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i missed a day so i'm doing two now. :)

Character you’d want personified into a cat
Italy. just the idea makes me wibble.

Character you’d want to cosplay as
Japan. he has the easiest costumes to wear. *grins* not to mention what i suspect are comfortable shoes.
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Character you’d want personified into a dog

germany. he's just not cute as a cat. i think he'd make a better dog.

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Character you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley

Prussia. he scares me. i think his seiyuu is a cutie, but he's a little creepy.

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Character you wouldn’t mind having as your boss

any of them would be an improvement. i'll have to say Germany. he's tough, but he's fair and it seems like if you do your job and do it the best you can, he'll be nice to you.

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Character who would be your band-mate if you were in a band

i have no idea. austria probably because he plays the piano really well.  
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Character with your favorite uniform/outfit

i honestly don't pay too much attention to their clothes (except for Germany in leather) but i guess i would go with Italy.

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Your favorite character of the opposite gender of #1

i can't pick one for this either, wait, chibitalia is a boy isn't he? *headdesk* Kanada-san is just too amazing with her characterization for this one. :)
okay, China then. (and i want the panda purse)

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Another OTP of yours

like i said before, i haven't started shipping in this one, but after listening to one of the mimi-dramas today, i'd have to say that england/france or france/england is likely going to be on my list before too long.
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Character you’d have in your party if you were in a RPG

any of the main ones. especially the axis powers. *grins*

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Character you wouldn’t mind having as your butler/maid

hmmm, i'd have to say Austria. i think he'd keep the house neat and orderly without spending too much money and he can play the piano in the evenings. :)
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Character you’d like to go karaoke with

china. that goes for her seiyuu too. kaida really loves music.
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Character you wouldn’t mind having as a parent

hmmmmm, i don't know that i'd really want any of them as a parent. if i could pick and choose various points from them all, then maybe i could come up with something, but as the characters are, just, no. :)
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Your OTP

remarkably enough, i haven't really paired anyone up in this one. the romantic undertones between germany and italy make me believe they are dating, but i don't know if that really counts. and maybe i'm just seeing things. :) this one one fandom i haven't even dipped a toe into and don't know if i ever will.

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Character you wouldn’t mind prancing naked for you

considering that MasaOno started stripping on stage..........

just kidding. (seriously, he did start to take his belt off thought)

i really don't know. Germany, maybe? i don't think Japan would be willing to do it. 
(the seiyuu, however, should be obvious)  

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Character you’d want to cook for you

Italy. i love pasta and pizza and pasta and salad and pasta =^.^=  

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Character you wouldn’t mind being roommates with

well, i think i would drive germany and japan absolutely up the wall because i am not the neatest person in the world. and italy seems to like sleeping in germany's bed too much. i guess fall back on poor england again. *grins* he's insane in a lot of ways, but i love him.    

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Character you’d go camping with

i'm not sure. probably Germany. he seems to know what he's doing and would be able to keep me safe. i would just have to keep him from wishing on any stars. ;)  

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Character with your favorite voice/seiyuu

anyone who really has to ask on this one has not been paying attention.

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Character you’d become best friends with

probably England. again, because he can see spirits and just seems like a really nice guy.  

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Character you’d never bring home to your parents

i'm still in the middle of the show, but out of the characters i've seen i would have to say either Greece or Prussia.

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