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these are some random caps i took while looking for something specific, which i didn't find.

pic spam here - mainly for perky ;) )
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i did this one during lunch.

The seigaku dorks channel the meganes.

and who had the bright idea to give them pom-poms, a whistle and a slipper? I'm still giggling. and goo. Hiro has that effect one me.
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i'm doing one of my massive, will have to be downloaded as a zip screencap sessions. i just started at the beginning and, when i come to the end, i'll cry. *grins* Nah, i'm kidding. i'll do festa 09 and 100 song as well. i'll also make a list of who is in what folder as i'm going so after you download it - if you download it anyway - you won't have to go hunting through hundreds upon hundreds of caps to find your favorite guys.

this will take me months, but just thought i'd comment on it now. meh. still in the dumps. need SDs. with pompoms and whistles and a blue shoe. okay, just the thought made me grin.

Really cool

Jun. 4th, 2011 04:57 pm
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I downloaded a bunch of Hiro-kun mp3 files and have started listening to them today. The first one I picked was Bus Gamer. I'm sitting here reading and listening to it and was totally able to pick out Hiro-kun right away. But as I'm listening to it, I keep thinking that one of the other characters sounds like Suwabe. So I get on here - yes I am at work - and look it up on Wikipedia. Sure enough, Suwabe is one of the main characters. It's pretty cool, honestly. I'm into the cast talk now and am having to giggle because they keep talking about yakiniku. That's something that most of you will get ;). Love Hiro-kun's voice.
*melts onto onsen*. I can't wait until Wednesday to get to watch tenipuri festa 11.
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pics are here )
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pics are here )
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This is a three disc set complete with booklet. I'll use my phone to take pics of the booklet when I get home from running errands. :) I don't want to know what the SDs were doing with Momo. I really don't. ;)
I have the first disc ripping now. I'll keep you updated on the progress.
Cara, no melting to goo yet. *grins*

two edits:
1) getting ready to take pics of the books. The DV has made me want to puke.
2) Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to give the SDs blue pompoms????? *pft*

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