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May. 3rd, 2013 06:02 pm
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Yes, I probably should have used my Horatio icon, but considering how many plot bunnies I have after marathoning season 9 over the past two days, I think the icon works. *grins* I'll probably get through season 10 on my next weekend and am looking forward to that. I'm not making promises, because ideas are fickle, but I might be able to update some more stories here as well.

As it stands, I just uploaded a new crossover piece called "Arrow" to all three archives. It's  CSI: Miami/Avengers crossover. Not my best work ever, but it's only meant to be getting me back into writing. If I do the same on these other pieces, then I'm going to be pissy at myself. So, keep an eye on the archives. I'll do an update post when I'm done writing for the day, but thought I'd share this much right now.
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please don't fall out of your chairs in shock, but i've written a brand new, shiny angst piece for CSI Miami. well, okay, be honest, i have the second part to write but as i was changing POVs i thought that would be a good break and i could post the first chapter up now.

you can find it here


or here


if neither link works, it's in my usual two archives and the title is Imagined Wrongs.
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I think I need to stop taking them to work with me. All I'm getting of late are non-con, death, doom, distruction, angst ideas. I'm not kidding. I think that's why I'm stalled on TDC, and even that is getting pretty dark. I don't even really like angst stories. Sheesh.

Saw the new Miami today - Ro is recording them for me because I have to work Sunday nights - and just want to go to Miami and put up signs everywhere that say "don't piss off the red head." Doesn't anyone learn???? No episode tag ideas though.

I'm playing a PoT DS game that's in Japanese so I have no idea about 96% of what they're saying, or what I'm saying to them, but this was too cute not to share. I'm playing for Momoshiro's heart so I'm in with Seigaku and can talk to anyone on the team plus Kin-chan from Shitenhoji. I go to talk to Eiji and I don't know what I said to him, but he frowned and said (roughly) : NYA! - rapid Japanese - NYA! - rapid Japanese - NYA! and his heart level went down massively. I have no idea what I did, but he totally told me off! It was so cute. I think I've almost got Momo's heart though. Then I'm going for Sanada. I already tried him once, but he kept frowning and saying tarundoru all the time, so I ended up with Yagyuu. Niou - of course - was the first one I got. *snickers* At least, I think it's Niou. It might have been Yagyuu, so maybe I just got Niou when I got Yagyuu.

Confused yet?

Off to read the latest chapter of the New PoT manga. GO TEZUKA!!!!! (don't really like captain yamamoto)
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I'll put it under a cut so it doesn't take up too much space. It's about Miami and spoilers and I'm so upset that I had to go and find a new icon just for this post. That should tell ya'll something.

pissed off )
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I bow down in awe of the writers of CSI Miami for this week. I wasn't happy with the set up, but they pulled it off wonderfully in the end. My heart was going faster and I was on the edge of my seat until the name was revealed.
Now, only one thing left to do and that's a one shot for the episode. *Grins* Keep your eyes open.
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Miami: So my dad thinks I'm nuts (N-V-T-S nuts) Mel Brooks humor. When the last scene came up tonight in Miami - and I'm avoiding spoilers here - I jumped out of my chair and went YES! And he just stared at me. So I was really happy about it and am hoping to still be happy next week. And, as always, I wonder what Stetler does to piss off wardrobe. Seeing his clothes are usually the only good thing about him being around.

Work: no one should have their two worst dealers on the same shift on a Monday. Seriously. I felt like crying when I saw them both on the tables. My manager has said that there will be consequences starting up for people who get bad evals, but, as Ro said "she'll see it when she believes it." (Ro-ism)

Fic: Tonight's episode along with the preview for next week gave me wicked plot bunny ideas. I'm on my other computer (this is my evil twin typing here) writing furiously to get everything down. So keep an eye out for a, as yet untitled piece, by morning. I think I'll have it done before I go to bed. It depends on how I feel. Please, no killing me on this one. I'm being evil. But, as Niou says, "puri."

EDIT: The title is Mole Hunting.
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1) Eric finds out that Horatio is in a relationship with Jesse and is jealous because he's wanted the red head for years. (this one could be long)

2) Fuma no Kirikaze discovers chocolate. Please don't ask if you don't understand. But, trust me, it's cute.
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I thought tonight's eppy was bloody brilliant. They proved, yet again, that you don't piss off the red head. I started laughing so hard when he told the suspect to "shut up!" DC was very much on form in this one, I think having Adam back helped a lot with that one. Those two have always worked so well together.
My favorite line in the whole show though was in court was when the British lawyer held up the picture of a blood-stained cufflink and asked Jesse, "did you take the picture of this bloody cufflink?" I started laughing so hard that I fell over. Oh, I was on the floor stretching, btw.

Look for an eppy tag on this one too. H and Jesse were just talking to me through the whole episode.


Sep. 28th, 2009 11:13 pm
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I do not need more bunnies. I swear I have more than I can handle right now and I just got jumped by a rather rabid little Horatio/Jesse bunny. *headdesk* Okay, so its a really hot image, but I really don't need it right now. I'm working on updating TDC and a really nice epic Death Note crossover AU piece that I think it turning out really cool. Any DN fans on my f-list???
Then Finding Father has poked its little fuzzy head up along with a couple of other random pieces. I'm never going to get the novel finished at this rate, or the slash novella I'm trying to work on as well. Too many ideas. *runs away and hides*

Hands up

Sep. 21st, 2009 11:04 pm
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How many of you started crying during Horatio's talk with Eric tonight during the season premire?? I totally did. *grins*

No spoilers, just an awesome episode, just what you'd expect from Miami.
And the bunnies have started moving again. When I can get back on the computer long term - still not there - I think I'll have some stuff for everyone.
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Does anyone know or could find out which episode it is where Frank calls Ryan his dust monkey, or dust bunny. I don't remember the animal, but I think its the first. I have a plot bunny that just will NOT die so I'm going to try and write it. But I need the episode.

Tonight's Miami. Horatio in a lab coat = mind dead. *fans self*
Pissed off Horatio = evil plot bunnies. Keep your eyes open for High Stakes updates here soonly. I think its time Alan made more of an appearance. *evil snicker*
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And remarkably enough, this isn't a rant. Amazing, I know. *snicker*
I'm the one that lied and I'm very sorry about it, it makes me a horrible person, but I bring you House smut as a present to try and make up for everything. I said I would try and update all my WIPs before leaving for vacation. I sat down to work on TDC and this huge House bunny jumped me off of House's suggestion that Wilson take a romantic weekend in the Poconos. That one is 25 pages hand written and still in one chapter. *blinks* Not to mention the AU backstory I just created for House. If I can convince my cat that my left arm isn't her head rest, I'll type and post that one here on WWOMB only as soon as possible.

Then another big House bunny jumped me. It was a suicide bunny, but I couldn't just leave it at that, so I decided to bring in vampires - because zombies are kinda hard to pull off, you know all the skin hanging off and discontent at their lot in death - and its looking to become fairly large as well. So that one will be crossed with CSI: Miami (big surprise, huh?) and will be posted on WWOMB and Forensics. ***EDIT** I AM CRYING WRITING THIS ONE GUYS. MASSIVE HANKY WARNING.

Here's the deal. I don't mind folks asking me to update fics. I love it because it lets me know which ones are being read and which ones need to go to the front of the line for updates. But nagging kills bunnies. I can't help the fact that I have ideas for new stories without finishing off other ones and I learned the hard way to have a lot of WIPs hanging about than to try and ignore bunnies. I lost a lot of good stories that way. I make no apologies for the way I am. *grin* Okay, maybe a minor rant, but that's been weighing on my mind for a while now.

I guess just keep an eye here for update announcements. :) And I'll bring at least pictures of the beach and ocean home with me.
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The plot bunnies are still multiplying. I swear someone - or many someones - are feeding them on the sly. I need them to hold off until Thursday because Wednesday night is my last midterm for the semester.

I saw this pic on the DC message board. It is a spoiler pic for an upcoming episode, but it inspired a dragon plot bunny. Plus its just hot.

I've started watching House as well. I'm starting to get bugged by House plot bunnies too. *headdesk* Keep your eyes open. He might show up in TDC. No promises though.
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I found this on the DC message board and just about fell out of my chair. *sigh*
And I had a really bad day today, I'll put the story up in another post because it relates back to a story I'm going to post.
But when I turned on my computer, I just had to smile. This made me feel tons better.
So did talking with my BF, but that's part of the story.


Mar. 10th, 2008 11:07 pm
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I found this video link on the DC Message board. Sesame Street has a new muppet in town. And he looks suspiciously like our favorite red head.

I think it's one of the cutest and funniest things I've seen in a while. And how cool is that for DC?
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I went to the University library and found out that they only have one book on writing for TV published since 1980. Seriously, most of the books are older than I am and that kind of scares me. Either television scripts haven't changed much - which I doubt - or the library needs to get their butts in gear and order some new books. *grin*

So I checked out the most recent book thinking it would be the best to help me. Fourteen pages in they made two really nasty cracks about David Caruso and NYPD Blue. At that point I calmly shut the book and put it back in my bag. That's only because I was on campus. And it's a book that doesn't belong to me. If I did own it the thing would be a pile of smoldering ashes in the backyard. I did look at one other thing and it just proved to me that the guy either doesn't care about CSI or didn't do his homework, which is what he kept telling us is the key to successful TV script-writing. And I quote, "In the CSI episode 'The Dove Commission' a woman in a red dress is killed at a party." I read that three times before it finally made sense and I realized that he wasn't talking about CSI - he was talking about CSI:NY. Two totally different shows lumped into one. *sigh*

Now I want to write the author a nasty note. *smirk*
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You don't blink for five minutes after watching it.
You're almost hyperventillating from shock.
You walk into walls when leaving the TV room
The only thing you can think is oh my (hockey) gods.
It's one of the single hottest and most disturbing things you've ever seen.
Your dad asks if you're okay because you look like you're in shock.


Nov. 19th, 2007 11:12 pm
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No spoilers because I know that some of you haven't seen the new epsiode of CSI:M. I will say it was awesome, completely up to par with anything they've ever done on the show and had several of my favorite shots of Horatio when he says something and then backs out of the shot. I don't know why I find that so hot. My mother just rolls her eyes because she says she can't for the life of her figure out why I find Horatio so hot. I almost slipped the other night when I was watching a CSI:Miami episode and Horatio was clearing a house. I love gun porn on that show but was surprised when Mum shook the chair I was sitting in and told me that the scene wasn't that hot and to pay attention to what she was saying at the time. *giggle*
But I did have to wonder, at the end of tonight episode it looked to me like they had styled/parted Horatio's hair on the right when it's usually done on the left. I couldn't tell if they had flipped the film and it didn't look like they had, or if they were just trying something new with him. It's just something that bugged me at the end - that and his constantly sad blue eyes. It makes me want to hug him. :)

On a slightly different note, both TDC Miami and NYDC have new chapters up. Please do enjoy because I love writing them.
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So as everyone who has had a chance to read my travel journal (and if you want to see what I'm doing while in London please let me know and I'll send you the addy) I've been sick the first few days here. So Ro and I have spent quite a lot of time in the hotel room watching TV but I decided to put my creative talents to good use and make wallpapers. Also I've been too sick to really write (now THAT'S sick) but I'm doing better and we're back out tomorrow. So anyway, here are the wallpapers.

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I know, I know but I've been planning these for a month or so and just now got around to working on them. I'm going to take a computer imaging class next term and then I hope I can really get creative with my wallpapers; although my best friend says she can't believe some of the ones I've come up with and she's the one who taught me how to do these in the paint program.

And a link to an awsome article on David Caruso complete with a really, really funny video.

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