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Okay, so, I give the manuscript and synopsis to my dad to read and he is dead set against me sending this piece out as is. He says it screams amateur (I say truth in advertising) and that it's not ready.
So, I've had offers in the past from some friends on here, but don't want to assume anything.

Would anyone be willing to read my Titanic novella and beta for me??? Synopsis too, btw. I really wanted to send this out tonight, but now I'm not so sure.

Part of me wants to say it's because it's not like anything I've ever written before that he's objecting to it, but I just don't know. He also said that I have about fifteen to 20 years before my writing matures to the point that it'll be published.

If you are willing, please PM me or email me with your email so I can send the attachments. They're too big to put up on here as private entries.
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There are days I wonder if anyone in the casino actually knows what their job is and how to do it. I really do. Today Sauce called me on the radio to tell me that he finally decided on what type of dog to get. This was when we had four tables in play. Now, granted, I was reading a book at the time so I'm equally as guilty, but still.
I kinda started working on TDC again. I'm holding off on a couple of things until I learn more about pairings, but at the same time, I'm also getting ready to final read through the Titanic novella and get it ready to be sent off in about a week. Maybe ten days. I haven't decided on a date yet.
I will say I'm not looking forward to having to hide under my desk once these new chapters for TDC come out. *sighs* But I still maintain that it is the correct direction for the story at this point in time. I'll be curious to see if anyone else agrees with me.
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In watching Dream Live 5th tonight I noticed how rumpled Sanada looked when he first came out on stage and couldn't help but think that Yukimura could have at least cleaned him up when they were done. *snickers* And as I was trying to write at the time, I had to change movies. Thinking about Sanada and Yukimura was too much of a distraction for what I was doing. lol.

I broke my own rule of doing nothing on Sundays and finished typing up my Titanic novella. It's finished and, after I double check everything tomorrow, I'll be sending it to my writing group for peer review. 112 pages double spaced and over 32,000 words. I'm hoping to be able to send it to a publishing house by my birthday, but don't think the reviews will be done by then. Eight days is a little too much to hope for. But the end of August for sure. I'll let everyone know when it gets sent off. It'll be going by email, which will make things easier.

I just put on the backstage for Absolute King Rikkai First (my fav myu) and hit the part where Tezuka is introducing himself and everyone is falling down. That alone is funny enough, even though I only just worked out what he's saying, but I had totally missed Sanada pulling Yukimura down with him. KAWAII!!!!!!!! They are all such goofs. I actually went back and double checked that I hadn't been seeing things. He totally did it.

And back to work tomorrow. I wonder what, if anything, the managers are going to say about the text message I sent them about the cameras. It's my only day shift for the whole week. I'm covering nights while James is out of town. I'll see if I can write some fan fiction updates for various pieces, or finish some PoT fics I've been thinking about or have half done. Like the Yagyuu virgin/Niou molester piece. Or the piece about how Yukimura keeps his jacket on his shoulders at all times. Or the one time Akaya manages to win over Yukimura. That one is especially strange. And I don't know if Yuki-buchou will cooperate with me.
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I came out of work the other day, before camp, and was amazed at the sky. It was about six in the morning and I just had to take the pics because it was so pretty.

Today was just a blah day. I spent it at work writing. That alone should tell you how slow the casino was. The good news is that I'm more than halfway done with the re-write and should have it done by next week or early the week after that. Huh, right around my b-day, now that I think about it. Not a bad present to myself. :)

And then I'll get back to updating fan fiction pieces. Once I have the ghost and his lover out of my head. ;)
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A must see for all Rikkai-myu fans. The joke here, of course is that Marui (Kiriyama Renn) wasn't in the musical they're singing the song from. I think this is where the term bakatachi can be applied without any hesitation.

this is the teaser....

Struggling to climb into the small, cramped space of the sub brought back the nightmare tenfold and beyond. The terror I felt shake my limbs almost caused me to fall onto my pilot, my companion behind me on the ladder awaiting the signal that I was settled. I could not help but believe, beyond anything that I’d believed in my life that the descent I was about to undertake would lead to my death. It would be the end of my life as I knew it.
And yet I went. To this day I cannot explain why.
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I made several references to my new novella in the camp posts. But it needs to be fleshed out and checked on a couple of things, one of which is homosexuality in England in the early 1900s. Do you think I can find anything helpful online???? I think pigs are going to fly first.
I was lucky enough to find a book that looks at the subject on amazon pretty cheep so I ordered it and it'll be here next week. I don't think the topic comes up until chapter three and I'm only just starting the rewrites tonight. That's if Jeffrey and Sam (the characters) will let me. I might have to listen to nothing but Yuuta tonight to be able to write. They both seem to like him. I don't blame them a bit, but I don't know when I'll be able to watch his live DVD again. I think I saw it about ten times while at camp and I was writing.

I'll post a little of the novella tomorrow to let you see what I'm working on. Fan fiction will be spotty until I get this project out of the way, but I'll see what I can do. I hate to leave stories unfinished.

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