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finally got a chance to watch the 10th anniversary movie. hoo boy. crack. lots and lots of crack. but they gave us two textless endings with some really nice pictures. :)

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PoT meme

Jan. 24th, 2012 12:41 pm
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can you all give me your three favorite PoT pairings by, let's say Halloween? i'm plotting something. =^.^=

(and no, it's nothing bad)
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seriously. i can't even count going to work as productive.
this is day one of thirteen in a row at work. and it was dead. dead. dead. i was really happy i had books with me. i learned a lot about the Granada Sherlock Holmes series staring Jeremy Brett and then started one of Stephen King's books on writing. or on horror, rather, as i'm reading that one first. then i'll read his "On Writing" and see if it lives up to the opinions of my writing group. it's rather the holy grail when i go to the conference every year. so i'm curious.
i also downloaded the Prince of Tennis memorial best CDs (all 8 of them) and i swear it's like listening to an extended 100 song marathon. so far every song has been in the exact same order. to the point that i even know what's coming up next. it's kinda fun. =^.^=
more ideas for where stories are going, but no energy to sit and type. not to mention that there really is such a thing as cat nightmares or a kitty boogieman because Nina came out of her nest very abruptly last night with her tail four times it's normal size and looking like she'd just been shocked. and she only just went back to the nest. she's been insisting on sitting with me since i got home from work. i have no idea what got under her fur, but i'm just going with it.


Aug. 22nd, 2011 08:23 pm
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In listening to rajipuris with Taiten in them, I came up with an idea for a new alarm clock. Sensei should consider this one. You put Taiten in studio and have him scream in several different Sanada ways and then use those for the alarm tone.
Could be a best seller. =^.^=
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wake up, eat breakfast, gather school things, walk to the temple, spend time in contemplation, go to practice, skip class to spend day in the temple, eat lunch with team, help shiraishi keep kin-chan in line, go back to temple, go to practice, go to the beach, go home, talk to younger brother, do work around the house, watch tv, go to bed.
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 wake up, eat, wander around for a while, go to practice, skip class, play Go, wander into town, eat lunch, go back to school, go to one class, go sit on hill for a while, go to beach, eat, realize forgot about practice, wander back to school, talk to coach, go to park, go back to beach, go home, watch tv, go onlilne, plan next trip, go to bed.
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 wake up, eat, grab school things, go to practice, work on techniques learned from Echizen, help pick up balls, go to class, take test, study tennis notebooks during break, eat lunch, go to class, clean up classroom, go to practice, try to ignore Sengoku-sempai, clean up, look for Akutsu, hang out with Akutsu, eat, go to street courts, go home, do homework, study tennis notebooks, bathe, go to bed.
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wake up, run to practice, run around at practice, try to sneak out to see koshimae, get threatened by Shiraishi, go eat, go to class, eat lunch, try to sneak out to see koshimae, get caught by Gin-san, get tied up by Shiraishi, run around at practice still tied up, eat, go out with team, go home, call koshimae, get lectured by Shiraishi after phone call from Tezuka, sulk, go to bed.
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wake up, go to practice, try to get team to listen to orders, go to class, eat lunch, go back to class, go to practice, try to get team to listen to drills, go to river, reflect why no one ever seems to notice you, grab a snack, go home, do home work, watch TV, go to bed.
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wake up, shower, eat breakfast, practice the piano, gather books together, go to practice, play a match against oshitari and gakuto, go to class, eat lunch with shishido, practice the piano, go to class, help clean up music room, talk about a piece with oshitari, go to practice, work on serve, avoid atobe's latest plot, shower, go to mall with shishido and oshitari and gakuto, ignore comments in music store while looking at classical cds, go out to eat, go home, do homework, practice the piano, watch a movie, eat with family, go to bed.
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it is impossible to write one of these whilst listening to rajipuri. so i think i might have missed a day when the clock flipped over. *sighs* oh well.

wake up, go pick flowers, meet up with koharu and give him flowers, go to practice, work on new techniques and pranks, avoid shiraishi, follow koharu to class, pull him away from random fan boys and girls, pass time in class, go to lunch, keep crazy boys away from koharu, go to practice, play match against kenya and zaizen, win, follow koharu to make sure he isn't cheating, go home, call koharu, watch tv, go to bed.
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wake up, do hair, walk along beach to practice, meet up with Bane-san, get kicked, go to practice, get kicked, go to class, take exams, go to lunch, get kicked, go to class, help clean up classroom, play on playground with kids, talk with Oji, go to practice, get kicked, go back to beach to look for clams, talk with girls, get hit by Bane-san, eat dinner with team, go home, do homework, watch tv, play video games, go to bed.
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 wake up, go running, grab school things, go to practice, work on rhythm, annoy Ibu, go to class, get iPod taken away, eat lunch, go to class, take test, go running, go to practice, annoy team, play match against Ibu, go out for a snack, go to street courts, play against Momo and Echizen, go home, do homework, find back-up iPod for following day, watch TV, go to bed.

(short and i'm still sick. let me know what else he might do)
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 be woken up by younger brothers jumping on bed, yell at them, get yelled at by mother, get up, fix breakfast, get dressed, grab extra cakes, go to practice, eat first cake of the day, run laps, play match against niou and yagyuu, go to class, sneak cake halfway through math, eat lunch, sneak cake halfway through history, get caught by teacher, write essay on why food is a distraction, go to practice, find cakes in locker missing, yell at niou, find out that niou is really yagyuu, yell at yagyuu who is now really yagyuu, be assigned laps by sanada for acting crazy, fall asleep in middle of laps, be woken up by akaya and a hose, eat chocolate bar jackal has, play match against jackal, shower, go to arcade with jackal and akaya, go home, try to do homework, be distracted by brothers, make them dinner, get yelled at by mother who maintains that cake is not a proper dinner, finish homework, go to bed.
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wake up late, grab tennis and school bags, run out the door, barely make it to practice on time, hide from Sanada behind Jackal until matches are assigned, try and defeat Yanagi, collapse on court halfway through match, go to class, try not to kill English teacher, sulk through lunch because Yanagi won't help with homework, go to class, watch clock, run to practice, try and convince Yukimura to play a match, run laps, play against underclassmen, win all matches, shower, go to arcade with Jackal and Marui, go out for a snack, go home, play video games, eat dinner, play video games, answer phone, listen to lecture from Yanagi, do homework, play video games, go to bed.
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wake up, look at clock, wonder why alarm went off at 0300, reset alarm, go back to sleep, wake up at normal time, shower, make sure part in hair is perfect, dress, eat small breakfast, gather books together, go to practice, convince akaya that you are not niou-sempai, play match against sanada, resist urge to smack marui for getting cake on school uniform, clean up, go to class, help sensei with classwork, eat lunch, patrol halls, go to class, take exam, explain to sensei that niou is in another class, explain to headmaster that niou is in another class, attend to student council duties, go to practice, smack niou for switching in the middle of a school day, win match against marui, hide marui's last cake and blame akaya, play golf for an hour, go home, do homework, watch tv, read, double check alarm clock, go to bed.
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be woken up by cell phone, tell akaya it's too early to go the arcade, get up, eat breakfast, meet marui to walk to practice, keep akaya away from vending machines, play match with marui against niou and yagyuu, take akaya to class, go to own class, help clean up mess after akaya's science experiment goes wrong, explain to yukimura why baby demon has green hair, run laps, eat lunch, try and nap, hunt down akaya for sanada, explain to yukimura why baby demon has blue and white hair, go to class, take aspirin, go to practice, keep tabs on akaya, take marui and akaya to the arcade, go home, eat, answer phone, explain to yukimura why you have no idea why akaya has red hair, go hide under bed, fall asleep.
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wake up slowly, enjoy sun, get up, dress, leave for practice, spend extra time to get jacket draped perfectly, keep sanada from killing everyone and ruining fun, assign random number of laps to most of team, slap niou for daring to kiss in public, go to class, look innocent and sweet, fool everyone but yanagi, take away yanagi's pen to keep him from scribbling random notes throughout the day, talk to sanada on break about akaya, take away yanagi's replacement pen, eat lunch with team, spend time with niou on roof, take away yanagi's pencil and binoculars, go to class, take away yanagi's replacement pencil and notebook, spend time in art classroom, take away yanagi's video camera, go to practice, assign niou laps for pinching in inappropriate places, take away yanagi's replacement pen, assign yanagi laps, defeat sanada and akaya in a match, go to movies with niou, eat dinner, go home, do homework, take away yanagi's microphones and video cameras, garden, open window, pretend not to be shocked when niou crawls in, think about things for a moment, pull yanagi out from under bed, go to sleep.

(i'm sick and tired. with me that equals silly)

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