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Fic is here:    http://archiveofourown.org/works/3864310
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I only have one thing to say about the season finale.

Okay, now that that's out of my system. I haven't had any time to write, but I'm going to type up and post the CM Hotch/Rossi piece I was working on last week. At least, I think it was last week, maybe the week before.
First time writing Rossi, please let me know how I did. It'll be up on WWOMB and a criminal minds community here on livejournal.
Normally I don't put up links, but here's the comm.
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My mum and me alone for any length of time is apparently not a good thing. She said, and I quote, "you have become a complely negative person who has put up mental blocks against everything. I spoke with my PT today and they said that the cane has to be used on the opposite side of an injury. But if you want to immitate a stupid actor on TV then go ahead. And maybe you should major in TV watching while you're at it."

I brought up the point that I have to use the cane on the same side because my right shoulder is a mess of scar tissue that, when it becomes inflamed by an additional pressure (which is pretty much anything other than walking around and even that doesn't always work) I get horrible pain in my shoulder and chest and it can take me out of action for up to three days. And now she's not even talking to me, which might actually be a good thing. At least I can escape to work for a while and get out of here. She's not going back to work until January - so this isn't gonna end any time soon. *sigh*

My updates were on hold for term papers. I have one more to type/edit and then that just leaves a presentation and two exams and I'm finished with school. If my knee wasn't so bad I'd do the dance of joy (and if you recoginze that quote, I'll be impressed). TDC is being updated by hand in my notebooks until the mafia princess and I finish rereading a couple of things to make sure that my planned story line for Reid/Hotch and House/Chase will work out. If I mentioned one tiny detail the whole thing will fall apart. But I'm fairly sure I didn't. At least I hope I didn't. And then other updates will follow. I do promise. Once school is out I'll have tons of time to write - some of that will be novel chapters as my goal is to get the damn thing in the mail by the time I go back to classes in September 09.

I wanted to do an independant entry on last week's CM, but this will have to do because I don't recall everything I wanted to say. I almost spit out my root beer when Jason Alexander intro'd himself as Professor Rothschild. We spent two days talking about the family in my Holocaust class. And everyone in class got the joke when I told them about it. So that was a lot of fun. And I have to say that Rossi really went up in my opinion with that episode, both as an actor and character. He's still growing on me. *grin*

I promise updates just as soon as I can. This is my Thanksgiving break week and I do have a couple of things to finish up, but I'll see what I can do. And I also promise not to vanish like this again. *Grin* It's just been hard to sit at the desk/computer of late. Bad weather.
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*taps foot*
*looks around*
I want to know who has been feeding the Criminal Minds plot bunnies.

I was just on the phone with Ro talking about tonight's episode and Reid's new hair cut. I asked her if she knew who I was talking about because she doesn't watch the show. She said yes, he's the one who wanted the fork.
Plot bunny.
*headdesk* repeatedly.

I wanted to go to bed early tonight. Its 34F outside, going to get colder, and I don't have the heat on yet.
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Just what I need, right? It's a Criminal Minds piece that came to be when Spencer Reid (I love that he spells his last name correctly - ie same as mine *Grin*) was doing target practice and Hotch was right behind him. I think if things had gone this way, Reid would've passed his qualification without any problems and been more relaxed as well. *glares at snickering bunny*
Someone has been feeding them chocolate again.
It'll be up within a couple of hours on WWOMB only. It's called "Firearms Qualification". I think my author page is the only link I can give right now.

Oh, a side note. We shoot out in the woods here in north Idaho. My teacher is a sniper/swat team member. Minus the sexual part of the story (he's known me since I was 12 and his wife was my babysitter) this is how he taught me to shoot. And I'm not bad either.

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