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i am only just sitting here. i maintain quite firmly that hair should not hurt unless it's been up in some elaborate hair style all day. i can't do that with mine, i get headaches so i wear it loose all the time. i don't know how big of a weather system we have covering us right now, but i can barely move. jason came in early on his own to get me out of there. i was just hanging on because i need the hours. but now i can take a bath and go to bed.

i ran errands before work, which added to the problems, but they needed to be done. though if i had known how sick i was going to get, i wouldn't have bought snacks for work until later in the week. i can't eat at the moment. just the thought of food. *shudders*

one more day of work, and then i can spend the day in bed being sick. i see my PT on thursday, which can only help. right now, movie night is up in the air. which sucks, because i love this one. :(
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i hate snow. i always say that snow is a four letter word. it makes me sleepy and gives me fibro fog like you wouldn't believe. my memory is more or less gone at this point. i can barely remember what all i needed to do before i go to bed. i'm even scared to bathe because i might fall over. *sighs* and these storms are going nowhere fast. i read that they're estimating about a foot on the ground by Wednesday. that's fail. i know it's still winter, but it's fail. majorly fail.

i can't even remember anything i wanted to put on here. i'm going to type up my note for a project i'm working on and go to bed. i, unfortunately, have to work tomorrow.  
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These aren't the best in the world because a) it's dark out and b) I used my cell phone. But it shows how much snow we have on the ground and in the trees. I'm guessing about two feet total, with a foot or so of new snow today alone.

And yes, it is still falling and likely will be all night. This must be our revenge for getting no snow for most of the winter. And it's supposed to start raining on us in a couple of days. Can anyone say flooding??
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The photobook pics were taken with my cell phone. I don't have a scanner, so I do apologize for the glare in a couple of them. Masa is so cute.


I only watched about the first ten minutes of the musical and just sat there going "sugoi" over and over again. It's amazing. Hell, it's beyond amazing. I'm having issues with the rip though. When I put the disc into my mac to watch it - that's my region 2 player - it said skipping damaged area, so I might not be able to rip for a while. I'm working on it though and won't give up.

Thought I'd share a couple of pics I took of the most recent snow fall. We're starting to warm up a little, thank heavens. 3F is just too cold.

snowy pics here )

And there's supposed to be more coming in the next week. Makes me very glad I'm heading south for a break. :)

I finished one of my Christmas challenge fics and pissed Ro off at the same time. I'll get it typed up slowly and post it in the next couple of hours. One handed typing sucks yeggs. *Grins* Still, have to get back into it sometime.


Dec. 30th, 2010 01:19 am
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someone screwed up somewhere. we had a foot of snow dump on us overnight and now it's down around 20F and not supposed to get much warmer for like three days. then it's supposed to snow again. it just makes no sense. not to mention it's dangerous as hell out there.
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It finally warmed up enough to snow again. They say six to eleven inches, but we're on the southern edge of the storm system, so I seriously doubt it's going to be that much. But we'll see. It's just starting to snow and I'm here for another eight hours. *sighs* Hopefully not too much before I have to drive home.
I finally switched the pics from my phone to my computer.

pics are here )

I got an email from my CD supplier in Japan today. Hide-chan's debut mini-album is suffering a shortage and they can't get it to me until next month. booooo. I'm so disappointed. I really was looking forward to it. *sighs* I guess they seriously underestimated how popular Hide-chan is. That means next month is Masa and Hide-chan for new albums plus Tumbling. Guess I just have to be patient. But I hate it. :(
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The next time my mum has the idea to fly out of Lewiston (35-45 minutes away) rather than out of Spokane (an hour and a halfish) I'm going to remind her of this morning. It just took me two and a half hours to make the round trip down and back to drop them off at the airport because of the snow/sleet and fog. Not to mention my dad almost fell over at the airport, which would have ruined their whole trip anyway. *sighs* This might be the last time they make the trip just by themselves. Yeah, they're on their way to Mexico for 11 days. I get to stay home and work. There's something wrong with this picture. ;)

Oh, and I was tailgated by a state patrol officer. Nice, huh.
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I got them knives to fight with the novel bunnies and they won today, so I'll have updates for TDC here in a week or so. Sounds strange to say, doesn't it?? *headdesk*
However, I'm going to end Meeting II where it is and tell the rest of the story I had planned out there in flashback mode. It's the only way I could get the bunnies working again.

We got six inches of snow overnight and its still cold and rainy out there. Add in a pancreatits attack yesterday and I'm ready to take to bed and never move again. *sigh* Now I know why Ro went to the hospital like she did. That hurts.
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At times like these I like to quote Muppet Treasure Island.
"I hate my life" - Jim
"I hate your life too" - Gonzo
"If I had a life I'd hate it" - Rizzo

It snowed last night. Like blizzard force winds and blinding snow. I have frost nip and its almost April!!!! Not to mention I found out I don't work with any gentlemen, not to mention decent human beings. Yeah, its back to barely able to stand up, let alone sit or walk and they all left me in the parking lot struggling with horizontal snow and winds to scrape off my damn car. Makes me want to beat them all senseless with my cane.

So, obviously, everything is on hold. If you're awaiting an email (or beta, Jess) I will get to it as soon as I possibly can. It just hurts to sit right now. Or think.

But I did find out why the fan fic bunnies have all run away and hidden. The novel bunnies are out with guns demanding that I finish the story and start the sequel now. *sigh* On the plus side, it does mean it'll go to New York that much faster.

My folks are starting to talk about moving south for all of our health. I told them to find me a place where the weather isn't crazy like it is here, no hotter than about 85F in the summer and a good doctor who believes in and will treat fibromyalgia and I'll go. They're thinking the highlands of Arizona in a couple of years when Mum retires. Maybe sooner if I keep getting so sick.

I think that's it. Oh, wait, nope its not. I had a really good Naruto joke the other night - even if Ro didn't think it was funny. We've started watching Shippuden and I had her roommate's kitten asleep on my tummy. I came up with the idea for the kitten - Callie - to be a ninja kitty and fight with the gentle paw. So I told Ro "eight tri-grams, sixty-four paws!" Yeah, she wasn't amused. Neji probably wouldn't be either.
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Story is here. )
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I'm not big on the holidays when I'm home alone with only the TV and my DVD collection for company. *sigh* My folks are - hopefully - already in Mexico where I'll be joining them on Sunday, and my kid brother (who finally made it home) is at a high school friend's house for supper. That's actually a good thing as there's no food in the house at the moment.
But I did go out and take some pictures of the snow for our family in Mississippi. I maintain that we need to invite my aunt and uncle up for a couple of weeks in December or January so they can experience winter. And I thought I'd share the pics here as well.

The icicles on the house

Snow rift on the tree in the driveway

The street

The backyard

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I didn't realize how much I missed Danny until tonight. Three "booms" in one show and he was almost bouncy. It makes me think that tonight's episode was filmed earlier in the season and just aired. And it was totally hot to see Danny's bike again. They totally need to do that more. It was just so good to see Danny "normal" again.

As to the second part of the subject line - its snowing again. We're supposed to get at least another six inches and according to Ro there's already at least five on the ground. *sigh* I'd like spring to get here.


Jan. 31st, 2008 03:10 pm
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I went out a took a couple of pics of my street and driveway because, as I said, we haven't had snow like this since 1996. Of course we had floods then too when it all melted. That was not a fun year.

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You don't know any good swear words when something bad happens to you. We've been getting hit with snow for the past few days and it's been warming up just enough to melt a little between storms and then freezing again when the next storm hits. Yeah, there is a point to this. My folks left for Mexico which means I have the dogs for a day or two until they go to the sitters house. When we went out for the evening walk tonight they just ran down the stairs and off down the driveway. I didn't realize that there was a patch of black ice at the foot of the stairs and slipped, landing on my bad knee. There's where the lack of good swear words comes into play. All I could think of was "god damn son of a building block." My best friend knows all the really good and creative swear words and won't teach them to me. ;) The most amusing part of this was that my best friend fell down her brother's stairs three days ago. She just commented that we make quite the pair.
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I don't swear, much, and there are certain words I avoid at all costs. Shut up, Ro, and I never said it. *grin* But there is one four letter word I am definately putting in the totally foul category.
I hate it. We had our first snow storm today, just a light dusting but when I just glanced out into the darkness I could see it is still falling by the light of the street lamp on the corner. My mum told me the schools are already talking about closing down. And they made my class go regardless of what the weather was doing. I remember wading through at least three feet of snow most winters and even being dragged out in our PE uniforms to run around the track. Evil phys. ed teachers here. :)
So only seven months to go until we get nice weather again.

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