things that follow the team around. anyone know?
*** edit. If my limited research on my iPod is to be believed, that is Horio in the glasses with Kachiro next to him. The other girl is Sakano and the blond is Katsuu. I'd be happy for conformation, however.

and Hiro, you're supposed to *read* the script, not eat it.
Perky, look where his right hand is in relation to Kenjiro. I started laughing when I saw that.
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What does one do on a cold and rainy day when one is feeling depressed, sick, sore, tired, exhausted (trust me, those are different things for me), and horribly unloved? I don't know about everyone else, but I watched the SDs until I couldn't stop smiling and then started contemplating which seiyuus I would want to voice my characters if my novel became an anime within the next year. So far I've only settled on four of them.
1) Leigh - yukimura's seiyuu
2) Holmes - Kenjiro
3) Alex - Hiro
4) Dr. Samuelson - Hiro

I think I want Kenjiro to voice either John or Chris, but haven't decided for sure which one yet. I see both of those men with deep voices, and I have been leaning towards Suwabe for John. So I guess Kenjiro should voice Chris. Naru would be a perfect Charlie. I would love to have, oh I have it. MasaOno can be Merlin. He is perfect for that role. That just leaves Kohei from the SDs. He could voice Scotty. I'll have to do a more complete list when I'm home, but it would be awesome to get to work with these guys.

Well, a gal has to have her dreams.now I only have to last another 45 minutes and I'm off for the day. So ready to head home.

*is sleepy*
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these are mostly cara's boys, i think.

pics here )
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and the only reason i don't just put hiro is because, well, you'll see.
he actually manages to pull the look off. i don't think many men would be able to say that one.
massive dorkage ahead - and no SDs to add to it. *sighs* )

I have to say I died when I read Hiro's fetish. Seriously. Totally died.
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Thank you so much to my girls for helping to cheer me up today after what was probably the crappiest day I've had in a long time. *grins* Of course, the SDs helped out a lot and I have a lot of dirty ideas about Hiro-kun and those pom-poms. But they're lovely dirty ideas. ;)
Still depressed and want to have my sulk, but I'm getting there. Hopefully I'm better by the time I have to head back to work.

And this helped a little, too.

cannot wait for this one. *Grins* Mao-kun and Dai-chan are so cute together.
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perky and i were talking and there's a seiyuu who needs loves.
Orphaned SD looking for a good home. Fairly housebroken. Loves to leave his things lying around on the floor.

If you want to adopt this lonely SD, contact perky, cara or myself.

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