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Riders in the Sky, Porter Wagoner, Peter Tork, Davy Jones.
I'm lucky enough to count Riders in the Sky as friends. Not close friends, but friends. They literally saved my life several years ago and know what happened. They are four special men. And Peter Tork is a sweetheart. [Error: unknown template qotd]
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still do. a number of them are now characters in my original pieces. they're fun to talk to, too. although Joe likes to nag me about what i eat and taking my meds. which, admittedly, is not a bad thing. there are times i forget.  [Error: unknown template qotd]
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closets, thunderstorms, closets, snakes

and yes, i do know where each of these fears originated in my childhood.
closets - age 3
thunderstorms - age 7
snakes - age 8
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and it says something that i was able to come up with that immediately upon seeing the question.
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i almost answered this on the RP journal rather than my personal one. wouldn't that have caused some confusion.

i'm almost done with the Dark Tower series and, King as a character aside, have enjoyed it more than most of his works (The Shining and 'Salem's Lot excepted here). but it is where my favorite character comes from.

I love Oy. The billy-bumbler in the Tower series is so cute. i wants one.
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in my second to last semester of University. As it was fall term i had Criminal Law, sociology of crime, one other sociology class and a couple others that don't come to mind so it was probably history related as those were how i filled in my credits. Tuesday and Thursdays started with Crim. Law, which i hated because of the teacher. and he was the only one that day to actually teach his class and completely ignore what had happened beyond making fun of the police and fire fighters who ran from the Towers when they collapsed.
as best i remember i was between jobs at the time having just quit the radio station to focus on school and before i was hired at the airport as a security screener in their move to hire more people.
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i studied Crime and Justice, or what is known as Justice studies these days. yes, that's how long ago i took my BA. *grins* i wanted to be a police officer since i was 7 years old and thought this would be a good way to go about joining a force and working my way through and up the ranks. but then i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and that rather took care of that idea. but i do use what i learned in school for my writing and i work as a surveillance officer, which is kind of in the field. way out in left field, maybe, but kind of there.
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hmmm, i would have to say this was the grasshoppers down in Mexico. They're really good, but the legs get stuck between your teeth and aren't easy to get out again.
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never mix good beer and politics.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] A library, a huge one for preference. Then I would never be bored :-)
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professional novel author.
If I work hard enough and find the right time. It's hard, but I'm not giving up.
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the park is nice, but for the really good times, head west about five hours. You'll hit Seattle. Much better. :)
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As much as I want to say Japan, I'll be honest. I think I'd go back to London, England. I don't know why, because I'm horribly phobic about cities, but I felt totally at home in London. No fear the whole time we were there. And that's unusual for me.
I don't know how I'm going to manage Tokyo once we're there. *sighs* I do not like cities.
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Sherlock Holmes. Although I belong to the school of thought that he was a real person. *Grins* He's just so awesome.
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If a student comes to you and tells you they are being harassed and abused by their classmates you listen and help them. You don't ask what the hell you're supposed to do about it.
Bastards. *note plural*
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lexxie scott is a character in one of my novels. this started as a journal for her and i just kind of took it over as i ventured into fan fiction more and more and met more friends. my real name can also be abbrivated as lexxie, so it's also kind of my own name as well. i don't think i would ever change it.
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make a list of license plates that we've passed in alphabetical order and by country. Unless I'm driving, of course. ;)
Highest count ever was 30 states and three countries.
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before all this food allergy/fibro/diet restrictions stuff started I loved to have soft serve ice cream and french fries.

now days the only one i can still eat is rice cakes (the light salt) with kraft singles. yummy.
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This is a hard one as I believe in the "trousers of time" and so I'd probably give it away. Am I totally happy with my life up until now, hell no. But is there anyone out there who can truly say they are??? Without lying, mind.
Also, it puts me in mind of a jdrama called Reset. I've only seen the first eppy (it has Kiriyama Renn in it. KAWAII) but it shows all too well what can happen if you mess with fate.
(that's for anyone who likes jdramas and is curious)
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um, let me see here. fan fiction.... hmmmm.
I saw Steph's answer on my friends page and have to agree with everything she said. It's a great way to "fix" shows, it let's people improve their writing ability while working with established characters and it's a wonderful way to meet new people. I also think it's a great way to relieve frustration about things in daily life because you can escape into the world either you or the show created and relax for a time.

Not to mention it's totally fun.

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