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Horatio Caine: Lab commander
Ryan Wolfe: SIC lab
Grant Zachery: Base commander

CSI Team 1: Larry, Chris, Amy, Frank
CSI Team 2: Andrea, Charlie, Tim, Jake

Lab and field team one: FitzSimmons
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I went onto WWOMB and created a series just for all of my PoT pieces.
I posted it to a community I belong to as well. I think it's time I start sharing these with everyone, ne?
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My idol *grin*

Sherlock Holmes
Senses                                             Holmes/Watson
The Letter Farewell                        Holmes/Watson
Why is it in the butter dish             Holmes/Watson
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A fairly new fandom for me, all of these are WIPs and one not even posted yet, but will be soon so its included here.

Criminal Minds
2 + 1 = LOVE                       Hotch/Reid/Gideon
Firearms qualification       Hotch/Reid
My bed or yours                  Hotch/Reid

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I was half asleep when I posted yesterday as I went back and looked and realized I left this fandom off my list of to be posted. *sheesh*

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Services
A Picture is Not Worth a Thousand Words                       Gibbs/DiNozzo
Better than Sex                                                                       Gibbs/DiNozzo
Check Up                                                                                Gibbs/DiNozzo
Honey Bun                                                                              Gibbs/DiNozzo
Making the Wrong Day Right                                               Gibbs/McGee
Nightmare’s End                                                                   Gibbs/DiNozzo
Reach Out and Smack Someone                                      Gibbs/DiNozzo
You Can’t Fight Love                                                            Gibbs/DiNozzo

WWOMB - http://www.squidge.org/~peja/cgi-bin/viewuser.php?uid=571
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 Remarkably I think this is where most, if not all of my fan fiction writing is done these days. So I think I still have Emergency!, Sherlock Holmes, and seaQuest to post. But that means uploading the fics. Hmmm, spring break starts the 7th of March. I'd say look for them then unless I really get board one day. *grin*

The Dragon Chronicles
            The Dragon
            The Dragon Chronicles
            The Dragon Chronicles Miami Community Tales
            The Dragon Chronicles NYDC Community Tales
            The Dragon Chronicles Miami 2
            The Dragon Chronicles NYDC 2
            The Dragon Chronicles Meeting in Miami
            The Dragon Chronicles Meeting in Miami II
Look Where you Least Expect to find Love (Horatio/Mac)
            Look where you least expect 1
            Look where you least expect 2
            Look where you least expect interlude
            Look where you least expect 3
            The Fantasy Series
            How to spoil your lover
            Look where you least expect 4
            Those who work in glass houses
A New View of Hell                                       Horatio/Sam
Bound                                                             Mac/Danny and Mac/Don 
First Times                                                    Horatio/Mac
Dreaming of You                                          Horatio/Mac
Gated Death                                                 Gil/Nick and Jack/Daniel
Hot and Bothered                                         Horatio/Mac and Danny/Don
London Love                                                 Horatio/Mac
New York Night Life                                     Horatio/Mac and Ryan/Flack
New York Night Life Coming Home         Horatio/Mac and Ryan/Flack
Omne Ignotum                                             Horatio/Sherlock Holmes
One Night Stand for Life                              Horatio/Flack
Outside Influences                                     Gil/Nick
Outside Influences I                                   Gil/Nick
Outside Influences II                                 Gil/Nick and Horatio/Speed
The Letter                                                      Horatio/Mac
Union                                                           Horatio/Greg/Speed
X-Rated Video                                             Horatio/Mac
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 There are days and they're becoming increasingly more frequent that I'm thinking I'm crazy for wanting to study chemistry. Or maybe that's just because I have class one day a week for less than an hour. And everything is online. But at least we have multiple chances to get the answers right on the quizzes.
So I'm back to posting lists. Miami is by far my least written universe. And several of these are short. But here they are.
CSI: Forensics - http://csi-forensics.com/viewuser.php?uid=1156
WWOMB -  http://www.squidge.org/~peja/cgi-bin/viewuser.php?uid=571

CSI: Miami
H on the Beach                                      Horatio/Speed
Lab Coats                                               Horatio/Speed
Lab Thoughts                                         Horatio/Speed
Quandary                                                 Horatio/Eric
Reassurance of Life                             Horatio/Eric
Seeing Death Finding Love                 Horatio/Speed/Eric
Shirts                                                       N/A
Solitary Tear                                          Horatio/Speed
The Protector                                         Horatio/Speed
Pain of Loss                                          Horatio/Speed/Eric
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 This is probably the series I get the most requests for an order on them. And then my one shots for Vegas. Please note that the stories "I want a cookie" and "I want you" are meant to be read together. I just don't have them saved as chapters under the same story.
Author pages
CSI: Forensics - http://csi-forensics.com/viewuser.php?uid=1156
WWOMB - http://www.squidge.org/~peja/cgi-bin/viewuser.php?uid=571

CSI: Las Vegas
I Swear All I Meant Was….. (Gil/Nick/Greg)
            I swear all I meant was…
            Life Blown Away
            First Time Forever
            Family Feud
            Loving Jackpot
            Broken Heart
            Chocolate Covered Love
                        Season 7 episode tags – fixes
                                    Pillow Talk
                                    Blow Out
                                    Leaving Las Vegas
                                    The Journal Series
                                    Welcome Home
                                    Taking Time
                                    Rings Bind Us
                                    Monsters at Bay
                                    You Said What??
Beginnings                                            Gil/Nick                       
It's good to be the king                      Gil/Nick/Greg
I Want a Cookie                                   Gil/Nick
I Want You                                          Gil/Nick
Like a Charm                                       Gil/Nick
One Word                                            Gil/Nick
Upon Awakening                                  Gil/Nick
Walking with Death                              Gil/Nick
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Hello everyone. Sorry I've been MIA for the past couple of days but I think I managed to catch the stomach flu. That's one really bad thing about going to school - everyone gets sick at the same time. *grin*
But anyway, here is the list for my CSI New York fan fiction stories. These are just the NY ones, I have the crossovers listed seperately.

CSI Forensics -  http://csi-forensics.com/viewuser.php?uid=1156
WWOMB - http://www.squidge.org/~peja/cgi-bin/viewuser.php?uid=571

CSI: New York
Addiction                                                         Mac/Flack
Boom                                                          Mac/Danny/Don
Dating Game                                            Mac/Danny
Evil Hidden by Familiar Masks              Danny/Don and Mac/Danny
Explosive Reasoning                                         Mac/Danny
Finding Sleep                                                    Mac/Flack
Hole in One                                                      Danny/Don
Jinx                                                                Mac/Flack
Kinkiness                                                         Mac/Danny/Don
Names, names                                               Mac/Danny
Ode to Death                                                   Mac/Flack
Phobic                                                              Mac/Danny
Sex 4 Dummies                                               Mac/Danny
Silken Demands                                                Mac/Danny
Sugar and Spice                                               Mac/Danny/Don
Taking Pain Away                                            Mac/Flack
Traumatic Love                                                Mac/Danny/Don
Vacillate                                                            Mac/Flack
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**edit 2012, these are being rewritten and will be reposted as i can get to them**

Harry Potter

Brilliant                                                                         N/A

Changes Come in a Flash                                                          Harry/Severus

Harry Potter Had a Secret                                                        Harry/Severus

He Had Done It                                                                        Harry/Severus

In Defense of Severus Snape                                                    N/A

Lover’s Gained but at Cost                                                       Harry/Severus

Magic Contained                                                                      Harry/Severus

Tails of the Cattons                                                                   Harry/Severus

Tails of the Cattons: Remus and Sirius React                             Harry/Severus

Tails of the Cattons: The Guardians Revealed (WIP)                 Harry/Severus

Use the Force Harry                                                                 Harry/Severus

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