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First of all, High Stakes has a new chapter. I still don't know how many more this one will have, but I'm thinking around five, maybe six. We'll have to see.

I have two ideas for the "Lease Expect" universe. One of them is set way far ahead of what I've been working on, but I want to write it out. The other, if I'm right on where my timing is, will fit in with the storyline as is. So look for both of those later today. I'm at work, it's graduation day for the local university so, if we're going to have play, it won't be until late. I'm here until 2100 PDT and will be writing as much as I can. Anything I don't finish today will be finished tomorrow.

Edit at 1919: First new story is called "Shot to the Light." It's up on two of the archives. WWOMB is being slow about loading, again. How many people still read there????

Edit at 2035: Part Five of Look where you least Expect is up on the archives, or will be once WWOMB loads. *sighs*
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1) I'm not going to apologize for the RL posts. But I am sorry if you're only here for fan fiction updates and have to put up with all my other......well, oddities. At least you can see why things don't get updated as often as I would like them to.

2) I've decided that, as I'm finishing High Stakes, that I'm going to turn it into an original piece. Impossible, maybe, but with Peter and Allwyn there's so much more to the backstory that I want to explore and I think this is a way to do it. I won't abandon the project and I am working on a new chapter now. More Peter loves because, well, I love Peter. :)

3) I've started rereading TDC, and am cringing at all the mistakes in plot I'm finding. I won't pull everything and I don't have the time to rewrite it right now, but if I'm able to stay on a moderate schedule, I should be able to finish the story by fall. (note that there's a wedding, a trip, a convention and a conference in my summer which might throw the timeline a little, not to mention a possible cross-country move with my family). But I would like to wrap things up neatly and I've been working on this story for six years. I do promise not to hurry things along just to finish it up. I will tie up every loose end and end every plot twist. I just don't promise to do so in a way that will make 100% of my readers happy.

4) When I finish High Stakes, or get to a point where I want to break from it for a while, I'll post a poll on which story (OTHER THAN TDC) readers want to see worked on next. I realize that 95% of you are here for TDC, but see above. It needs a lot of time and work right now.

5) Thank you everyone for being so patient an considerate. It means a lot to me and I really, really appreciate it. I'll do my best to keep the stories coming. :)
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hey everyone. how long as it been since i posted anything about the story High Stakes? don't answer that. *grins*

you will probably note that i have updated the WARNINGS on the story. i will point that out in the new chapter when i post it, most likely tonight unless i can find a way to type it up before then. i'm at work hand writing it right now, so i would guess late tonight, early tomorrow for an update on it. Peter has finally made an appearance and he's shaking everything up. 

here's my notes page on this story...


for new friends, High Stakes is a House/CSI Miami crossover vampire story. it's on my two archive pages and i haven't updated it in far too long. i don't want to say that this one is almost done as i scent a sequel if Peter has his way, but we'll see what happens while i'm writing today. i still have to deal with things up in NJ. that could take a few chapters depending on how much detail i want to go into.

same note as always. DO NOT FLAME ME ON MY STORIES. i write what the story wants me to. does this lose me readers, yes. it does. i know it does. there are people who used to be here for every story and i haven't heard from them in two years. but i write to write. it makes me happy. it makes me cry. flames also make me cry. that's not nice. watch your words, please.
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Before everyone starts yelling at me for what I'm doing with this fic - and I'm expecting people to be rather upset with how I'm treating Speed at the moment - let me clear up a few things.

Allwyn/Alan/Horatio was born in 970AD and killed/turned by mistake in 1000AD. He's lived ten lives and there is far more to him and his character than the lieutenant in Miami. He is far darker and more evil than his Horatio persona would have everyone believe, but he keeps it hidden from everyone - except his boy - because he feels that his life is his own business. There will be more about his history as the story develops and not just how he came to know Greg House, although that will be the focal point in most of the history chapters.

Greg House was born in 1959 and turned in 1974 when he was thrown down the stairs by his biological father. He remained with his sire, Alan, until 1979 when he entered medical school. The rest of his past is more or less cannon with the show, the most notable exception being that he and Alan remained lovers until Alan bonded with Tim Speedle in 2004.

Tim Speedle was born in 1973 and turned in 2004 after being shot in a jewelry store. At the time of his turning and bonding with Alan - now living under the name of Horatio Caine - he'd known Horatio for three years and they had been dating for two. He was unaware of his lover's true nature until he was shot. He also knows the bare bones of Alan/Horatio's time and relationship with Greg House.

Eric Delko and Ryan Wolfe are also vampires and bonded. More about their story will come out in future chapters. Okay, feel free to rant and rave at me now. *snickers*
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I've been away from the computer since Wednesday. Ro and I made a deal that if I watch Naruto she'll watch House. And she got to go first. So yes, I'm still writing, but my past couple of days have been spent either in meetings at work or at Ro's house watching TV.

I realized that High Stakes won't work unless I post the four new chapters I'm still working on. I have two and a half done, I need to write out the Horatio-Speed fight in the last one and then I swear I'll update. I know, I keep saying that and you guys are awesome for hanging on and waiting so patiently.

The application package is due the 31, so I'm frantically working there as well.

And don't get me going about work. *rolls eyes*
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And there's a subject I never, and I mean never thought I'd have to write. He's turned into a dirty old man in High Stakes. *rolls eyes* Seriously, I'm having to restrain him from jumping a fifteen-year-old Greg House.
But, as Horatio is also about 1000 years old in the fic, he grew up in another time with another set of values that I'm having to try and balance. But its totally OC for Horatio.
I'd say give me another day to work with him and I'll have updates. Long updates. And maybe TDC too.

*grumbles* Bloody vampires.

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