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Room 214 Kindle version. :)


They will link up after a week or so. It just takes the database a few days to play catch-up with new uploads.

And, if I can ask a favor, if you've read any of my original pieces and have a free moment, could you please leave me a review on amazon? Or whichever site you happened to have purchased/borrowed the book on? It would really help me out. The link to my author page is at the top of the blog.

Thank you. *hugs hugs*

New novel

Mar. 22nd, 2015 05:46 pm
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Or novella, at any rate, is available on amazon.com. Please note that this is the PAPERBACK version. The kindle version should be out sometime tomorrow.

From the back cover:
A single room in a hospital now closed and condemned. A single room where more patients died than any other room within the hospital walls. A single room with more rumors and stories of darkness and evil than anywhere else in the building. A single room where shadows live - and they are hungry. A single room that might well claim one more life before the hospital is destroyed for all time.
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Okay, so I've been thinking about this since I found out about it and am not sure exactly how I feel about it, but maybe writing it out will help me get my mind around this. Right, so, this is the project I'm publishing next.

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What a day. I'll answer comments tomorrow.

My newest work is now available on amazon.com. This is the link to the kindle version, though paperback is also available. Book 5 in the "Consequences" series takes a look at the events on 9/11/01 and how the changes towards darkness swept across the country.



Mar. 10th, 2014 07:40 pm
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I just found out that my books are listen on the app goodreads. I don't know how it happened because I was told that because I'm primarily an amazon associate, they couldn't be listed. I suspect it's because my publishing company has started offering free external enrollment for books, but that's just a suspicion rather than a firm fact.

Regardless, all the books are there. *bg* So I was wondering, if you happen to use the app, and you've read any of my novels, could you take a second and go review it for me? I know it's a shorter process on goodreads than it is on amazon. It would really mean a lot to me.

Also, if you've read and liked any of my books, could you possibly share the link to my author page with others you think might like the books as well?

On another note, I've figured out Twitter. You can find me @woodlandpugs and I've been doing novel updates on there. You'll have to put up with my GAC retweets, but that's a new important part of my life. Facebook page is still running in dribs and drabs. I need to start up a blog for my novels on a blog page so I can link it to amazon, but haven't had a chance to get around to that yet.
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 First thing I searched on here was "Agents of SHIELD" and found a fan community that I joined. I only just had a chance to read through the introductions post, haven't done my own (bad Lexxie) and the first one was written in a very familiar tone. So many things just sounded familiar to me as I went through, so I went to their journal.

Found a FAQ post on there talking about the owner of the journal. Got to number six and found my suspicions were confirmed.


Tell me, someone good at math, what the odds are on that. Seriously. What are the bloody odds. So I messaged her on Facebook asking about it. I'll have to tell her the whole story when she replies back. It's middle of term so it'll be a few days. :) I love that my sisters (she's gay and in a partnership) are both into fandom. Sis more than her partner, but still. It's pretty win.

Okay, I'm really being naughty here. I'm supposed to be finishing up a rough in the "Consequences" universe. Back to writing. I'm hoping to have the rough done by tomorrow. Goal is to have it listed on amazon before I go to England next month. I think I'll make that deadline.
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i will say one thing about work. words are powerful and tone is important. if LY doesn't learn to watch both, i'm going to lose it one of these days. *grabs russia and points him in her direction* kolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkol *then sics ERHP on her*
i finished another chapter with 3282 words for a grand total for the month of 36,488. this was a rather short chapter that needs a little more work, but will stand as it is for night now. but it will get more fleshing out in the next read through/rewrite.

i decided to divide next week between three projects, so i should be able to finish some things, get some other things working, and keep on with the novel. one more shift and i'm off. that makes me happy.
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i'm not doing the month novel writing challenge, i have way too much started that needs to be finished or revised to do that, but i thought it might be okay to modify the challenge a little. i'm going to try and do a 50,000 word revisal of my first novel. if i get it done, great, if i get another project done, that'll be awesome too, but i'm going to make it a point to write every day this month. *grins* no matter how sleepy i am when i get home from work.

don't worry, i won't stop updating my two in process fics (TDC and Breaking Life) that i'm working on as well. i almost have a new chapter of BL ready to go. time to find out what Oishi said to Eiji.
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a little backstory for you all. if you've read my pieces "Outside Influences" you will have met Tiff, Joe, Lexxie (gee, doesn't that sound familiar) and a couple of the others in this piece. i call Tiffany my alter ego. i created her in junior high school when i started to write seriously for the first time, and she's stuck around to the point that she's as real to me as any of my characters are. i even use Tiffany F as my online name a lot of the time. and Joe keeps an eye on me to make sure i'm behaving myself. ;-) no, i'm not kidding about that. any writer will know what i'm talking about.

the alien incident really happened to me today. it takes a lot to disturb me, but this chilled me to the bone. it feels good to have written it out, even if the story feels kinda awkward to me. it's more for therapy than anything else. ;) but if you want to read and leave me feedback, i'll love you forever. =^.^=

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seriously. i can't even count going to work as productive.
this is day one of thirteen in a row at work. and it was dead. dead. dead. i was really happy i had books with me. i learned a lot about the Granada Sherlock Holmes series staring Jeremy Brett and then started one of Stephen King's books on writing. or on horror, rather, as i'm reading that one first. then i'll read his "On Writing" and see if it lives up to the opinions of my writing group. it's rather the holy grail when i go to the conference every year. so i'm curious.
i also downloaded the Prince of Tennis memorial best CDs (all 8 of them) and i swear it's like listening to an extended 100 song marathon. so far every song has been in the exact same order. to the point that i even know what's coming up next. it's kinda fun. =^.^=
more ideas for where stories are going, but no energy to sit and type. not to mention that there really is such a thing as cat nightmares or a kitty boogieman because Nina came out of her nest very abruptly last night with her tail four times it's normal size and looking like she'd just been shocked. and she only just went back to the nest. she's been insisting on sitting with me since i got home from work. i have no idea what got under her fur, but i'm just going with it.
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i find this very good advice. probably hard to follow without dedication, but good. *grins*


i do try and write every day. and i do find myself getting better. now what i need is good feedback on what i'm working on.
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As requested by the admins, there's still time left for the help Japan auction on WWOMB. I - and many other authors - have auctions going on the site.

Again, not asking for money, just a heads-up on what's going on. *grins*
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I showed Ro PairPuri 8 tonight. She actually jumped when Yagyuu and Sanada went bursting into the bathroom. Her reactions were priceless, but she didn't like Akaya's dress much. *snickers* I told her the theory that they set it up for Sanada and Ryoma and she either pretended not to know what I was talking about, or just ignored me. But that was so totally a set up. Yukimura is a manipulator.
Then we watched Day of the Survival Mountain and the four OVAs that she had downloaded. My favorite, of course, was the Rikkai one. I don't know why Sanada couldn't keep his hair styled like that for ninth grade. He's sooo cute. The matches with Shitenhoji were interesting. Ro finds the team (except Shiraishi) annoying *coughKoharuYuukuncough* but they just make me laugh at this point. Their way of going into the school was priceless. I could have done without Higa though. Can't stand that school.
We're getting closer to the musicals. *does happy dance* I can't wait for her to see them. She won't read the mangas - mainly because she only has the downloads and I won't loan her my copies - but the musicals are so much closer to the manga than the anime is. She's still asking me what's under Shiraishi's bandage and doesn't believe me that it's poison. So she's a little pissy about that one, but I keep telling her if she reads the main manga I'll give her a link to the new ones and she can find out more about his arm. Until then, it's poison. Besides, it's cute.

Starting Sunday I no longer have to work night shifts. I'm so excited about that one. I'll actually have a semi-normal schedule. Ed and James aren't too happy, but I explained it was because of my health and, face it, I am the supervisor. I try not to pull that role too often, but hey, it's true. I've paid my dues at that place and am the one that makes the schedule. I bend over backwards to let them have whenever they want off and keep the place running while they're gone. I don't think this is too much. But we'll have to see how it goes. I know Ed doesn't want to work nights with his classes, but I was careful and he doesn't have to get up early to get to class the days he works nights, so I'm not being heartless. And he has weekends off. Totally.

My arm is about 85%. I'm out of the brace for the most part and kinda able to type. Nothing hideously long, so I don't know when I'll get back to updating things, but I hope by the middle of February. I have so many story ideas running around my head that it doesn't work to hand write them because I need to be able to move fast, which is typing. So I promise to get back in as soon as I can. I see my PT tomorrow - thank heavens - and my doc on the first. I'll be curious to see what they say. Especially as my doc summoned me. I think I missed a bloodwork appointment.


Dec. 17th, 2010 07:42 pm
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my mum told me yesterday that she was going to be writing my older half-sister (the eldest of us four kids) and i asked mum to give my sis a heads-up that i'm sending a story her way. not for editing or anything, just to read, though if she wants to comment (she's a creative writing professor/english professor) then i'd welcome anything she (or her partner) would like to say.
got an email back today. my sis's advice (without seeing my work) keep writing through rejections and don't give up. i'm fighting the urge to tell her i never would have thought of that. but i also know that she means well. :)
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I'm finally caught up with the PoT manga. Sanada is even more of a demon than I first thought. I think Yukimura will be proud of him. *snickers* Still pissed as hell at Yagyuu until I find out exactly what new powers Niou has developed. Never underestimate the Petenshi. Puri.

We started remodeling the casino yesterday. Fortunately I didn't have to go in for any of the heavy work and was there today for moving cameras, wiring and other fun things. We only got about half way done with the wiring so we'll be back at it tomorrow. I swear that the guy helping me with everything (Josh, the one who originally wired the casino in the first place) about had a heart attack when I told him how I'd jury-rigged everything to stay together and keep the casino running. He's hoping we can do something better tomorrow that will hold everything together until we get the new system. If we get the new system. My managers are remarkably stingy when it comes to actually making sure the casino can be open. It makes no sense, but then again they about had a heart attack today when I told them we had four color cameras to cover seven tables - one camera per table. There's enough black and whites to make up the difference and have space left over, but it still really sucks.

I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow. But we won't reopen until Monday, so that's something. And I might only have to work four days this week, it all depends on if my kid brother can get a ride from the airport or not. And then it's off to writing camp for five days. yay!! That's going to be such a nice breather for me.
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I've been doing a lot of thinking this weekend whilst I've been in bed sick. Well, the time I've been awake at any rate (this is the first time I've been so sleepy when I've had an allergic reaction to food) and come to a decision. I suppose its one that's been building for a while now, but I'm going to leave the forensic program. *sigh* As much as I want to do it, my mind just isn't wired towards science and I'm going to kick my kid brother when I see him at Christmas for saying that anyone can do it. He's weird.

I am staying in school, however, as long as I get accepted into the program I'm looking at. There's a M.F.A. Creative Writing program offered by the English department and the thesis would be a novel. I was joking with a friend today that I could just save the three years, give them the novel and ask for my degree. *grin* Seriously, it would be writing and teaching creative writing. I love teaching others, its just not something I have a chance to do a lot of in my life right now. Although one of my co-workers likes to bring her daughter to work and leave the kid outside in the restaurant part of the bowling alley while she's working and the daughter sometimes needs help with her homework. I've helped her out once, I know some other folks have too, but I've never seen the parents do it.

So I might be messaging people to ask if they'd be willing to read the first chapter of the novel, the submission piece I'm using for the program. I'm not sure who, if anyone, I want to have read it - well save one who has agreed to help me with my UK lingo - but I know that my online friends are by far the most familiar with my writing and style.

Now that the long rant is over - sheesh - I got bit by a short plot bunny during Miami tonight. It kind of continues Quandry from last season. The story isn't done at this point, but it will be posted before I head to bed. I don't have a title yet, so I guess just look on the most recent page. I haven't posted/updated in over a week, so it should be easy to find.

**Edit - The title is Zilch. That also completes my quest to write a story with a title of every letter of the alphebet.**

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